Update On My RPC Nodes

last month

As some might know I've been running RPC nodes for free without rate limiting. This is going to cost quite a bit per month. I might manage to pay for it with my earnings from witnessing, posting, and working with the Whaleshares team, but to keep the availability I have to think about costs.

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Free Access

What I'm looking at is a rate limited free RPC endpoint that can handle 2 requests per second per IP. Normal users, or small developers can get away with this. For most this will still work, that's why I'm keeping this part free.

Paid Access

Those who wish to have no rate limits, and excellent service can pay $5 per month. This will give a specialized URL which they can connect to.


With bandwidth, storage, and the cost of servers, this is going to be costly to give such a service. Being able to give a free RPC node with rate limiting takes a lot. To relieve some of the costs charging $5 per month seems like a good idea.

Well I can host my own 😡

While this is true, and at first it may be cost effective, eventually servers will have to be upgraded, maintenance will have to be done, etc, which may cost more in the long run. Paying $5 per month is a great option for small and large dapps and services.

My Infrastructure

I have 3 full nodes running to be used as RPC nodes. The public endpoints will be:

  • wss://wls.kennybll.com
  • https://wls.kennybll.com
    I also have them load balanced, so if one goes down it goes to the next. And back and forth.

As more people buy access I will be able to provide more servers, and a much better service for them. There are two servers in New York, and one in France.

Disclaimer: At any such time the cost becomes too much, I have to right to raise the price of access. If this happens, there will be a week notice.

This will go in effect in two days. If I get a lot of negative feedback, I may reverse the decision.

How To Get My Specialized RPC Endpoint

You can go to here which uses Coinbase. There you can enter your liaison's discord username and number, for example kennybll#3044. I will then create your endpoint and send it to you in a direct message.

The endpoints will look like https://wls.kennybll.com/d6a3c40f-0d6a-47c1-9af1-80870f02b074. Do not give these away lightly. If you give yours away, you may loose performance on your endpoint.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any concerns, or opinions.

Thanks for all the support, @kennybll

Donations could be given here. Like what I'm doing? Consider voting for my witness: @kennybll-witness.

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This is a really great idea! A true "Freemium" hosting model:

  • free for "Light users"
  • Premium / paid-for for "Power Users"

Nonetheless, would it be an idea to vary your pricing depending on the intensity of usage? $5.- per month might be too much for a service demanding 3 requests per second (over 2) while not enough to cover costs when a service on average consumes 50 requests per second ;-)

Yeah buddy! 5 Bucks is not too bad, and honestly your free service is fine for most things that I can think of. Thanks for keeping up with the awesome service you provide :)

I agree with this model, and I fully believe that Steemit, Inc should have employed something similar to this as well.

keeping the nodes running is a great initiative and awesome work, it keeps the community going smoothly , we appreciate you


Thanks, I love this community, and want to help it as long as possible.