📅 Whaleshares Newsletter #3 (September 16,2018)

5 months ago

Whaleshares Newsletter

whaleshares.io mainnet is live

whaleshares.io is a Blockchain-Based Social Sharing Platform. The intial sharedrop claim period has come to an end. The free account creation is now available, this require manual approval and is not automatic. There is a second option to create automatically buy paying a 200 whaleshare fee for to be automatically approved.

Excerpt from the official announcement:

Over the next 7-10 days days we will be updating the sharedrop claim process while refunds are being distributed. Once completed, the next claim period will open up. If you missed the initial claim period, keep an eye out for details in the next sharedrop announcement.

View the most recent official announcement from the @whaleshares account for more information.

Whalepaper - 1st edition

Live Events

Every week in the Whaleshares Official Discord Server live events are held, I have listed the time and a description for each event below.

Promote your Post LIVE

📅 Sundays at 7PM EST
Hosted by: @freedomexists and @kotturinn

This show is a perfect way to network, share your post with the audience and support others by listening to them present their posts.

The Christian Curation Show

📅 Tuesdays at 3PM EST
Hosted by: @seyiodus with co-host @stevenmosoes

Join seyiodus and stevenmosoes as they gather with other christians to promote Christian based posts. As a Christian we know the word of God is our manual for life. So we come together under the umbrella of Flaming Helpers Curation Show to fellowship with our posts while learning from each other.


📅 Tuesdays at 7PM EST
Hosted by:@powerpics and @krazykrista

Join powerpics and krazykrista every week for an hour long disscussion to hear whaleshares.io news and ask questions about the platform.


The Whaleshares Blue Report Show

📅 Thursdays at 7PM EST currently on hold
Hosted by: @freedomexists

The Whaleshares Blue Report will be a multi-layered show with lots of important, engaging and entertaining segments built in. Different Guests will join @freedomexists every week.


Fridays at 7PM EST
Hosted by: @chuckyfucky

Veni y promocionate! Hacete conocer ante la comunidad y comentanos quien sos!


Join Whaleshares Official Discord:

For important updates and live events

✅ Every Vote Counts!

Please take a minute to jump over to the Block Producer / Witness page and cast your votes. Simply click on the (^) up arrow next to my username "krazywitness" and supply your private account or active key to lock in your vote.

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Summary posts and newsletters like this.... are my favorite.

It gives you the sense you haven't missed anything as the reader, when it's all compiled in one big post.

Glad to see this newsletter!

When is trading token of wls is getting launched

Weekdays are usually tough to try and join any kind of livechat but I'm going to mark Whalesharestalk on my calendar. :)

Alright starting to get the hand of this I think lol still some issues I am running into in which I am confused about such as post payout time frame and how to get more shares. But amazing work so far!


Post payout is moved to 14 days I believe...I cannot answer the latter lol

Super Krissy! Kudos on the updates and all what u guys doin, Much Luv!

So much to learn and this post points the way. ty

OH!! I'm excited about the Tuesday night show!! I love to learn and figure things out!! That will be a great one for me!!! I will try to jump on this week if I can!!

i missed yesterday live chat, will try not to miss the next one

@krazywitness thx for the information, its great to ee the ws radioprogramma's are growing, greetings

Yesterday's hangout was FUN. Gonna try to catch the Blue Report tomorrow. I'll have to add that to my sticky note. LOL