💰 Whaleshares Sharedrop Claim Announcement - Instructions Inside!

6 months ago


It's time to claim your sharedrop!

The sharedrop claim period will allow us to begin on-boarding new members to the platform and provide people who have earned and held on to the original WHALESHARE cross-chain tokens a chance to claim their sharedrop and begin posting, sharing and networking before the general public.

📅 The claim period will be active from August 15th, 2018 through September 15th, 2018 and constists of 3 claim phases.

Claim Phase 1
To create your Whaleshares account and/or claim your sharedrop on week 1, starting August 15, 2018 and ending on August 23, 2018 @ 00:00:00Z (block 29850078 on Bitshares chain) it will require 500 WHALESHARE tokens*.

Claim Phase 2
To create your Whaleshares account and/or claim your sharedrop on week 2, starting August 23, 2018 @ 00:00:01Z and ending on August 31, 2018 @ 00:00:00Z (block 30080478 on Bitshares chain) it will require 250 WHALESHARE tokens*.

Claim Phase 3
To create your Whaleshares account and/or claim your sharedrop on weeks 3 and 4, starting after August 31, 2018 @ 00:00:01Z and ending on September 15th, 2018 @ 23:59:59Z it will require only 1 WHALESHARE token*.

*This is per BTS account claiming a sharedrop.

Instructions for account creation and claiming are below.

WLS Sharedrop Distribution

Here are the final sharedrop supply and drop ratios for BTS, Brownie.pts and WHALESHARE tokens.

Initial WLS Supply = 21 Million
18,900,000.000 WLS to Sharedrop on Token Holders

Whaleshares = 2.1 Million drop on 250,000 Supply
Brownie.pts = 2.1 Million drop on 9,400,000 Supply
Bitshares = 14.7 Million drop on 1,777,494,274.2983203 Supply

Distribution Ratio per 1 Target Token held:
BROWNIE_PTS/WLS = 0.223404
BTS/WLS = 0.00827

Native WLS tokens have been reserved for Bitshares accounts holding any of these tokens at the time of the snapshot and will be applied to the the claimant's Whaleshares account as vested WHALESTAKE.

NOTICE: Because this project is intended to support the Bitshares Community and the Native Bitshares DEX, it was decided that all centralized exchange accounts would be removed from the sharedrop. There was little chance of centralized exchanges honoring the WLS token sharedrop to the individual account holders anyway. The updated BTS distribution has a supply of 1,777,494,274.2983203 with a sharedrop ratio of 0.008270 WLS per BTS. The difference of 'unclaimed' WLS from this change will be added to the account creation reserve pool.

How to Claim you WLS Tokens

We have created a very easy-to-use, all-in-one account creation and sharedrop claim process. You will need to verify your Bitshares account to apply the claim to your Whaleshares account. Please follow the instructions below to get started.

  • Only Bitshares accounts on the Sharedrop Snapshot can claim/create an account at this time, newly created Bitshares account cannot.
  • Any one Bitshares account can claim only once.
  • Multiple Bitshares accounts can claim to one Whaleshares account.
  • The Account Creation/Claim Fee is per claim/ new account creation.
  • Invalid claim memo in first 2 weeks will be refund after the sharedrop-period.

💡 Note: If you have multiple Bitshares accounts, you can claim the sharedeops for all of them to one Whaleshares account, or each one to its own Whaleshares account. It's your choice. If you have multiple BTS accounts you want to claim from, it will be better to wait until after September 1st so it only costs 1 WHALESHARE per claim unless you have saved up a lot of WHALESHARE tokens.

To create a NEW Whaleshares account and claim:

1) Go to https://wls.services

2) Leave the box UNchecked.

Enter the user name you want to check (or use if you have it already) and click "Check Available".

It will turn green if the account is available.

3) Next you will need to generate your account keys. Click the "Generate Random Keys" button.

You will be given a set of PRIVATE keys to your account. Save these in a text file to an external SD Card or USB drive, or write them down and save them in a secure place. IF YOU LOSE THEM, YOU LOSE YOUR ACCOUNT AND ANY FUNDS YOU HAVE. There is no way to recover accounts without the keys.

4) Click the "Show Me The MEMO" button to create your claim memo. This is the memo you will use to send the required WHALESHARE tokens to the claim account on the Bitshares DEX. Copy and save this memo so you have it.

The number of WHALESHARE tokens required and the Bitshares account to send them to is provided at the bottom.

