WLS Gateway On Rudex Is Live! Predict the Price HAIRSHARE Token Contest

last month

Bids are in and one trade has been completed.... 0.001 WLS was purchased for 1 BTS. I don't think the price will hold.

Predict the price of WLS as of 9pm CST one week from today. The winner will receive 200 HAIRSHARE tokens!

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WLS Price: 1.21 bts
BTS Username: Patriot1

Use this format for your entries:

WLS Price: 2.3 bts
BTS Username: nepd1

WLS Price: 9.6 BTS
Bts username: crypto-canine

WLS price: 6.5 BTS
DEX: da-lexxbts

WLS Price: 10 bts
BTS Username: deewon23

WLS Price: 3 BTS
Bts username: zakaria

WLS Price: 4 bts
BTS Username: j-segovia

WLS Price =2.5 BTS

Bitshare 🆔 :christian768

WLS Price: 10.5 bts
BTS Username: game-token

WLS Price: 1.1 BTS
Bts username: francuzzz-01

Let's just see. Here is my guess :

WLS Price : 0.50 BTS
BTS : mindblast-3

Did it rocket to 11.2 bts? Think I read something about 13 bts. From predictions listed below must of been a crazy first day of trade. Good for WLS


WLS Price : 0.9 BTS
BTS Username : buggedout1

Cool to see my name in the buy orders screenshot!

WLS Price: 18.5 BTS
BTS# djlethalskillz-777