- The Whalepaper - 1st Edition -

4 months ago

The Whaleshares Whalepaper

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I too, but what is whaletoken without a whalestake to give it a value? Well the concept is to share build up our whalestake to help others.

Thanks for this @officialfuzzy. Very excited to read the whitepaper and learn the more finite details of whaleshares.io

Thanks for sharing this, it is awesome getting to know more about Whaleshare now. In fact, I will give second chance to read it and understand this well. Moon is our playing ground.

Greetings @officialfuzzy.

Thank you for posting.

Having trouble with the bitshares invite.....please advise.

EOS and Whaleshares discord invites.... no problem....thank you for the links.

Thank you.

NB Are you 'Fuzzy'in Steem.chat......have a query for you regarding bitshares discord invite.....or a recommendation of others to contact.


i am not in steem.chat tbh anymore. so if someone messages you in there they are pretending to be me :(

Thank you for releasing this, it will make for interesting study!

Cool, The Whitepaper is on a block now,
and sublimate made his first appearance on WLS! :)

Thanks for sharing

This is wonderful thank you!!

Good article. Thanks for calling back my attention to this whalepaper. I hope the platform sticks to the basics of the project in the paper


If these white paper will going to be implemented as it was. It's really cool and revolutionary.

I look forward to setting up my WhaleToken.

the grandmaster are setting the rules !


The first whitepaper that requires a user test first?