Will The Witness Please Take The Stand?

2 months ago

Well, I will sure try to.

I know a lot of you don't know who I am. I'm not a whale, I don't spend a lot of time on Discord and when I do it's usually making smart-ass comments, and I don't post very often. It's not that I don't want to. I just don't get a ton of time in the day to do it.
(I get busy with this stuff all winter.)

I think about it a lot though.

While I was on Steemit, a thought kept occurring to me every time there was a flag war, whale infighting, vicious and/or slanderous posts about other members, or just plain old greed.

Can we rise above this?

In the end, I decided that I had no stake with which to use as a bargaining chip to speak my opinion. I had earned a little bit over time but in the end, I was getting a post or two a week and they were earning me between $3 and $10. I delegated a lot away and tried to help out as much as I could with projects that meant something to me but after a time I became disheartened with everything. I thought that I was going to be busy all winter anyhow so I would just shut down my Steemit account and see how I felt in the spring.
(The crocus is a symbol of joy around here.)

Winter is also a tough time around our house because of all the darkness. We get maybe seven hours of daylight on the winter solstice, so there is a lot of snuggling in and hoping that spring comes soon. This February we are planning a trip to Lake Atitlan, in hopes that it breaks up the winter blahs and gives us an idea of what it is like there for future homesteading possibilities.

Okay, back to what I was on about.

So I was leaving Steemit and @comedyopenmic said that I should make an account on Whaleshares. I said that I didn't need more distraction, I needed less but was told that I would like it here and to just make the account, even if I didn't use it.

I didn't really think about it for a week or so and then I got an email saying that my account had been created. I was going to leave it at that but thought I should go and see what it was about.

It looked like it was Steemit.

I looked at a few posts and saw that they were getting rewarded well. That made me look into it further and join the Discord server. Then I met @ceruleanblue and @ijmmai. They were nerd talking. Then I met @krazykrista and she wasn't nerd talking. She had a great sense of humour too. She offered me 25 KrazyKoins for joining the server and then I ended up making a BitShares wallet.

Then I made an introduction post to leave there as my placeholder while I went on my hiatus and used the KrazyKoins on it. I went on Discord to thank her for the generous gift and saw @derangedvisions, who was familiar to me. I stopped to say hi and got talking to @erodedthoughts as well. Then a few weeks later I was making videos and planning an advice show with my wife and had it mentioned that I should become a witness. Then I met @bushkill and his bees, and I got a bunch of help from @thebugiq.
IMG_20170811_173529 (1).jpg
(Us at an old truck we found while stealing some really nice topsoil out of a ditch last summer.)

And so on, and so on...

What I'm trying to say is that I found the community I wanted to support and be a part of. When I tell friends from Steemit about it they say that it's just another way to rape a reward pool and that WLS is going to drop like a stone in price.

As for the first point: I don't think that is what people are trying to do here. Don't get me wrong. I know there are greedy people everywhere but everything I have felt and learned about this community tells me a different story. The witnesses I have talked to have only conveyed goodwill and fairness to me. In their actions and their words. This is also a big reason I decided to try and get my witness server up and running. I know it's not going to make me a bunch of money but when it comes to decisions on the blockchain, I feel it will give me a say in how things go.

As for WLS dropping? Oh well. I just hope all my Steem is liquidated by then and I can buy a bunch.

As for what I want to see happening here, my first priority is to keep the sharing going. Sharing of everything, really. There is a post-discussion room that is begging to be used to discuss posts that you like, or dislike, but so far it has been used more as a dumping grounds for links. I would love to see more people using it for engaging and sharing ideas.

Another thing I am passionate about is human interaction. I understand that there are good and bad bots, and the good ones can really help make our jobs easier. I just balk at the thought of people's posts being jammed with comments from bots. Personally, I would rather get no comments than a stock comment from a bot, but that's just me. I am interested in any ideas that will boost interaction between us.

Thirdly, I really dislike plagiarism. When you take someone else's hard work and pass it off as your own, I feel that there should be repercussions for that. I don't know what, but there should definitely be no rewards for it. This is where we have a hard time. How do you police it, while still giving people their freedom? Generally, I just start investigating any suspicious accounts but I can't do anything about it, except call the person out. I'm hoping that we can come up with a surefire plan of action in the Discord channel and start setting people on the right path. It would be nice to get people of different communities together to help the waylaid of their groups see that it doesn't pay to use someone else's work.

In a nutshell

I'm not here to get rich. I'm just here to make friends, have fun, and possibly earn some rewards for my scribblings. If I do, great. If I don't, at least I will have met some excellent people to share the journey with. If you like what I have to say, please think about voting me as one of your witnesses. If you don't, please let me know what bothers you about my words and I'll clarify my position in case there's a misunderstanding.

Either way, you should vote for witnesses that are aligned with your vision and values.

You can vote for witnesses here.

You'll probably have to type my name in the box and find me that way.

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Hell, you know you have my vote bud. I hope it all goes well for you. If ya need anything shoot me a message.


Thanks, man. I really appreciate it.

