Challenge: Promote on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - We Need Your Help! (Earn Liquid WLS)

4 months ago


🐋 Promoting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - We Need Your Help!

A marketing effort is underway and we need your help! In an effort to onboard new members and introduce people to, we have decided to launch an initiative rewarding people in liquid wls for their participation in our social media marketing. If the initiative is successful we may continue to run it, or something like it for a couple weeks. Rules and Rewards may change depending on the participation and at the discretion of those who are sponsoring this initiative.

📍 Instructions to Participate

Step 1: promote and/or it's bitcoin talk thread:
on one of the following social media sites: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
Step 2: Use the following hashtags: #whaleshares #blockchain
#bitcointalk #bitshares #wls

Step 3: Add one of the following images as part of your promotion:




Step 5: Post a screenshot of your promotional efforts in the comments of this thread.

📃The Rules

Rule 1: Must promote and/or this bitcointalk thread to be eligible for rewards.
Rule 2: Only promotion on FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter will be considered as fulfilling the requirements.
Rule 3: Must use one of the provided images in your promotion effort.
Rule 4: Must provide proof via Screenshot in the comments of this post before midnight EST October 18,2018.
Rule 5: Accounts Spamming this post will not receive WLS

Notice: Rights reserved to add or modify rules

🌟 Rewards

The first 50 people who participate following ALL Rules will receive 2 Liquid WLS.
One entry per individual/whaleshares account!
Rewards will be paid out October 19, 2018.

Thank you in advance for your Participation!

This is a combined effort of @chuckyfucky, @nsfwizard, @jepu and myself. I would like to thank them for their input and helping to fund this initiative!

✅ Every Vote Counts!

If you appreciate this intiative - Please take a minute to jump over to the Block Producer / Witness page and consider casting your votes. Simply click on the (^) up arrow next to our usernames "krazywitness" , "beyondbitcoincas" , "nsfwizard" , and "jepu" and supply your private account or active key to lock in your vote.

Authors get paid when people like you share their post.
If you enjoyed what you read here, create your account today and start earning FREE WLS!
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Sorry, i don't have Instagram , only Twitter / Facebook below :)

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 21.27.22.png

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 21.26.16.png

We've had an ongoing campaign using memes and sharing out community posts through the lexi accounts but I'll start posting links here so you can see what we're doing.


Sorry, no screenshots. I've got too many tabs open to play with crop and save from the desktop.

Lexi Twitter -
Lexi FB PAGE -
Lexi FB profile -
my FB profile -
I've also added some automation for evergreen WLS posts to the TW & FB feeds as well.


Ok do you want rewards sent to witness or personal Meredith?


definitely lexi. it's all for lexi -- and whaleshares LOL


I know I'm trying to add to not take away from your efforts ❤




NP I would had been more involved if my internet didn't take so long to hook back up. But I am connected again so that is nice. So I will do what I can to help promote


greatly appreciated, good to see you here!



FireShot Capture 4 - Fidel Verrutia - https___vk.com_zabino.png

FireShot Capture 6 - Tumblr - https___www.tumblr.com_blog_fidelverrutia.png

FireShot Capture 7 - Google+ -

FireShot Capture 8 - (8) LinkedIn_ - https___www.linkedin.com_feed_.png

FireShot Capture 9 - Pinterest - https___www.pinterest.com_pin_698550592178605592#.png



hello krista, here's a quick tweet as a support,


Here is my Twitter promotion :)

Here is my contribution! We have to work together so everyone get to know about Whaleshares!
bts: j-segovia

here is my promo post

My promotion on facebook


Here is my entry on twitter


FireShot Capture 5 - Money Guide (@GuideMoney) I Twitter - https___twitter.com_GuideMoney_lang=es.png



Just made a tweet:

Well, here goes. My first contest!

Thanks for putting this on.

Screenshot_2018-10-11 Eroded Thoughts on Twitter Come join the party and be part of the family https t co hyTuhBlUVV #whale[...].png

Screenshot_2018-10-18-01-48-49.png Great idea to bring more people to whaleshares ,i just get to know this promotion rally is on going hope my entry is valid.


thanks 😀

A Quick one 😉 on the challenge - lets get that whaleshares word all over the world.

More of our campaign for whaleshares on Twitter

Check out these search results:

You can send the reward to @project-atlas and thanks.

Everyone i Believe we can do this lets get it everywhere.

It may be late for the challenge but it's fun and for a great cause.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 9.13.28 PM.png

I have actually taken a step back from main stream media for most of my personal life now, but I do have a twitter account that showcase my (used to be) side hustle which I will talk more about it in the future in this account, so I am going to use that hobbyist cum (future) business direction account to promote whaleshares instead.

ps: in Steemit I have that account too CraftsofLuv which I lost its master key for a year and then found it back. So if you realise in its posts it will have my current id littlenewthings stated.

