Whaleshares Witness Roundtable -- Question #3

2 months ago

Part of the reason that I wanted to be a witness - (@nepd-witness is my witness account) was that I wanted all users to feel that they had a voice and someone that would listen to them.

I also wanted to make sure that I and other witnesses were accountable to the users and gave updates on what we were looking to accomplish.

Therefore I'm piggybacking on the great idea of @bushkill witness updates and creating the Witness Roundtable. Every two weeks I'll pose a question to all the witnesses on the "Witness Chat" on discord and post their replies here. If you have a question that you would like asked and I'll be sure to get that done.

This is the question for Week 3:

"A lot of speculation has been made about price over the last couple of days. In your opinion, how important is the short-term price of WLS relative to its chances for long-term success?"


"A higher initial price will probably attract interest from more outside users."


"Short-term price is not relative to the future of Whaleshares in my opinion. We've seen projects "moonshot" out of the gate and flop tremendously within a short amount of time because the price rise was due to pure speculation. The relative factors to me are developers creating a technically sound platform with new and fresh ideas while at the same time the community becoming strong and vibrant. This will hopefully lead to a steady increase in price over time which creates price stability that leads to continued price growth because investors see a token with strong fundamentals."


"While I feel that a higher initial price may garner more hype, a more moderate entry point (as it stands right now) will be better off for the future of the platform. A healthy distribution of tokens and plenty of diverse stakeholders will allow Whaleshares to reach its full potential.


"I'm not necessarily concerned with price right out of the gate. Prices attract speculators. My personal goal as a witness is to use all means at my disposal to attract quality members who will contribute to the community. The community is what makes or breaks these particular (dpos) projects. Educating the masses is paramount and if a solid community is well educated on this platforms' goals and potential, the price will reflect it in the long term."

You can vote for witnesses by clicking here!

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I agree with the majority view that a higher early price is not really any worthwhile indicator for future success, growth and mass adoption.

I love this idea to have the witnesses share their views and look forward to seeing more of these Q and A's in the future.

It is important that we remain in touch with and understand what our witnesses stand for and what their core beliefs are...

However! We all love the idea of a decentralised platform and blockchain for obvious reasons and so we should not expect the witnesses to tackle everything themselves...

As a community we must each engage and give answers to what we want to see when asked for such input. We must each engage in all community actions with the utmost integrity and make this place an engaging and appealing prospect to those who wish to join us or invest in that which we stand for.

Much of the online world is a chaotic wasteland of trolls and people wanting and waiting for someone else to take charge of everything...We must be better than this.

I am incredibly excited by the calibre of witnesses that we currently have and I am optimistic that we can reach the awesome heights that I believe we are capable of as a community.

Together we are just better!


Responsibility! Thats the idea. I really believe adding value in any way isnt necessarily leading, its more everyone working toward the same goal in my opinion. Get in where you fit in, if you see something that needs done, take initiative or lend a hand. In the end, its OUR community and OUR responsibility to help teach, mold and grow it the way we know it should be. ✊

Thanks again for the topic and allowing us to voice our opinions for the community. Each roundtable is a helpful yet brief insight into the minds of the Guardians of the Whaleshares blockchain. Hats off😉


Thanks for participating - wish I had 30+ answers here!


I second this. Anything that highlights the activities and motivation behind how we function as individuals and a team helps the greater audience better understand the witness roles. Like @nepd said - I would really like to see so many more people answer these Q&As. Devs, where are you? ~ merej99

waw, the witnesses really wants the best for this platform.

Good to see this.

Damn forgot to submit my question, expect it next round.


Your busy schedule does not preclude from you from the Q&A. You know I'm just kidding. With as busy as you have been ...we can excuse you this week(I forgot last week lol)


feel free to add it in!


No excuses😂 Jk. You're appreciated man!

I suppose it will depend on how we define short-term. I think anything sooner than the New Year is insignificant to the growth of new accounts and community engagement.