New Witness - Why vote for black-man as your Whaleshares witness

5 months ago


Deciding to become a witness is one of the biggest responsibility you can take up on a blockchain. But this is something I have taken up because of the love I have for Whaleshares.

About Me

Most people know me as black-man on discord and steemit. I'm one of the founders of app, an African based decentralized fiat exchanged built on bitshares technology. Currently supporting Steem/SBD and very soon we will be supporting WLS.

With my degree in computer science, I have started and sold a couple of tech startups in the past. I'm always helping to design new products and getting them to market. I gave up active coding down the line to take up growth hacking and UX, which is what I do now and I love it.

My continues contributions to the whaleshares blockchain

  • Currently as a member of the frontend team at Whaleshares. I work with the rest of the team to design & implement new changes that will be updated from time to time. My goal is to help shape and make Whaleshares one of the most loved social media platform out there with my user design experience.

  • Building a WLS to fiat trading gateway for the African market (Ghana & Nigeria for now) is one of the things I will be working on as a witness. One of the ways for whaleshares to succeed is if content writers can easily cash out their earnings in fiat and use it outside whaleshares. I will be running this with the team at to make it possible.

  • I will be launching my own Whalecoin that will be used to support community projects that focuses on giving back, charity, donations, alms giving, natural disaster support etc. To get reward, all you need to do is to go good in your community, write about it and get rewarded.

Witness Node

CPU: 4 Dedicated X86 64bit Cores
RAM : 8GB memory
NETWORK: 500Mbit/s Unmetered

Ready to witness

All my activities as a witness will be prioritised towards securing and providing reliable nodes. Any bonuses and rewards will be going towards creating backup servers and nodes to keep supporting this platform.
Some will also be used to support charity works on this platform.

I Will continue spending my time to create content, invest in people on this platform, the platform itself. I will work hard to make it even better then I joined. If you can see value in what I am proposing to provide to this community, please consider voting for my witness account and share this post. Thank you

How to vote for black-man

  • Click here
  • Look for black-man and click on the vote sign to vote
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Good to have you here man. Great to have such a visionary and a productive man to support the community. 👍👍


thanks @aquacy, remember to vote for me as your witness here

Whaleshares to the moon. Already voted you as a witness.

Greetings, @black-man,

Thank you for connecting this post to your "Whaleshares link" on the witness page. Thats how I found it, thanks also to @bushkill informing me about the special link function.

I'm very intrigued to learn that you are a product developer! I'm starting out here on Whaleshares by attempting to promote the "Maker Movement" on my blog.

I have a long history of product development myself, both works done for hire and also a significant product of my own, the SILVERengines proton colloidal silver generator.

I plan to write articles and series about Making in general, but also hope to highlight how I developed the proton. I think it will be a helpful case-study for others interested in going beyond simple making.

I'd love to hear about some of the products you've developed? Are they all software/apps, like

I hope to attract a lot of "makers" here on Whaleshares and get some interesting cooperation, collaboration, and encouragement going.

I know that I have a lot of learning to do on Whaleshares, but I like what I see so far, very much. Thank you for supporting this community as a witness. You have my vote.