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My created UIA Token "LIFECOIN" backed by my whalestake on whaleshares, alongside the @project-atlas whalestake with the atlas project freelancing hub project has now been added to the whaleshares community tokens.
Check here for more info

The life coin is created for charity purposes in a form of a token that adds LIFE to HUMANITY. My influence on the atlas project has made the lifecoin an official community token. This aids to give the lifecoin more values in real time use.

So for short, the LIFECOIN has four uses that gives it real values.

by tedtv

  • For charity purpose, as a way to bring back humanity to those who have given up
  • As a rewarding system for the atlas project
  • To summon @marshalllife and @project-atlas on whaleshares
  • To summon freelancers on the project atlas platform

Token Name:



Life coin is a new whaleshares token and a bitshares UIA created for two purposes apart from charity and humanity.

  • Used in rewarding atlas active community members/as a payment method on the atlas project and summoning of freelancers to help aid your project initiatives.

  • Used in getting an upshares from @marshalllife in order to add life to your post.


Can be earned from contest (mostly promotional contents) organized or sponsored by me, being an active member of the atlas project or a payment method as a freelancer on the atlas project from clients who bought it from bitshares Dex or Rudex.

LIFE COIN is backed by @marshalllife whalestake and @project-atlas ‘s whalestakes alongside with the community crowd working force.

How to Use LIFE COIN Token for upshares:

Use in getting upshares from @marshalllife @project-atlas

Send LIFE COIN Token to BTS ADDRESS: "LIFECOIN" alongside your post as the “Memo”.

1 LIFECOIN = 1% Mana
100 =LIFECOIN =100% Mana
NOTE: the mama is applicable to either the @project-atlas or @marshalllife's account.
kindly Note that the mana % has changed due to fact that it's more easier for people to understand 100% full upshares than 10% upshares

Age of Post = Minimum 5 Minutes and Maximum 10 Days

Life coin to summon freelancers

Use in summoning a particular skill set to do your bidding and helping your project Development.

How to summon

Send Lifecoin token to the bitshares account "LIFECOIN"
There are amount of lifecoin needed to summon a particular skills, kindly refer to to see how much lifecoin is needed to summon freelancers.

The MEMO should contain the kind of skills you need / how to contact and reach out to you, you can simply put together all about this on a viewable Google Doc and share the links as a memo for easier access.

If you haven't open Bitshares DEX Account to receive LIFE COIN Token please do so:

Tradable here


About the author

Destiny Marshall marshalllife a crypto enthusiast | bullish, finding ways to add value. A crypto musician and finding ways to leverage it through blockchain.
I am part of the atlas team
And always at your service.



## Connect or Listen to My sounds here:



I'm back like i never left - read to know how to earn whaletokens with having any of this skills

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This is another important improvement to the platform. I would like to ask if there is any contest in place to earn lifecoins.


thanks andy, yeah there is also a logo contest now on @project-atlas blog post

so if you are graphics designer or know someone one you can tell them about this one two,


Ok @marshalllife 👋
I don't have the correct software or talent to create an impressive LOGO myself ~ but I will copy the @project-atlas link to my Contest Comments for you! 👍

sounds good, lookinng forward to earning this. Congratulations!!


thanks!!! yeah you can earned them from anything promotion,, or join our discord and earn it from promotional activities, website bounty, giving your skills 😉

This is a cool project. The name lifecoin shows it's a coin with life in it


indeed it is a token for life

gives hope and life to humanity
gives life to a project
gives life to your whaleshares post
and give life to freelancers 😉

its indeed LIFE

Congratulations!! Looking forward to seeing your projects and earning Lifecoins.

Nice one @marshalllife, the "about the author" how about you put all content under it in the middle as before?

Goodluck on the life coin. More success Bro.


okay i would try that now thanks for the idea

LIFECOIN I like the name and what you are presenting here, I congratulate you because you are in constant renovation equal to @project-atlas

Congrats Marshall! You are huge asset to the Whaleshares Community - Thanks for all you do! 👍


☺ thanks for those kind world, you know deep my heart i just wish i can do more more.

Good to see you again @marshalllife (Steemjet no?)
Love the idea, though I do not see the coin listed on


yeah man, it is, steemjet well i think i was rejected from that place lol
yeah thanks


Me 2. Though I still have a delegation, but no communicae outside of those who migrated to Whaleshares.


AHH community tokens :) TY I just noticed that Deranged is up :)


It was an Un-Officiall Token , but then #LIFECOIN was authorised as a Community Token very recently ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Hey this is awesome to hear! Way to go marshall!


thanks ☺ much..... setting plans to take over the world 😂

yeah it is appreciated.

Lifecoin will trigger morw people on whaleshares to create good content.

cool is it tradable? I think I need some in the market


yeah its tradable but mostly to clients who purchased to summon freelancers on our discord........