Whaleshares Promotional Event has Ended

4 months ago


Whaleshares Promotional Event has Ended

Last week I hosted a promotional event that rewarded 50 individuals with 2 liquid wls for participating in our marketing effort. All slots available in the contest were filled and all rewards have now been paid out.

Here is a Sample of the Rewards being Paid out:

To see a full list of rewards feel free to look into my wallet

but wait....the effort continues

This is an effort by a group of witnesses and the second intiative just launched by @nsfwizard you can partake in it here

Thank you for your past and future participation!!!

✅ Every Vote Counts!

If you appreciate this intiative - Please take a minute to jump over to the Block Producer / Witness page and consider casting your votes. Simply click on the (^) up arrow next to our usernames "krazywitness" , "beyondbitcoincas" , "nsfwizard" , and "jepu" and supply your private account or active key to lock in your vote.

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A post like this... that also links to the next newest post... to keep the chain linked is always my favorite thing to find when reading a post.

Thanks for letting us know the results + the new opportunity!

I won't miss this again

Thanks, this is memorial, this is my first liquid WLS received. Appreciate much.

I just saw the Transfer @krazywitness Thank you very much ~ It made me SMILE 😀😀😀👏

Just joined few days ago, couldn't participate, waiting for more opportunities

Many big thanks @krazywitness, really appreciate and was happy promoting the platform...kudos!!!

Thx krazykrista.. We rep whaleshares 🐋

Thanks. The energy, commitment, and creativity is amazing here in my first few days.

I've voted for Krazywitness as a witness. Thanks for the info on the nsfwizard imitative.

Oh I missed this,hope to join next time

thanks @krazywitness to you because you help us grow in this beautiful platform

You are a good witness here, it's hard to find a responsible witness. happy to choose you and now I will choose you. Thanks

Thank you for hosting such giveaways. I hope to participate in future events.

I am also planning to start a few interesting things on Whaleshare.

I love reading books and stories so I want to host contests for writers, poets and storytellers.

Right now my laptop is under repair, I blew up the power IC's and I might get it back by the end of this month.

All the best to you and to this amazing new platform. 😊

Wow, I actually miss this. But I have participate in the next one. Thanks @krazywitness

Thank you so much @krazywitness ! I got it and I have quickly powered up... but still far from able to make any difference haha.

I am looking forward for the first payout in 5 days time for my first introduction post so that I can at least make some impact when I share... I hope. haha.