Witness Introduction: lexiwitness

4 months ago

Hello, World!

Community. It's a fellowship; a sense of space and belonging with people of common interests. On a platform such as Whaleshares, written words, shared photographs, music created and shared, all of it is an expression to sculpt a common language and build a safe space for creative expression.



Introducing lexiwitness

Our mission is to be good stewards in the foundational thinking behind Whaleshares.

Friends in a Web of Trust

Focused on maintaining a human touch, we are developing a sense of sodality for fair and common sense governance to help build this platform into a remarkable destination for content creators.

Partners in Community

@lexikon082 and @merej99 are no strangers to building community and understanding the importance of encouraging members to become better content creators and curators for the good of the community; to think beyond one’s self and mentor the next generation of blockchain chroniclers. Both active on Steemit since 2016, they have launched several pay-it-forward initiatives as well as activities which encourage meaningful community participation.


@lexikon082 organized the Hamburger Saint Project, a pay-it-forward plan to honor the life of a fallen friend in combat. The pay-it-forward concept is a reminder of the impact we can each have on humanity. Simple, selfless acts of kindness toward a fellow human can not only change the trajectory of a person’s life but have an positive “butterfly effect” on the world as a whole. The Hamburger Saint Project hopes to spur others to continue making the effort to spur positive change in the world and foster a sense of community.


@merej99 singlehandedly managed the Community Engagement Challenge, endearingly referred to as “The Beast.” From her early days on Steemit, her mantra has been to follow The Three C’s: Content creation, Curation, Comments. This is the foundation to building a strong tribe. Her pay-it-forward initiatives have helped other members get over some of life’s hurdles by donating STEEM and acknowledging them; a small token to say you matter.

Why vote for lexiwitness

Our goal is to incorporate the lessons we’ve learned in community building from Steemit and implement them here on Whaleshares. We want to nurture a thriving community of quality content developers whose goal is to build a tribe of engaged and active individuals.

Our plan

  • Curate quality posts
  • Mentorship
  • Launch community challenges which promote quality content and engagement
  • Actively use social media to recruit new members to Whaleshares
  • Keep learning and sharing

As a Witness, we endeavor to keep Whaleshares stable by putting the well-being of the community first. We are committed to contributing our time, energy, and skill toward promoting and growing a healthy community of content creators. While we are still painfully new to the technology, we are devoted to learning all we can in order to provide fair, common sense governance.


How to vote

You have 30 witness votes. Cast them with care.
To elect your witnesses, visit https://whaleshares.io/~witnesses

Watch the witness blocks in motion thanks to @startail at https://whaleshares.live/
Visit the Official Whaleshares Discord channel at https://discord.gg/3pqBXKY

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Solid plan, looks good


Thank you @blockchainaward.


Thanks @blockchainaward 😊
We had to make sure the tech side is taken care of. Now we can focus on the community.

Hehe Lexiwitness is going to make this platform



Love it! You would do great at the meme challenge!-)

Hello @lexiwitness , welcome to Whaleshares and thank you for introducing yourself to us!
We just rewarded your post so you can start your journey on this amazing platform with the right foot!
- Remember, if you have any questions or want to get involved with the Whaleshares community you can join our Official Whaleshares Discord and ask your questions.
- To get the latest updates and upcoming features please follow @whaleshares.
- To learn the in and outs of Whaleshares checkout and please follow @wls-education.
Warm welcome from @black-man and @artwhale-witness, @dbread-witness and @bushkill-witness, we are happy to see you here and wish you an amazing journey in Whaleshares!


Oh yes, you are all on speed dial now. LOL

Glad you got it to work buddy.


Thanks @chronocrypto It was a couple of sleepless nights but we made it 💪

The Community Engagement Challenge was the BEST community interaction challenge I ever took part in on Steemit. I would love to see it come to Whaleshares once we get further along with more members.

It would be EPIC since we have 14 day post cycles here. :-)


We're getting some things organized and planning on doing a soft launch of it very soon.
For now I'm thankful for the smaller community! It's going to feel like boot camp for me. LOL


Oh man. The Beast. It'll be on the way. Gonna have to step up my hand yoga to prepare for that one.


Is that what they call it these days... Hand yoga, huh? 🤣


No, this is not a #nsfw comment. LMAO. Football players do hand yoga to strengthen their hands. I thought it was fake but it's real.

Good to have you. I like your plan.


Thank you @wiljo7! We will strive hard to make this plan a reality!


It's going to be a blast. Thanks for stopping by to read our witness announcement. 😊

Welcome to Whaleshares, the platform of unending opportunities. Ride on your way to the top.


Glad to be here! Looking forward to witness the boundaries smashed by Whalesharians by being good global citizens!


Good luck man.... Thanks for joining the winning platform as a witness.

Welcome to the witness family @lexiwitness! Looking forward to working with you.


Thank you @bushkill-witness 😊 We've had a few gut-wrenching days but it looks like we've finally got it operational. @lexikon082 kicked it really hard Maybe I should call him The Fonz. lol


Thanks @bushkill-witness. It will be trial by fire but we are looking forward to the challenge! Looking forward to helping develop a strong whaleshares community.

Welcome 🙃


Thanks for the welcome @tnam0rken. Hope you participate in the community building contests we have in the future!

All right @lexikon082 - time to get those hip waders on and get to work. Great job deep diving into the server to get this set up.


My friend @merej99, I know you are ready to put your boots on to build a strong, creative, giving, open #whaleshares community that stretches beyond borders and screen. I look forward to the #challenge of giving 110% with you by my side to accomplish a better humanity.

Welcome to the whaleshares family! Id like to point out that my whaletoken is called lexibit, so its like creating synergy without even knowing it existed!


Thanks @chuckyfucky - we're really glad to be a part of this new community and that's so cool about lexibit!

Welcome to whaleshares and welcome to the witness group 😀


Thank you @krazykrista
We're busting our humps trying to get the back end solid before we launch anything. We're almost there.
Congratulations on your KrazyKoin!


Sweet! Thank you for your support @future24 It means a lot 😊

Greetings, @lexikon082 and @merej99,

Thank you for connecting this post to your "Whaleshares link" on the witness page. Thats how I found it, thanks also to @bushkill informing me about the special link function.

Of the two of you, I know Mere the best, and now finding you two joined at the hip I hope to also get to know you, @lexikon082. I already sense some commonality; you look a touch like a former version of myself, with the dark rim eyeglasses, the bushy brown beard, and the ponytail... ;) Not to mention taking on do-it-yourself projects like radiator replacement! And deep suspicion of human government... I could go on...

I'm trying something different here on Whaleshares, at least for starters. I hope to focus my blog on the "Maker Movement," and to both show things I make while trying to encourage other makers as well.

I know that I have a lot of learning to do on Whaleshares, but I like what I see so far, very much. Thank you for supporting this community as a witness. You have my vote.