My own witness node for BitShares community project Whaleshares

2 months ago

My own witness node for BitShares community project Whaleshares

Good day, dear friends!
Today I launch my whaleshares witness node!
Vote please KWASKOFF on voting page
Thank you!

My first experience with witness node was at BitShares fork project -

I had job at steem fork project Golos and research Graphene mediablockchain.

I have life time member KWASKOFF at BitShares DEX in the same time.

I ask @powerpicswitness for Witness setup guide
And I prefer building from the source more dockerized binary.
This is guide


Base Config.ini

Seed Nodes
seed-node =
seed-node =
seed-node =
seed-node =
Without seed nodes in config.ini node don't want sync.

My next step like witness is Russian community chat at telegram
And help to whaleshare's citizens for registration, share-drops and bounty with my friends @sxiii and @tnam0rken witness.

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Thanks, to help setup my witness. It works now fine!


I glad to viewing fine working all of witness nodes!

I have given you a witness vote. I liked your witness introduction post. Very nice.

Recommendation. Link to this post on your update_witness command line instead of steemit.

Id like to thank you for reaching out to help as soon as you noticed something was wrong. It was greatly appreciated!

Maybe you can help me out with an error that I am getting. I sent you a message on discord.


send me message and I invite you to witness chat


I am on discord does that work you? I sent you a message there.