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Just as I promised yesterday, I’ll be analyzing the remaining group stage matches – group E to H. Yesterday’s games were interesting and today promises to be superb. Paris Saint German couldn’t secure a win yesterday, likewise Barcelona. Liverpool had a chance to top the league but failed woefully, they couldn’t even get a goal. Atletico Madrid were able to secure a win and that gave them a good chance to fight for the top position.

Back to today’s matches. Let’s see Groups E to H.


The battle is between Ajax and Bayern Munich here. They have 7 points each and the same goal difference, meaning they are both on top. Bayern Munich has a very good chance of topping the table tonight. They will be playing against AEK Athens in Allianz Arena and they might defeat them with a very good goal margin. Ajax will be travelling to Benfica and the Portuguese club is also looking for a way to top the table. They are behind with 3 points. Two win and a draw might see them through. Ajax will definitely have a tough time.

AEK Athens will be out of the tournament and won’t get a chance to play in Europa League if they can’t get at least 4 points in the remaining matches and that might not happen. They have no points presently.


Manchester City needs to prove they won’t leave the top position by defeating Shakhtar Donetsk tonight. City has 6 points and their chances of qualifying isn’t so sure. Lyon is behind them with 5 points and if they will Hoffenheim tonight, 7 points will give them a good chance of topping the league in the end. Hoffenheim and Donetsk hasn’t been written off too, they have 2 points each and two wins and a draw from both teams might see them through.

This is one of the groups difficult to predict. Three matches are gone already still no team has been guaranteed of qualifying. Manchester City and Lyon looks strong though but it’s not certain yet. We will find out after today’s matches.


Real Madrid are currently in crisis. Let’s hope their new coach brings out the fighting spirit in them. The defending champions are currently on top with 6 points but they share the same points with Roma. Victoria Plzen still has a chance to fight for the Europa spot; they have 1 point currently and a win or draw against Real Madrid tonight will give them a good chance. Since the match will be played in their home ground, they need to give it all their best.

CSKA Moscow has 4 points and are also in the race to qualify to the next stage. They will be welcoming Roma and will be looking forward to defeat them like they defeated Real Madrid.


If Juventus defeats Manchester United again, they will be having 12 points and that will give them an automatic qualification. Well, their 9 points is still certain. They are ruling the group without a single loss nor a draw. They will be welcoming the red devils who are 4 points behind them and Mourinho’s boys knows they need nothing less than a draw, so they will have give in all their best.

Valencia has 2 points while Young Boys has a point. If the Spanish team still has interest in qualifying, then they need to defeat Young Boys tonight. The match will be played in Mestalla Stadium so they are the favorites to win.

After tonight, just two matches will be left to decide who advances to the next stage and who gets transferred to Europa League. The road to the finals is closer than you think. Who’s the favorite to win the champions league this season? Let’s see your thought in the comment section.

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Great analysis but I was not happy with Barcelona game yesterday. They should have done better. How would u rate yesterday's games?

Hello Black-man, been trying to reach you on discord. How have you been? Please get back to me when you can.

All the same, it was a good game yesterday night.

What a wonderful analysis but I'm scared, that match between Man UTD and juventus, only God knows but I think juventus has the trophy but no team seems to that hot at the moment.

thanks a lot for the update of yestarday and today. i really appreciate this fact, cose u have waken the spirit of socker in me.

About that Juventus and Manchester match today.. I would so much love it if juve wins so that that will give more reasons while mourinho should be sacked.

I'm a united fan but certainly not a fan of mourinho.

Who do you think will win the champions league?

I hold barcelona at the top, but the result is hurt. they shouldn't collapse. holding 1-0 doesn't matter, but 1-1 is a problem.

Mehn am not too much of a football fan but i got alot of positve vibes from Barcelona recently....they are doing great.

And lastly thanks for the detailed analysis

I told a couple of my pals on scorum that Man Utd should not be written off, Man U will always be Man U, always turn up when least you expected, beating Juve at turin now makes the group H interesting with Valencia closing down too.
Man City are cruising ... i m always tooting for EPL teams

only those who train the hardest will win.