Introduction to Whaleshares Witness: NSFWizard

5 months ago


Hello Whaleshares Peeps!

I’d like to introduce myself to you all and share a bit of my philosophy on community building, as well as where I see the whaleshares community going in the future and how I will help to make that happen!

I had the pleasure of meeting @officialfuzzy back in January, and through the sharing of our common values, we developed a great friendship. With my background, network, and previous experience in various NSFW communities, I wanted to be a part of nurturing and growing the NSFW community here on Whaleshares. Having seen these large communities flourish in supportive atmospheres and regress in less supportive environments, I understand not only how to help them thrive, but the importance of these communities for the advancement of technologies.

Adult content, as much as many may shy away from it publicly, has been the propellent for countless modern-day developments and has been what expands adoption of these developments to mainstream society. This is only possible though, if a safe and welcoming environment is available for these communities. I’ve seen effects of a hostile environment for this broad and diverse community, and the disregard for the value that it brings to any platform. My intent is to create a welcoming and safe space for these hard working people within Whaleshares, and to encourage the growth of the community through active participation and initiatives.

The adult community, contrary to the outlook of much of society, is composed of many brilliant, charitable, creative, and enthusiastic individuals. They take a very active approach to building their own communities, which will in turn be an immense asset to the Whaleshares platform.

This all is not to say, that my only contributions and initiatives will be focused on these communities. I am a firm believer that every individual in a society plays a critical role. In the creation and growth of our platform, what each individual brings to the table is a valuable component. My mission is to create an encouraging environment for all, and to support the growth of the Whaleshares platform in every way possible.

With that being said, I’d like to say it is very nice to meet you all, and I am looking very forward to being a part of building this platform with you. If you would like to support my upcoming and initiatives, please vote for me as your dedicated witness. If you do not know how, please take a look at this fantastic instructional by @ijmmai.

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One thing I can say - YOU HAVE MY VOTE!!!


Thank you so much! Your vote is greatly appreciated. We are excited to grow Whaleshares and this community. Its going to be a great ride and we are glad youre along for it😁


he heeeeeeeeeeeeee, keep hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times...


Yes, especially when on your wild safari's ;)

Yep - you got my vote, too

Is there a specific tag you would recommend? maybe your own tag... or you will be checking up the #NSFW tag to promote the contents?
You have my vote tho


Mostly the NSFW tag for now, since it gets overlooked quite frequently. Feel free to tag us as well. We cant wait to see your content😁


Much thanks and love for the vote! Youre appreciated✌

I actually love writing erotica and I think this might be a very good fit for my racy content. X-ratings are big business and people who work in or around this field want to be safe because they are, in essence, baring all. How might you handle trolls and vicious attacks against them?


Thank you for your thoughtful question by the way.


As with the NSFW community on Steemit, if a post is tagged NSFW it will only show up if youre searching for that. We have not ran into any vicious attacks from outsiders although no matter where you go online there are trolls. Actually we have probably witnessed less trolling in the adult community than anywhere else. We are very active in the adult community and do bare all but we just arent seeing that. What we do intend to do is build a strong, tight knit community because we believe a strong community is the only way to handle any issues that may arise. We would love to have you as part of the NSFW community here on Whaleshares and look forward to your writing!


Thanks for the welcome and the help! Nice to meet you as well!

I know the post is well old but just wanted to say that it's great to see a mature and well thought out approach. People get far too caught up in prudishness. As long as everyone is a consenting adult I'm all for it! 👍


Definitely man! It takes all types of people to have a well rounded community that is capable of growing and someone who is into NSFW content now and then is also into many other things that the Whaleshares platform has to offer. We have room for everyone on this train😉