Official Whaleshares Social Media Analytics Report

2 months ago

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Let's Look at Some Numbers!

What's the best way to measure the success of your social media strategy? The number of followers you gain is important, but the quality of those followers is even more important! If your social network is active and engaged, they act as a catalyst of your brand. Creating content that is specifically tailored to your brand, along with an enthusiastic following, creates a boatload of brand awareness!

Now, we've only recently begun our social media program, so the analytics are still quite limited. Over time, we will be have richer insights and much more helpful information to use for the formation of our social media blueprint.

Something that gives us a great advantage, is knowing our audience, and the audience of people we want to attract to the Whaleshares platform. The main thing that helps us with that, is you! Your posts, your curation and your participation on Whaleshares is what helps to create the trending page here. Though we don't have any in-depth analytics for Whaleshares, that page says it ALL. By closely monitoring how the feed changes, we're able to see what our community likes and wants to hear more about!

Our strategy this far, has been focused on educating the public on not only how Whaleshares works, but how all DPoS chains work as well. While some articles may not be specific to the platform, it helps to create an informed audience. And an informed audience, is an inspired audience, one who will be inspired to participate on our platform and bring an even more robust body of community members!


First Let's Look at an Overview of our Twitter Account

As you can see, we're getting a little over 1,000 impressions per day and over 30k impressions in the past month. Impressions are an important key performance indicator, because this is how many people that are seeing our content! And remember, this content is designed to educate and inspire our audience, so this is over 30,000 potential community members!

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Next, Let's look at Engagements

The number of engagements we have aren't how many people who have received shiny news rings upon accepting a marriage proposal - But the number of people that are actively participating with our content! The engagement rate is calculated by the number of engagements, divided by the impressions. And as highlighted here, on September 15th we had a whopping 7.5% engagement rate! Now this may not seem like much to some, but from experience, getting an average engagement rate over 2% is a tough feat using even paid strategies. Having an average engagement rate over 2% in the first month of our program, is a success that we as a community should congratulate ourselves on!

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Now, we're really growing!

This page on Twitter analytics, gives you an overview by month. As we're just past the first week of October, we've hit well over 10,000 impressions - closer to 11k. If this trend continues, we should expect to see a growth from about 30k, to 40k impressions per month. Roughly a 30% increase in impressions, and this is with no paid strategies or paying people to promote. These metrics are setting a healthy baseline, to measure and compare any future promotions with.

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Our Best Day?

Highlighted here, is our best day so far on Twitter. On October 6th, we received 2,331 impressions on our posts. And the kicker? We didn't post any of our own content that day!

I'm sure you're wondering, how do you get that many impressions without posting, and why would you purposefully not make your own posts? Adding in a little downtime to your posts on some days, effectively gives all of your previous posts the spotlight. All of those carefully crafted 140 character tweets magically get a little more love, and this gives you time to share other people's relevant content, to create a nice variety in your feed.

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Now let's Check out Facebook

Facebook is a beast, that's constantly evolving. And not always necessarily into something better, at least for brands. To actually be seen by your fans and followers, Facebook has a pay to play sort of policy. The upside of this, is that all of the activity you see is completely organic. Everything is green, and 100% up right now, which looks great, but remember we just started this, so of course everything will be up 100%!

We don't expect to have the numbers as far as reach on Facebook, but that doesn't mean that it isn't an important tool. If someone hears about Whaleshares from a friend, coworker, or family member, it's one of the most likely places that people will go to look it up. Probably before google even! It's a great space to have a presence, solely based on the fact that many people look to their peers for recommendations, and everybody seems to be on Facebook nowadays.

Are YOU Active on Social Media?

Connect with us on Facebook! Be sure to share one of our posts with your friends, and let's get the word out! Remember, with Facebook's pay to play algorithms, our performance is based on YOU, the community!

Go hit that follow button on Twitter! Give us a like or a retweet, and let's see how much those numbers can be pumped up!

🧙 Support the Wizard! 🧙

If you'd like to support the Wizard's work - Please take a moment to head over to the witness voting page and use your magic to make that button blue, next to @NSFWizard

The team behind NSFWizard, @thatguyrex1t and @candice manage the Official Whaleshares social media pages and we're always looking for ways to support the community! Drop us a line if you'd like to contribute or are looking for support for your initiative!
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great work as always wizards! keep it up :) retweeted some tweets...


Thanks for helping out!!!

Impressed. It is contributions like these that will help make Whaleshares a household name. Curious to see Google analytics data for the platform as well. Is there any way to go about obtaining metrics?


Eventually we will be adding more but since we just started getting moving on it, our analysis will be simple. Id say in the next few months, keep an eye out for that. Thanks for your kind words, they mean a lot!

great job wizard and miss.wizard <3


Thank you much Krazylady😉

Didn't realize it was community ran


Absolutely. This is what our witness account is all about. You wont be seeing us in discord or telegram as often as most but you will find us reaching out to the masses on other forms of social media to educate and get the word out. We also run Twitter as well and will be adding more social media outlets to cross promote, once these pick up a bit. Everything at Whaleshares is community ran😉

Just followed you on Twitter and FB. Great job on those Twitter stats!


Thank you for your kind words and thanks for helping spread the word of Whaleshares.

Woooow that's huge, let's get that word all over the social world about a social platform that rewards you not Like other social mediums - go go go go.


Educate, educate, educate, and show em we are here😀

Social media has evolved and still is evolving
Despite the large number, Facebook and the likes have lots of hitches and sadly have become porous than ever before.
Blockchain made social media more exciting


Youre right and we are letting everyone know about us. Thanks for your support.

Great job guys! It's fun looking at the analytics and watching our reach grow. I've also noticed that when we are posting other people's content that it does a lot better. They see it. Get excited about the shout out and share it with their friends. That's the way it should be. Organic growth. love it!


Yeah ma'am, a few post promos, mixed in with some education and chain related posts and we are rollin😁

Hey Team @nsfwizard - I wanted to make sure that I gave some lexi love while I had my curation hat on. Catch you around the interwebz :) ~ @merej99