I am shutting down my Whaleshares Witness

18 days ago



It's time to unplug


I want to start this off by thanking everyone that has supported me as a witness over the past few months. The decisions to shut my witness down was not an easy one, but as of about an hour ago, I have pulled the plug on my main server and the backup server. I will be offering support in the near future to a team that should be getting their witness online soon along with adding another full node to the blockchain to help the long expansion and stability.

The reason I am shutting down my witness is that I am looking towards the future of 2019 as an opportunity to bring something more to the Whaleshares community than just being a witness. As many of you know, my passion lies in the photography and the art communities. I am wanting to bring an Instagram type of application to Whaleshares where people will be able to easily post pictures on the go from their phones. Without having to worry about the status of the witness I will be free to focus more on the development of dStors and the photography app.

I am going to be doing a lot more traveling this year and traveling while operating a witness is not the most ideal. My server went down on me while I was at Auschwitz, but luckily I was able to contact @lexikon82 and he was able to take care of it for me. @lexiwitness is an amazing team witness of @lexikon82 and @merej99 that have the community at heart and are trying to promote Whaleshares off the blockchain as well. They are a witness that are deserving of a vote.

There are many other great witnesses on the list and as new people are joining the platform with different levels of expertise, I am sure we will see a lot of great additions to the witness rankings. @neoxian just recently became a witness and made is official announcement. I think more experienced people like him will follow suit. @someguy123 joined Whaleshares a little bit ago and I am looking forward to his contributions. The work he has done for witnesses on Steemit has been instrumental to the success of witnesses there on that blockchain.

Why should you vote on witnesses?


A witness is a member of the community that runs a server that produces or "witnesses" blocks for the Whaleshares blockchain. The blocks contain all of the information about posts, comments, votes and any of the transfers done on the chain. As you can see, witnesses play and fundamental here on the platform, and without witnesses, the platform would cease to exist.

Every member of the platform has 30 witness votes that they are able to use to vote on the different people that have set up witness nodes. You can go to https://whaleshares.io/~witnesses and begin voting for witnesses, which if you have not yet, I would HIGHLY recommend doing. Witnesses are a very important part of the blockchain, and voting for them does not cost you any voting mana or WLS. It is just a show of support for what that witness stands for and is doing for the community.

Now I would ask that if you have been voting for my witness, @deranged-witness, I would ask that you please remove that vote and do some research on the other witnesses on the list and cast your votes. I appreciate all of your support you have shown for me while I was a witness. You are awesome.

Don't forget to unvote @deranged-witness at https://whaleshares.io/~witnesses


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Sorry to hear you're quitting your witness Wes; I upvoted your post for having the decency to talk about it, although I want to encourage you to re-plug your witness....


I appreciate it. I may reevaluate things once I get in development and see how this semester in school is going. I just dont want to get too much on my plate and then fall behind in my witness duties when there are others that could be able to put the time required to it.


That's wise not to get too much on your plate. I respect your decision and appreciate the decency to talk about it too!

Well Man, I can see why you decided this and from our last conversation, I think you creating that platform with your passion on photography will be a very exciting move for you and for whaleshares. I wish you to come back and once you are able to re-plug to do so your self. Make 2019 your B*** and enjoy all your up coming travels.


Thanks man. I may look into plugging it all back in at a future date, but I really want to bring something big to the Whaleshares platform, so I am going to focus on that.

Focus on dstors and make it kick the crap out of that other site, then once you have everything in place for that come back and worry about your witness server. Think you are making a good call personally.


Thanks man. Don't worry, that knock-off won't be able to come close to what dStors is going to be bringing. Now that we are going open sourced and getting the community more involved in the project, I think it will be a lot better in the long run.


I had a serious issue with who was brought in. While I wish my reservations were incorrect it's at least good that it came out early enough that he wasn't a good fit and to cut ties before you were stuck long term. You have my support again now that it's once again your project (your as in you and Kali). I'm here if you want some feedback on ideas.

Every decision we make in life deserves its time and space.

It is great that you decide what your priorities are and what you want in the future, planning and executing projects that you are passionate about should be your starting motor.

((You know this very well, and for that reason you are on the right track.)) Work as you come doing, you are done to achieve great things, I wish you great success in your project and I will be waiting when you launch it and be one of the first to use it, greetings my good friend. @derangedvisions

Oh wow, Wes, I'm surprised about the decision, but after reading your explanation, I know it's a very smart one for you, especially with the projects that you're working on. Adulting decisions are hard! At least this is not good-bye. ❤️

I wish you all the best with all your plans, and I'm quite sure you will succeed with the things you've planned! I think when you make a decision well thought about it's never a bad one. I think it's better to unplug and then focus on your passions than leave it there and maybe not doing as much as you'd like to do..

Have a wonderful new year @derangedvisions!


Thank you. I appreciate it.

Your support for communities is unmatched and while running a witness server contributes greatly to the blockchain, there's so much more you can do outside of that one example. Reserving energy and spending it efficiently on your goals on the blockchain and elsewhere will yield great results across the board! Thank you for all that you do man. Here's to a fresh 2019!