So that you won't get confused, @krazywitness

all images made by me will have craftsofluv logo as watermark

(I hope I am not too late @krazykrista haha)

Just doing my part to help out. Great challenge, Krista!


MOREEEEEEE than HAPPY to get involved in spreading the word FAR & WIDE @krazykrista! What you and @alexpmorris have created is WELL WORTHY of as much exposure as possible!!! It truly is an awesome SPACE and place!!!

Here are my contributions... and I will be sure to re-share them every couple of days ;)

Here's my own bit of helping to promote this amazing platform 😆





I only use facebook and i did my best

hello krazy my contribution, I did it in Spanish and English so that it reaches more people, than good initiative la chucky, jepu, nsf and you. regards

Just found out about this... Done! My bitshares account is mb666

Here is my entry. <3


Here is my promotional effort - enter image description here




Here are my contributions.






ok, i´ll do this. Thank you for the information.

LOVE IT, spreading the whaleshares joy across the social land:)


I would but all crypto mentions at least in facebook and instagram get shadowsbanned and they do hurt your algorithm after doing it for quite a few months... I learned the hard way and I keep the offchains a bit apart, using the discord backdoor to merge audiences.


Yup. I totally get that. Hopefully that will change as crypto becomes more mainstream but this is 100% understandable.


I think they will have too, also there will have to be as decentralized as it, a compromise of transparency. Right now I am still recovering from a damaged algorithm cos i would candidly enthusiastically link to my own blogs on crypto places, and believe me it was a nasty cut of 90 percent of reach. I startedto realize they were invisible and felt the blow. I heard twitter allows, will check, fb and ig definitely censor it


FB owns IG so it makes sense if one shadowbans then the other would too. Do you mind if I ask what tracking tools you're using?


They do, although you can feel free to find a post or a few to engage with if you would like. Comments and liking wont hurt your algorithms and still add engagement, which is most important.


Are you sure? It is taking me minths to "heal the reach" back to normal. Not that I like it :(


Yeah. Im active on all these platforms as I have managed multiple crypto projects social media accounts. They all censor in their own way, for different reasons but Twitter is definitely ok for crypto related posts. Facebook had that crackdown a few months back, then reversed it.


The thing is that I rely very much still on my off-chain network and promoting Crypto (quite candidly I joined groups and voiced at the beginning) resulted in a temporary apparent shadowban and a cut in my reach that I've struggled to revert. So I'm using my own yidneth server discord to shout out and try to invite people instead of actually advertising the sites which is sad because I invest love, care and good content in these platforms I believe... Good it's that it lists well on search engines so people find their way. I need to seek out to twitter but I'm definitely not "linking" in fb or ig, believe me it was a nasty blow after a lot of effort and time, don't think I'ts even fair, most of my content was just candid music content (and mine) or recommeding others... :/ my apologies if I'm a bit paranoid about the issue, if asked I have no problem to say, It's not something "hidden" or "wrong" but their pages their rules. I'm working now a lot to have the reach healed back just right before. I sometimes wonder even if they "tag" us. sigh...


I think FB still has some major restrictions especially with advertising but they have an application process - probably to lessen the shilly, make-a-quick-buck crypto schemes that are cropping up all over the place. I haven't noticed a big hit to my personal accounts and I'm often sharing crypto-type content. ~ @merej99


I do know some fb groups were also permanently terminated. Its terrible out there


they even limit the reach of youtube posts now that they see they're competitors in order to promotethe use of their own video upload tool... so yes, I'd not use fb for that.


Yep, I agree and I hate to see whats going on all over but luckily we have places like this where we dont have to worry about it.

Excellent way @krazywitness, keep up the great work,here is my support for the whaleshares community, my tweet



Thank you for the kind words and glad you are promoting but this doesn't fulfill the contest requirements and therefore is not eligible for wls rewards.




Hi buddy, how are you? Hope your doing good, take care...


All good...yes you are correct, I’ll find the time and do it properly. My apology...thank you

Damn, I don't have any Facebook, Instagram and Twitter...

Hi KK! I wanted to make sure that we shared this on lexi too. Looks like a great pool of participants sharing out the WLS love. Awesomesauce! :) ~ @merej99

may i suggest that we use a referral scheme to promote the platform, this would help grow it rapidly


And spam up every where.
Something like that has be suggested but got dropped cause we know humans have ways of doing more harm than Good.


You can suggest anything you want to....but I won't be doing that...

Awesome idea marketing is very important. Youtube is the second largest social network in the world. So probably a good idea to include them as well.

Another good initiative. Waiting for the extraordinary result.