The adventures of @krazywitness - Witness Update: 1 month

4 months ago

Celebrating One Month as a Witness!

I have passed a witness milestone, the one month mark recently passed.

We successfully implemented the first hardfork which included: increasing the number of active witnesses from 5 to 13 and inflation rate being set to 100% for the first year.

I am continuing with my community involvement, answering questions, playing with krazylottobot (running lotteries) nearly every day and chatting with community members about serious and random topics. We have a lot of fun!

If you have never been to our Discord, you should check it out!

Come visit us in Whaleshares Discord:

I'd LOVE to meet you!

Important: All rewards will be reset at launch

Even though the chain will be reset (as far as rewards go), and the rewards are not being generated by a set price feed, it is still pretty exciting when I peek into my wallet. Watching the WLS go up and "finding" blocks makes me happy in the same way that a rise in Bitcoin price does, even though I sold all my BTC months ago.

Some more Blocks!

Thank you for your continued support!

Until next time,

krazywitness aka krazykrista

✅ Every Vote Counts!

Please take a minute to jump over to the Block Producer / Witness page and cast your votes. Simply click on the (^) up arrow next to my username "krazywitness" and supply your private account or active key to lock in your vote.
While you're there, please consider voting for my SUPER AWESOME Whaleshares Community Team partners "akrid" and "powerpics".

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WooHOO! Well done. What's it like running a witness? Is there a massive mainframe computer in one of your cupboards or do you just have a decent laptop whirring away? I'd love to see a pic...


Probably just renting a server online.

YAY! We survived the first month without crashing the internet. ;-)

This is really nice krazy krista, you have done great. even before this post, i have already voted you since you have been one a whaleshares givers.. I have received many whaleshares from you already and i am really grateful on it. =)

inflation rate being set to 100% for the first year.

Why did they decided to do this?


We decided to set inflation at 100% the first year to distribute the stake in the system as evenly as possible and give the people that are most active within the community the ability to become a whale through their efforts. The way we're going to distribute the initial supply will help somewhat with this but we thought 100% inflation for the first year would help ensure that there is a fair distribution based on the level of activity and community engagement. That being said, we aren't 100% sure that we will keep it there for a full year. We might look at it after 6 months and decide if we want to keep it at the same level or change it and the entire community will have the opportunity to voice their opinion and vote on what they want to do.

Waooo I'm happy to be in community whaleshares and find it always sharing a lot of love with everyone, give my vote as my witness number 1 goes to you

I've just completed one day as a witness! It's fun.

Congratulation on your first month! Hope you never miss a block and only publish accurate price feeds haha