It is good that you are choosing to focus on a specific path and I think you have a gift to share with photography so I am glad you are not leaving Whaleshares altogether, that would be a huge loss! Speaking of witnesses, I haven't even voted for one yet here on Whaleshares! I really need to look into who to vote for

Good luck with your adventures. I hate to see ya go but you gotta do what you feel is right.


Thanks. I'll still be here on the blockchain doing my thing, just in a different way.

So you mean I have to start sucking up to somebody new? That's not right :)

I certainly understand. I know you have about eleventyseven things going on and the time requirement can be way too much.

Good luck, my friend. Your service has been appreciated!


LOL. Well dropping the witness make it only eleventy six. So that should free up so more time. Maybe I can get my hair done now.

I appreciate your support, Tom, you've always been there and it has been appreciated. We need to get back to Vegas and hang out again.


I'm guessing you'll be back to eleventy eight before we blink. LOL. Busy people tend to take on more things.


Now you're out of control. Where's my duct tape? LOL

This makes me mad 😡


You won't be mad when you are uploading your food photography pictures through the dope app.


That is true, can't wait to be able to use a front end that doesn't lag.

Am sorry to hear this. I really would have loved to have you re-plug your witness but if unplugging it is your decision, It's okay. I wish you a happy and successful 2019.


Thank you. I hope you have a successful year as well. 2019 is going to be great.


I do have strong feeling that 2019 will be great. Infact, am feeling the greatness already most especially through this great platform.

Eeya, I'm so sorry for this happening.
I wish you success this coming year 2019, although, I don't think that unplugging is the right deal.


I wish you success in this upcoming year as well.

It look like a wise and smart decision! If you travel this year across Switzerland, you know where to knock ❤️

I'm looking forwards to your Instagram alike Mobile app. And I didn't know @merej99 was part of the @lexiwitness. But now I know wher my vote for you will move.

With Love ❤️


I would love to visit Switzerland. Your country has so many amazing places to visit and I love good chocolate and cheeses.

What you are planning @derangedvisions sounds a bit like "SteepShot" on Steemit ~ Which seems to of faded away in popularity! Or am I wrong in my thinking? 🤔


It is the same concept as SteepShot.


Many people think that posting to SteepShot is the same as posting to Steemit because it automatically posts to both Platforms ~ So In what way do you think your DApp on WhaleShares will be better ❓ I'm just curious 🤔

Hey Deranged. Sorry to hear this. I was just about to spend the time to seriously look into making my witness choices. If you restart it again I'd be happy to take a glance over what you do. Until then, fingers crossed for the app!

New is the year, new are the hopes, new is the resolution, new are the spirits & forever my warm wishes are for you and ur family. Have a Promising & Fulfilling New Year!...2019☀☀☀🌈🌈


It's better to stay organised and make tough decisions, rather than becoming overwhelmed later on. Everyone bites off more than they can chew at some point, and you can always witness again in the future.

Best wishes for the New Year. x

These make me sad

Happy new year! :) I wish you safe travels and I'm very excited for your instagram idea!!! I hope you succeed at it and I look forward to trying it out ^^

Well, I hope that 2019 is less stress and a more fun year for you. From the sounds of your plans, it will be.

Pesto be with you.



Genesis 1:27

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

May his noodly appendage touch you, R'amen.

Say it ain't so bro.... 🇨🇦 😎

hi @derangedvisions , sorry to hear that but I appreciate your decision. I am a fan of you and wait for your next project @dstors

Thank you for your work. Happy new year!

Thanks for your service to the community so far and looking forward to what you will bring in the new year.

Passion often drives one to be excellent in the things that they do. I guess giving up on being a witness but focus on what you are passionate about can result in greater contributions to the platform where your heart and mind are united in your passion in photography. The app like instagram for whaleshares is something that photographers on this platform would certainly appreciate for sure! All the best in 2019!

Thanks for letting us know @derangedvisions ! I would look forward for the mobile app support for whaleshares. That way it will definitely be worthwhile on the long term side so that everyone gets to benefit it.

I am pretty sure there will be more and more witnesses popping up in the future too who has the resources to spare in terms of time, finances and being part of making crucial decisions too.

Keep us posted!

I love the idea of an Instagram like app on Whaleshares! Totally understand that you wanna concentrate your energy on that. You spread yourself too thin, and you can't do anything right. Best of luck to you and I look forward to the app. Happy New Year! 🎉 🎊 :clinking_glasses:

Sorry to hear this man. As it has been said by many people already it is a shame to see you go as a witness. You have been a strong independent voice, someone who I am glad to call a friend and someone who the second that witness is switched back on will have my vote.

I hope that 2019 brings you everything you want for yourself and your family.


I appreciate it. I am still gonna be here doing my thing. Witness is just a title and there are people making changes across the platform that aren't witnesses.

Yes, maybe developing your hobby in art and photography is a more flexible thing to do when you are not busy with your work as a witness, and whatever your choice is certainly the best for you with the path you choose.

it is big of you to do this and follow your dreams, i applaude this 👏

I missed this post with the move and everything. I had no clue you were gonna bring an app here. That is awesome!

I can't wait to get my thumbs on that photo-concetric frontend like Instagram. It would surely bring in a different unique crowd to Whaleshares!.

All the best buddy.