Whaleshares Witness Roundtable - Question #2

2 months ago

Part of the reason that I wanted to be a witness - (@nepd-witness is my witness account) was that I wanted all users to feel that they had a voice and someone that would listen to them.

I also wanted to make sure that I and other witnesses were accountable to the users and gave updates on what we were looking to accomplish.

Therefore I'm piggybacking on the great idea of @bushkill witness updates and creating the Witness Roundtable. Every two weeks I'll pose a question to all the witnesses on the "Witness Chat" on discord and post their replies here. If you have a question that you would like asked and I'll be sure to get that done.

This was the second week's question, courtesy of @atomcollector:

"What do you see as the biggest risks to Whaleshares future?"


"I think one of the biggest challenge to Whaleshares future is listing on major exchanges. The listing fee on major exchanges probably need over 1 million dollar but since WLS did not have ICO which mean the team do not have budget for this. The only solution is participate in free listing voting contest with support of strong community."


"There are several things I worry about, and I'm sure more things will be added to the list as I learn more about the responsibilities of being a witness, but right now my biggest concern is plagiarism. We need to provide enough tools and resources to let people know that it is not acceptable and the sitewide consequences it could have (shadow banning on social media platforms, google blacklist, etc.) especially for members from countries that do not have strict copyright laws."


"The biggest is risk for me are the gangs of digital bandits that will come to rape the reward pools. Though Whaleshares has no delegation nor a means to run a voting bot at the moment, but these guys will always find a way round this either by voting each others junks or any other method we may not know off now. To solve this problem, I think there should be a Police like bot that notifies the community and such people can be flagged so as to not encourage such behavior on Whaleshares.

I remember when it started on Steemit, it was just some few people that the community could have flagged regularly to stop their evil acts, but instead, they were left unchecked and everyone started doing it. I feel we should be prepared for them as they will surely come when the time is right."


"A fractured community is my biggest fear. I think we need to be cognizant of who we are attracting as we continue to build community through outreach to other blockchains and discord servers.


"Biggest risks we recognize on these chains is that some people will choose personal gain by spamming and taking advantage of the rewards pool instead of focusing on building a quality community for everyone to enjoy in which we can thrive together at the same time. Our way to combat this is constant community building and education."


"Although Whaleshares made a move in the right direction with the removal of delegation, I still think there is the risk of large stake holders buying their way into the platform and starting bid bots and other unscrupulous means of taking away large portions of the reward pool for personal gain and not the benefit of the community.

I hope if something like this does happen that the community at large will reject it and not support the efforts. Unfortunately money is the root of all evil and some will sacrifice the greater community for a small personal gain. Let's hope this does not come to fruition."


"Denial of service attacks to the main whaleshares.io website. We need a secondary site, much like busy.org is up, when steemit is being attacked."

You can vote for witnesses by clicking here!

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it was really wonderful reading the different perspectives... got me up to speed :) keep em coming ;)

Thanks for the roundtable @nepd
As the community grows these roundtable discussions are going to be so important!

For anyone new reading this, I just want to point out that merej99 is my personal account. I co-manage Witness @lexiwitness with my friend @lexikon082. Thanks :)


fixed for you!


That was nice to do it. Yes, the answers should always be from the actual witness username.


Thanks @nepd I appreciate the edit :)
I'd add it to my username on Discord so people know I'm 1 of 2 but merej99 is used for work too. They would be so confused. lol