Introduction to 🐋Whaleshares Witness: @tnam0rken

4 months ago

Good afternoon!

I have long thought about whether I want to be a witness. On the one hand - I do not like to take on an extra responsibility. On the other hand, who, if not me?

At the moment, the node whaleshares is raised on naked enthusiasm, I will keep it until there are enough nodes in the community for trouble-free operation of the blockchain - most likely, until I drop out of the top 50.

On the other hand - if for some reason the community will support me as a delegate - I am ready to serve the node and beyond.

Why is it worth voting for delegate @tnam0rken?

1. It's been a little over a year since I started diving into the blockchain. If initially it was just the desire to make money, in the end, it was transformed into something like a philosophy. I still want to earn, but now this is a secondary task.

2. Of all the blockchains I studied, most of all I'm impressed by the blockchains on graphene, first of all it is BitShares. But also there is one interesting project not on graphene, which I also really liked - it's gridcoin(GRC).

3. I try to spread the knowledge that I get. First and foremost, of course, this brief video tutorials on youtube. But other than this - I'm almost always ready to answer your questions in groups or PM in Telegram - absolutely free. Or in person - expensive 🙃

4. If possible, I participate in the meetups. This winter I spoke to a large audience - I with @kwaskoff hosted an educational meeting on BitShares, which was sponsored by @kencode. The place for the meeting was provided by journalist Leonid Krasner. The event was held in the framework of blockchainschool, and 54 people came.

5. For a moderate fee I help people to get premium names in BitShares. And also I help referrals get a lifetime membership (LTM) at a discount.

6. Within the framework of the Association, we are developing a mobile application for working with BitShares - In this we are helped by a sponsor from Kaliningrad.

7. The plans include the launch of its own web interface to BitShares - this will be fork rudex-ui with some features that I personally find interesting.

8. Also in the plans own gateway on BitShares. On the one hand - it blurs the liquidity of markets. But on the other hand - improves the reliability of the exchange as a whole.

9. And as a cherry on the cake - fork steem with a unique economic mechanism - it will be a social experiment. While I can not disclose the details, but I think that they will be available in the next few months.

Does the community need such a witness? - It's up to you to decide! 🐳

If need - vote for @tnam0rken here.

Currently, I try to understand the EOS, so the time for video recording remains less...

For fans of auditing - check me completely (:

I will be grateful for any criticism and advice on working with video/audio/feed, as well as for your support in the form of subscriptions and upvotes on Golos, Steemit, Whaleshares, YouTube & Telegram

Warning! Caution! Referral link to RuDex!

With respect to readers and random passers-by, your l̶a̶z̶y̶b̶o̶n̶e̶s̶ @tnam0rken

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Hello @tnam0rken , welcome to Whaleshares and thank you for introducing yourself to us!
We just rewarded your post so you can start your journey on this amazing platform with the right foot!
- Remember, if you have any questions or want to get involved with the Whaleshares community you can join our Official Whaleshares Discord and ask your questions.
- To get the latest updates and upcoming features please follow @whaleshares.
Warm welcome from @black-man and @artwhale-witness, we are happy to see you here and wish you an amazing journey in Whaleshares!


Thank you. But this is not my first post))

Godspeed with the platform and keeping enthusiasm naked and monets sounding :) (something telling me we speak same native tongues, SP is my musical artist nick :) ...... voted! ... and now I know for sure, and can add PROCK stands for the Punk Rock... who also likes to indulge good food :)


follow on st/yt from my main artist and Silent Zen support channel :)


Thanks. Мой родной язык - русский. Если ты говорил об этом))


Thank you. I hope that I will be useful to the community. 🐳

Thank you @tnam0rken for this thought-full post from one who is willing to take on the responsibility of being a witness.

Here is wishing you all the best in your endeavour.


NB As you mention your appreciation of Bitshares, I completely motivates enthusiasm does it not.

On that invite to Bitshares Discord expired and thus far every invite given is not effective in obtaining access.

Apologies for mentioning it, having reached out to several without response. Would you be so kind as to recommend anyone who could be of assistance.

Thank you for your upvote.....very kind of you.


Thank you for your reply @tnam0rken.

Yes....the very one.

Discord says ' Your invite has expired or is invalid.'


Greetings @tnam0rken

It has been resolved......thank you for your kind replies and support.


good luck for the running as a witness, its a huge responsibility, but it would be greatly appreciated by the community to know they are in good hands!