Chronopolis WLS High Performance RPC Full Node

3 months ago

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The is a load balanced Node 8GB NVME Raid Servers and one 8GB SSD server. The server Should support all plugins and runs as a full node including account history.


Free to use by all will be used by a lot of projects Chronocrypto's Witness will be used as well as WhaleD and WhaleConnect for the Whaleshares blockchain and is publicly available and free to use.

Isn't the Whaleshares blockchain decentralized?

Yes, the WLS blockchain is, in fact, decentralized in nature. However, in order for the blockchain to remain available, many servers need to run around the globe that verify blocks or present an API endpoint that services can use. The amount of resources required by these servers grows by the day. As the WLS network grows and more and more users begin to use the service, it will cost system administrators more money to keep things going.

Ways to support

If you have already Rewarded and Shared this post, then you are further encouraged to support this project, and the team behind it, by voting for @chronocrypto as a Block Guardian(Witness)

Node Administration

All node administration and service is performed by witness @chronocrypto and @ederaleng.
WLS needs more RPC FULL nodes if we want to grow and expand.

Some details are still being ironed out to see if all API's are function at full speed

database_api, login_api, account_by_key_api, follow_api, and market_history_api

Please expect many updates on the many functions and tests that this baby will be thrown at.


Please catch our next Meet Our Blockchain Guardians soon. Take Care.

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Find me on Discord, Lets explorer this frontier together!!

I am the Robot looking guy.

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the node is currently working and receiving the information of the blocks of each of the witnesses the ip address is so that users can see the speed with which the server will work and the day of tomorrow the node rpc will be operational for all users


This guy is a freakin BEAST!!!
@ederaleng vamos aser grandes cosas mano!

How much RAM do you need to run the node?


currently depends on the speed with which you want the transaction to run. But I would say that at least 4 RAM is enough, it is the same as for the witnesses

Awesome work buddy... I will be setting up one soon...


Can't wait to get more RPC Nodes, Let me know if you need anything.

Nice. It is good to see people investing in time and money to keep the blockchain alive. Thanks for doing that.


Thanks, ijmmai I appreciate the comment.

Really glad to know that you have prepared the best server for Whaleshares. Great job as always.


Mindblast thanks brother, well we hope more people can jump in and add some more infrastructure to help boost WLS up some more!