Did @jepu Just Become A WITNESS?!

4 months ago

Sharing is good, and with digital technology, sharing is easy.
— Richard Stallman

I'm happy to announce that today (April 27,2018) at approximately 2:00 PM (GMT+8) my first Witness node is up and running!

Server Specs

Server is located at Los Angeles, i'm currently running on 2GB RAM (smoothly).
Obviously this will be upgraded as the blockchain grows.


First block produced

P.S: Huge thanks to @akrid for helping me with the setup

How I got here

I stumbled into the Whaleshares Discord Server back in November of 2017 when I was searching for discord servers that would give my post for steemit some exposure. To be honest, I didn't really know what whaleshares were and didn't care at all, I would just place my post in the #post-promotion channel and be done with it. I was lurker, just watching the conversation fly by not really interacting with anyone. This happened for a few days, then one of the mods (a krazy one) gave me a few whaleshares , thought me what they were and how to use them and she was first friend on that server.

I was shocked to see how welcoming the people on the server was and that was when I realized that I wanted to be a part of this community. That was when I started becoming more active around the community starting out with joining community contests by @officialfuzzy and other members of the community like @xyzashu, @krazykrista, @lost108 and etc. Then I started to slowly become less of a lurker and started conversing with people around the discord server which made me meet a lot of people and led me to my first "job" on the server which was become a greeter (basically greet new members and show them the ropes), which was a lot of fun. I also made a newbie guide on how to use whaleshares as a token .

After a few months of becoming a greeter I was able to help hundreds of people learn what whaleshares were and how to use them.

But it didn't end there...

Being a developer, I was able to help around the community starting in little ways like cleaning up the code for http://whaleshares.net/.

My next project was the making of @krazylottobot for (you guessed it) @krazykrista for the discord server, it's a fun bot that basically holds lottery at @krazykrista 's request. You can see her in action on discord.

And finally, my recent project https://whaleshares.info/ (beta) a site which was made by the request of @akrid to help people who are new to whaleshares and for them to see the events in their local time. Which will be getting makeover soon thanks to the help and dedication of @ultron and @bbq-iguana.

It doesn't end there though...

As a Witness

Now, I am currently a mod and still continue to help new members on the server.

I promise to always put the community first before my personal gains and will always try to help out in any way I can as long as my abilities are fit, I promise to be an active Witness because I believe that there should be a mutual bond not only between witnesses but with the community.

I want to be known as not only a helpful witness but a fun one as well, That is why I will be doing contests to give back to the community in the near future.

If you think I deserve your vote, please head over to the Witness page and click on the (^) right next to my name "jepu".

While you're there consider voting for "powerpics", "akrid" and "krazywitness" as well, they are great people who help the community in a big way.

Thanks for reading, and see you in the one :)

— Jepu

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Jepu you're a mod! And a witness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we definitely haven't had this conversation. Anyway you will be an amazing witness, congratulations.


LOL Definitely haven't :D

Thanks for the support man! Now, for some lottery
!lottery start 10 WHALESHARES xD


Watch out @freedomexist next on his list is hosting PYP.

Congratulations @jepu ! Thanks for all u do and planning to do, just voted for u as a witness. Looking forward to contributing into the growth of the lovely new whaleshares communtiy. Kudos!


I appreciate it man! Thanks for the support!

I hope to see your record pool contest on here in the future :D


So great to see u all guys here really! Record Pool Yes we must! haha
we got plans for various musical initiatives and music contests for the new whaleshares community soon, hope we get ur blessing and support too! Kudos always


Looking forward to it! I'm sure it's gonna be lit hahaha

Wow man, congratulations. I was wondering when you were gonna be a witness.


Thank you very much for the support aquacy! :)


Dedicated and diligent. A huge help to the community.
I recommend that everyone vote for @jepu!


Thanks for the kind words man! I appreciate it a lot :)

LOL... the noob named Jepu
Happy to see your witness up and running. You have become a positive and valuable member of the Whaleshares community. I will get my vote in for you as soon as I get back home on Sunday and have access to my main key :-D


Yeah, @krazylottobot seems to hate me and only tell @krazykrista that she's pretty xD

But seriously though, Thank you for your support man! I appreciate it. The community memes, posters, slides etc., wouldn't be so awesome without your creative touch!

Wish you all best with witness , you have my support :)


Thank you pat :) I appreciate it! :)

Congratulations! Glad to have you on the team.


Thanks! Glad to be on it xD

That’s great news. Am trying to set up a witness too...


Woooow..Good luck man! :D It's gonna be epic when you join in

Congratulations @jepu , you really deserve the vote. You are one of the active members in discord community. Great job.

Congratz @jepu on setting up the witness node, wish you the best and def have my vote!


Thanks el jefe! I shall put your vote into good use!

Welcome to the community and I look forward to everything you plan on contributing and improving the platforming :)


Thanks kubby! :) I'll do my best :D

Now that's what I'm talking about :D @jepu in the witness house. Consider your self voted for being awesome. It was your warm welcome that introduced me to Whaleshares, which was one of the reasons I'm still here :-)


Awwwe, Thanks for the kind words Nick! I appreciate it :D

YAY!!! I am damn pleased to see this dude, a congrats is well deserved I guess!

Our favorite devvv


Hey karin!!! How are you? :D

Thanks for the kind words.. I promise to do my absolute best!

Got my vote for sure, just because your awesome, know you for almost as long as Krista <3 :)


Thanks bud! I appreciate it

Heartiest congratulations for this giant leap! It's an interesting story from a Whaleshares' noob to a Whaleshares' witness now. I hope we'll see you accelerating ahead with even higher rate now. All the best!


Thank you man! I appreciate it, stay tune! :)


You're welcome. And voted you up too. You seem to making a fast progress on the way up. A few hours back you were at no. 13 and now at 12. How many stakes do you need to be in top 5?

Can you point me to the white paper for this chain?