There is something. My right rear caliper seems to be seizing on a bit. Is it recommended to try cleaning it all up and messing around or is it best to just get a new one? Also, you could put up a COM post. Also, you could shave.


How do you know it's seizing up? If its because it's making noise you might need a new hub, I literally replaced my right rear one one week ago, got a set of two for 55 through AmAiZoNe, waiting on the rotor till I do the preemptive maintenance on the left one (gd living in the country and the shipping fiascos that come with it).


Well, the one set of brakes are only two months old and one side is at the squeal bars. It's an hour and a half to town, so if I have to grab a caliper, I will when I'm there. I don't know if they are worth taking apart and cleaning up or best to just get a new one.


also check and make sure your park brake cable is not siezing. tha tcan cause the brake to drag. I have also seen the rubber lines break down internally. it causes a one way trap on the fluid pressure. It kind of acts as a residual pressure valve and keeps that caliper engaged. The most likely cause is the caliper its self is bad.


Sounds like you need new pads anyway so might as well get the caliper while you're at it, ultimately if you can afford it why not, but at the same time you could clean the piston and the slide pins with some wd40 and see if that works, beats replacing the thing, meanwhile I'd bend those"squeal bars" so they don't dig into the rotor.


I did shave.

Im still waiting for my first posts to pay out but when they do I will be making my witness votes. Like Steem and EOS I think it is so important to vote for those you think have the health of the network at heart and not as a money making operation and refresh your votes now and again based on their performance.
Still being quite new I am trying my best to research the people I want to be my witnesses and It sounds like we have very similar philosophies.


Well, that's good that you are doing your research. I remember your intro post with the sand carvings. I'm glad you're still here and will have to get over there and see what else you have up.

Of course you'll get my vote ♡
I just totally forgot about it, so sorry :)

It's coming!! Good luck, I'm sure you'll be a good witness for the community!


Thank you so much, Nouky. I hope I do you proud.

You 'll have my vote for sure once I get to my computer!! Good luck!! 😇


Thank you @ruth-girl. Some luck sure can't hurt.

Woohoo @profanereviews
Good to see you on the board. I'll be keeping an eye out for your first block and then we celebrate. ~ @merej99


I have been celebrating since I got into bed. 😜

So happy to have you aboard pal! I know you have big things for us, and I totally agree with your message in this post. Though yes, everyone is here to earn in some way, not many are here looking to take advantage, or get rich quick. The friendliness of this platform is a huge part of why I spend my time here.


Thanks man. I really appreciate it and look forward to working with everyone and learning. I'm a fish out of water but one of those mutant fish that have partial lungs so that they can still breathe a little on land.

Awesome news.


Thanks, nerd. I hope you are having a blast.

Cool sharing experience. I am new in whaleshares. I don't really understand about witness work. Maybe I am lazy to read. Honestly, I need money but I think it is difficult to attract vote from witness or big supporters. Thanks for sharing you remind me that this platform is social media. We are getting social here money comes later


Well, welcome to Whaleshares.

We don't vote here, we share. If you build up your community and add something to it, you will get ahead and have a great time while you do it. If you are just here to get money, then you might as well just get a job at McDonald's. I don't think that is how it works. Not from my perspective, anyhow.


Very true. If your first ambition is to make bank you should look for a job at a bank, if that's not panning out, try being an accountant, and lastly if you can't anything that compensates and you can take pride in doing will make you more money than WLS, otherwise your ambition will be squandered here but if your ambition is to share, you will do just fine here. If you're doing this to survive you're probably gonna perish, if you're doing it for livelihood. If its your ambition to share, you better have a way to support yourself.

Hey, hey welcome to the witness group 😀


Thanks, Krista. I'm very happy to finally have made it here. Only took a week and a half to get it going. 😆

Thanks for your insightful and engaging post. As a member, I found it very inteesting

Damn, you're blocking the truck. I want to see it. Just finished restoring a 1949 Chevy with my Dad. I need to find time to write a post about it.

Oh ya, I guess I should be saying welcome to underground and glad to have you here. I don't get to spend much time socializing in Discord, but am so glad I have had the opportunity to meet you and get to know you a little bit. You and the misses seem like genuine folks and are just the kind we built Whaleshares for. Cheers to a promising future with no flag wars.

I really appreciate the effort you are putting into the #discuss-your-post room. Hopefully it doesn't become a burden.


Wow! That's a beauty. I see that truck all the time now that I am plowing the roads. It's at the end of a really long, middle of nowhere road and is ready to fall into the creek. Here I am checking the oil. It was a bit low.
I will get some better photos when I get out there again. It's my favourite road to do as there is no cell or radio signal and you get to just look at the cows, elk, and deer for a couple of hours in peace.

Thanks for the welcome. I really am happy to meet you as well and look forward to more fun times here. It sounds like Gerri is thinking about an account but she never rushes into things. We try to be as ourselves as decency will allow.

As for the #post-discussion-room , I think it will be good. I will just have to keep calling people on their dumping links in there. I can't see it being too much of a burden, plus you get the odd gem.