Two New Projects For The WhaleShares Community

last month

Introducing Two Brand New Projects for WhaleShares

Today I am introducing two brand new projects dedicated to the WhaleShares community. Each of these projects will be putting out a post from their respective accounts to explain each project in greater detail.

Keep an eye out for introduction posts coming soon from

@trips & @moveit



A community driven travel project that will eventually be powered by the TRIPS and AIRSHARE Tokens. This project has the dedicated intention of helping people make local and international trips possible that they then blog about on WhaleShares.

The idea is for people to take a trip with money they can afford but can’t really afford. Sort of.

I have selected a small group of test candidates who are willing to try this out and you can watch it all unfold in real time in our community.

Look for the detailed explanation in the @trips intro post coming soon.




A health and fitness initiative that is community driven to help people reach their fitness and health goals, as well as assist with the practical costs associated with fitness such as gear.

Wouldn’t it be incredible to help buy ice skates for a family that can’t really afford them? Or a new uniform for a martial artist? How about hiking shoes for our nature bloggers? Yes please.

The MOVEIT Token will be launched down the road when it makes sense. The intention is for the Token to be used internally, and for the specific purpose of helping people reach their goals and stay active.

@el-cr and his wife @evecab will be assisting me, the BooGeek, in helping to develop the POW ~ Proof Of WorkOut component of this project.

I will in turn help support any fitness related initiatives they choose to launch. Within reason 😂

@crystalpacheco30 will be getting involved and bringing her wonderful determination and enthusiasm along for the ride.

Look for the detailed explanation in the @moveit intro post coming soon.

A word about my sponsors.



Some of you may know me here on WhaleShares running the @openmiccontest and @artist projects, and on Steemit with projects I have worked on such as PlankTown and SteemPets, which is now BitPets.

The bottom line is this: I have felt entirely like Sisyphus rolling a stone up a hill on my own for a very long time. I am thankful for my constant partner in crime @PoeticSnake, as always. Her daily input and support behind the scenes is what really makes these projects run and fun. She just lets me be a Leo and try to entertain ya'll. My job is to make her mental. A match made in heaven.

Huge blessings to @FreedomExists, @Vit & @Nepd for their wonderful support of these critical projects that I truly feel are key to helping build a vibrant community here on WhaleShares.


Thanks guys for helping with all my nutty ideas!!


Much Love,

©Images CC0 & RPSFTI

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The energy you project on WS is fantastic Bug. Please set up a witness I can vote for!

Sounds like great iniciatives, best of success and may you reach countless this these projects!

Looking forward to the fitness project!


Wonderful!! Great to have your support Crystal!

You're such a kind and generous person, and I am very lucky to have you along to help and encourage people.

Do you ever stop working?! Lol! Great new initiatives @thebugiq, I'm really looking forward to these ones that's for sure, and glad to be supporting.


Yes I thought about working less as you say. It was the most productive .002 seconds of my day LOL

As always, thanks for giving real support!

So I want to travel and blog about it... just sayin'. ;) Wait, I already sorta do that. Love the sound of that project, though. Oh, and hi, I'm on Whaleshares now. ;) Keep being awesome.


Nice to see you here my dear 😀

Pretty sure I gave you a follow? I will rectify that immediately if I was remiss.

Welcome to another piece in your digital footprint puzzle!


🇨🇦 😎 Big Up!!!

thanks for the mention... and yes, good things coming, let's Moveit!

Please be sure to let us know case scenarios that end up working out with trips and airshare.

Prove it works, and show how the system went beyond "concept" to "proof of concept" and I think that's when the project engagement is going to spike.

Good luck, I hope this works out.

Nice post keep it up.

Wow!!! That's amazing, I love both the projects and hopefully it will improve life of a few people.

You and Snekky are doing a wonderful job at helping people here on Whaleshares. I wish you both get success. 😊😊😊

P.S: Imagine a world where I get paid moveit tokens for every Kilogram of fat I lose. 😋


Thanks Imran, yes that will absolutely be part of the plan!! I'm looking forward to hearing people's ideas for this!! 😀

wow these projects both sound amazing, anything that helps the community grow whilst supporting the members is fantastic, very excited about the Trips one xxx

looking forward to these two new projects, they are amazing... @trips & @moveit you have my support and following you, will be looking out for these wonderful project' well a great hands up for, @el-cr and his wife @evecab ...and the most helpful person on whaleshares from the day I meet here, is always here supporting all, amazing @crystalpacheco30, keep it up...

and of course the sponsors
@FreedomExists, @Vit & @Nepd

as well The Bug@thebugiq & SNEKKY@PoeticSnake two greats who are always constantly trying to improve all our lives here on Whaleshares Congrats

Thank you and good Luck

This is amazing. Both projects seems very very promising. Count on me to translate the introduction post projects to spanish and also if you have plans to expand into spanish speaking community I am glad to help and connect people.

I believe is it great that even "crazy ideas" or as you say "nutty ideas" can have a real space here. I can say I feel more and more welcome. Thanks for sharing this. This motivates me to open my mind once for all within the crypto-space.

Hope this project will bring more adoption. Together we can do anything!

It's an awesome opportunity for everyone and a good initiative for the community and traveling lovers and fitness seekers.
I mean wow what an idea sir ji.

I am interested in trip project. Is there tag to promote the project?

Always bring value and support to the community - good man.

Excelente idea, me gustaria hacer para whaleshare un proyecto sobre la practica del running en espacios naturales, donde a través de whaleshare, aquellos amantes del running puedan pagar carreras con wls. Pero necesito que me asesoren con este tema.

Both of these have piqued my interest! Can't wait to see more!

These are fantastic ideas! I just recently joined and am surprised to see that there is such an active community here. Really cool!

Will these be available to trade on BitShares?

Well, whaleshares now has actifit. Yay.

I have no idea how you manage so many things online and in real life.
I'm very much looking forward to seeing how trips works. I should be more excited about moveit, but as much as I browbeat myself to exercise more, I just don't do it. sigh