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Whaleshares platform a sharing platform, different from all social based rewarding platform because of it's unique features being the first ever cross chain social rewarding sharing platform that allows the creation of tokens backed by the platform whales to Be crossed used on that same platform.

The dream of Whaleshares became a reality after the announcement on discord to the pre-launch on August 16 and to the full launch on September 1st.
I think its our responsibility to promote this platform across the inter webs with any social medium we can Use to pass and create awareness to, telling all crypto enthusiasts and social media freaks about the usefulness of the blockchain based rewarding platform and activities - they can carry out in rewarding holders of their created tokens in so many ways and for some specific task and by the way improving the activities of the platform and helping minnows in the platform grow to become whales along the lines, that intends to help other minnows grow too.

Campaign whaleshares on twitter every month.

I created a set of unique individuals with same zeal of promoting crypto contents and project 7 months ago, currently based on Twitter and sometimes on Facebook/Instagram we started off with the steemit platform, promoting it and to other projects we have encountered on the way and we have so far promoted 22 crypto projects by organizing several twitter campaigns that last for weeks and days.
The project Atlas { @project-atlas } is coming to and would be making it our obligation to promote whaleshares in the little ways we can and spreading words out there on social media's using our methods of campaigns, what we all be asking is the support of the community and for members to share our campaign updates for more visibility and for more whaleshares individuals to Join this initiatives in promoting this beloved platform for mass awareness.


On going whaleshares campaign on Twitter.

2nd of September, IMG_20180908_134031_485.JPG announcement was made on Our discord server to create awareness of the Whaleshares platform and for the whalestake claims that will be halted on September 15th. This is to get more people on that social media's informed about the wls initiative/let them also get aware of the social rewarding platform done right if they haven't.
My team have large list of crypto followers and also a group of crypto lovers where sharing all this contents is alot easier for visibility.

Some of the atlas team members

And so on.

Kindly support and encourage us with our initiatives, and in order to get more members joining our project and increasing in multitudes, spreading awareness about the project becomes a lot easier and better.

You can track out activities with the #wlsclaim hashtags

Or check this links for our all time tweets- Check

any advice you have for us to better or. Any plans you think might even help foster our campaign - join our community and interact with the admins - I'm always open to more improvements.

project atlas social media's

Photo speak


What we can always do for the Whaleshares platform.

It will be lovely if the whole members of the Whaleshares platform can take to social media and announce this new chain or creating a thunder clapping event for the Whaleshares in order for more visibility and awareness. Don't you think?
"You can either join our initiative as a member of the atlas team or supporting us with whaleshares/bitshares tokens to reward individuals who took the time promoting the chain all over the internet"
Value for Value

some useful discord communities you should join

About the author

Destiny Marshall marshalllife is a crypto enthusiastic lover and always bullish with every good crypto projects.A crypto musician and finding ways to leverage it through blockchain.
Among the atlas team [group of Twitter info sharers for the crypto]
I am at your service cause i am good at organizing crypto contest every week, always participate to earn this tokens.

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Look out! Whaleshares 🤣
Here comes the Project Atlas Team 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ Let's GO PROMOTE!


Lol that's what we do-pro pro mode - we promote lol 😃

I am more interested when I will be able to buy wls and transfer in here, my mana is so low...


Your mana only decreases as you share contents, whalestakes you mean, that definitely is low and not in the market for now-private property lol until 1st of October. And once again, welcome to the platform.

Project Atlas ensures the best crypto promotion on the net, we are winning and still counting lolz... Whaleshares was already our baby right from start and you can bet we have all hands on deck. Awesome post marshall :)


Thanks man, you said that correctly, we are winning .... More stuffs to do. We keep growing....

Good to know, I believe that with ATLAS TEAM can go extra miles. Thanks


Definitely we are here to promote whaleshares to the fullest. ✌️

this is a great initiate, and promoting the project is always vital. need to read up more!!


Thanks for the kind words - more members are always welcomed to be verified ✌️


Yeah to the moon😃 bhive, our mission like always is to organized one week campaign for the Whaleshares platform every month, spreading the word with our own little efforts ✌️ we are on whaleshares now @project-atlas

Keep up the good work buddy. We are right there with you!