5) Go to your Bitshares account to verify your account and claim any WLS tokens you are due from the sharedrop. You will need to include the supplied MEMO and send the correct amount of WHALESHARE tokens required as shown on the claim form to the wlsbts Bitshares account.

🛑 NOTE: If you send the WRONG amount of WHALESHARE tokens, the transaction will be ignored and the claim process will not take place. You will have to send again with the correct amount of WHALESHARE. There is no process in place to refund tokens if the wrong amount is sent.

6) Wait for the Bitshares transaction to be confirmed and finalize, usually less than a minute. You can then go to http://Whaleshares.io and log in to your Whaleshares account using your Posting Key.

You will see your WLS sharedrop claim applied to your account as vested WHALESTAKE.

🎉 That's it!

You can now begin using the Whaleshares platform, rewarding and sharing content by other members, and create your own content.

To use an EXISTING Whaleshares account and claim:

The process to claim to an existing Whaleshares is nearly identical to the process above. The only different is you will CHECK the top box and enter your Whaleshares account username. No new keys are generated, and the MEMO to send will be much shorter. All the other steps are the same.


The account creation/claim is ONLY open for BTS accounts that held WHALESHARE, BTS, BROWNIE.PTS on/before the snapshop date. (Bitshares Block 29222369 at 2018-08-01 03:18:51 UTC)

Other BTS accounts (not in the sharedrop) attempting to create/claim will be rejected and the system will automatically refund the WHALESHARE tokens sent at the end of the claim period (September 15, 2018).

Successful claims will apply your sharedrop as vested WHALESTAKE and the claim closed. The WHALESHARE tokens used to successfully create an account and/or claim the sharedrop are NOT returned or converted to WLS or WHALESTAKE. The are simply used as the Bitshares account verification fee and will not be redistributed.

The door is always open,
come join us anytime!

Stay tuned for official announcements in the coming days and weeks.

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just wanted to share what the bitshares transfer form should look like for creating a new account (without claim):

Make sure you have some BTS to cover fees, otherwise you waste 1 extra WHALESHARE covering them!

And finally, if your SEND button is not highlighted, make sure your WALLET is UNLOCKED! To unlock it, simply click on the little LOCK icon on the upper-right hand corner, and log back in with your password!

clear tutorial guys!

claiming soon! (not this week :( )

Now I am in and I got my sharedrop as whalestake. Let the journey begins!

Quick and easy! Nice work @baabeetaa! and everybody else involved!!

I got my shares even before the announcement as the faq is simple to use. Thanks to all the developers.

Are we seriously supposed to pay 250 whaleshares for each week before the main launch? How's that? And does it make any sense in waiting until 23/08 or 31/08 to pay less, considering that the tokens will get worthless anyway?


If you had an account on the testnet then you automatically have one here. You are only paying to create a new account or claim the sharedrop you received for holding BTS, PTS or WHALESHARE in your BTS account. It was said to be this way to prevent people from creating a bunch of sock puppet accounts in the first 2 weeks. To halfway answer your question whether or not it is worth to wait, I guess it would depend on how much BTS, PTS or WHALESHARE tokens you held at the time of the snapshot. My understanding is that WHALESHARE tokens are still good for upvotes on steemit so you would need to compare the two values to fully answer your question and I'm not sure what those values are. I hope that helps you in determining whether or not it is worth it for YOU to Claim now. :)


I don't understand how are WHALESHARES related to steemit upvotes?


The original WHALESHARE token is redeemable for upvotes on steemit by @officialfuzzy's account. BEYONDBITS work the same but upvotes come from @fuzzyvest account. This Whaleshares tutorial goes into more detail.

A 100% upvote from using WHALESHARE token is currently only worth $0.83 so I'm going to say its not worth it anymore.

However if you hold BEYONDBITS you can get $17.30 with a 100% upvote.

If you have WHALESHARE in your BTS wallet at the moment, it makes more sense to hold what you have until account creation costs only 1 WHALESHARE. Then use what you have to claim your account's sharedrop and the rest to invite new users to whaleshares & bitshares.

I hope this helps you!

I have sent 500 BTS by mistake to wlsbt ! Any chance for sending it back fuzzy?

BLOCK #29705973


@liondani yes, all invalid claims will be refunded after claim period ends

^^^ Discord chat

The most awaited official information. I'm very excited to be a part of this launch. Together we will make whaleshares a wonderful platform.

New Chain(1).jpg

If you have large amounts of bitshares, do you get more Whaleshares?