Project atlas witness campaign and how you can help support the project

10 days ago

greetings to the whaleshares community!!!

This campaign is to get the attention of the community that the project atlas witness is up and running and we really do need the supports of the Whaleshares community to vote us up to really actualize what we planned for on the whaleshares platform.

The project atlas is a crypto project dedicated on promoting the whaleshares platform to other online media giants for more awareness and reaches. more @project-atlas

i have been on the whaleshares platform even before its launched and have carefully analyzed what we are doing now as the right move to further up the project and it's future plans.

First i didn't hurry getting up the witness server up cause i wanted a situation where everything done looks more professional and have been planing and drawing maps to seen how the project atlas becomes the number one crowd crypto promotional projects before our future envisions kicks off, which is building a dapp for cross promotion and great news is the project atlas has this awesome enthusiastic team and yes we are still recruiting skillful individuals to the project so kindly apply or read more

This year started on a good note for the atlas.
from restructuring the project to the creation of community token which is LIFECOIN and to the launch of the official project atlas website

How can you support

Kindly go to the whaleshares witness page

our witness isn't showing up as we are below the top 50

So go to the SHARE AREA and input project-atlas and share
thanks much for the support
and please kindly upshare this

Tuesday fun with Upshares to everyone

meanwhile every comment here gets a 50 to 100% upshares too, please do kindly Tag your friends and let them receive the Tuesday gift on there comments ✌️

About the author

Destiny Marshall marshalllife a crypto enthusiast | bullish, finding ways to add value. A crypto musician and finding ways to leverage it through blockchain.
I am part of the atlas team
And always at your service.



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Very @marshalllife excellent project and I know that you will get very far, I hope that many more people of Whaleshares can get here and support them, here's my vote


thanks for the love and support, we at the project atlas appreciate so much 🤗

I really am glad that the new year started with possibilities,in which i know @project-atlas will commence stronger. As a witness,that is a great step ahead and i know with time,different phase will surface. Projects like @project-atlas is needed in this community,as it enhances young people's interest in skills.

Learning is not a luxury but a necessity and as that we need to keep learning to be informative. Thank you @marshalllife for your upright hard work towards the well being of this project,keep the fire burning.

@zizymena @tezzmax @nikkyp well i dont mean to disturb ya,but i would like you to join the "tuesday fun" and engage in the project !!!!😀😀


thanks for the nice words man, our topmost aim is to see that the project we support have this massive online presence and are well known around the iot and after this we can then further developing the first ever dapp for blockchain promotions and i bet the cryptoshere has been waiting for this and thank for always supporting ✌️


All good things we hope and that of which we will achieve,with team work!!!

Good luck with this project. I will lend you some support to get you started. I hope things go as planned with this project.


Thanks much and every little support we receive is highly appreciated and so big for us really, soon we will get the names of the people working on the project out but for now we are trying to get more amazing and skillful people in.... our aim from the start has been to promoted our supported project and we pray the atlas force be with US 🙏
thanks much - we are dedicated to deliver and you might have seen it from our past activities but now we have different plans.

We all go to support this project, I think it's great and I hope everyone here supports me I went and vote I see that they are number 42 so they go up if more people vote go up more and more
Congratulations and here I leave my vote @marshalllife @project-atlas


I just voted atlas project
With this promising project in mimd, whaleshare is bound to grow without limits, not just that it will encourage/rekind youngster interests in skills.

You are working really hard....more grace!!💝
@tolustx @synick come join the tuesday fun


thanks for all your kind words, the project atlas is for the community by the people and people of the community, so. we all are atlas 💪

Great project you build on whaleshares! You got my vote as witness now and will ask to my community to vote you as witness as well, Congrulations!


thanks so much cause we really do appreciate every votes cast 🙏

I voted a few days ago now @marshalllife , but I noticed Today, that we are already up to a magical NUMBER 40 √√√
Awesome 👏 Go @project-atlas 🚀 🚀

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 03.01.13.png


yeah, it seems so man, up up we gooooo ☺ and thanks for the community.