Promote on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - We Need Your Help! (Earn Liquid WLS)

3 months ago


EDIT 10/30/2018 (11:40) GMT+ 8 : Please include your bts address so I can send you some Midas tokens as well!


🐋 Promoting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - We Need Your Help!

A marketing effort is underway and we need your help! In an effort to onboard new members and introduce people to, we have decided to launch an initiative rewarding people in liquid wls for their participation in our social media marketing. If the initiative is successful we may continue to run it, or something like it for a couple weeks. Rules and Rewards may change depending on the participation and at the discretion of those who are sponsoring this initiative.

📍 Instructions to Participate

Step 1: promote and/or it's bitcoin talk thread:
on one of the following social media sites: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
Step 2: Use the following hashtags: #whaleshares #blockchain
#bitcointalk #bitshares #wls

Step 3: Add one of the following images as part of your promotion:




Step 5: Post a screenshot of your promotional efforts in the comments of this thread.

📃The Rules

Rule 1: Must promote and/or this bitcointalk thread to be eligible for rewards.
Rule 2: Only promotion on FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter will be considered as fulfilling the requirements.
Rule 3: Must use one of the provided images in your promotion effort.
Rule 4: Must provide proof via Screenshot in the comments of this post before midnight GMT + 8 October 30,2018.
Rule 5: Accounts Spamming this post will not receive WLS

Notice: Rights reserved to add or modify rules

🌟 Rewards

The first 50 people who participate following ALL Rules will receive 2 Liquid WLS.
One entry per individual/whaleshares account!
Rewards will be paid out October 31, 2018.

Thank you in advance for your Participation!

This is a combined effort of @chuckyfucky, @nsfwizard, @krazywitness and myself. I would like to thank them for their input and helping to fund this initiative!

If you appreciate this initiative, please head over to the Witness/Block Producer page and click on the (^) right next to our names "jepu" , "krazywitness" , "beyondbitcoincas" and "nsfwizard".

As always thanks for reading and see you in the next one,


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Bts: j3cesar


My bts address: mfestra1


my support po




fb, twitter, instagram ❤️


good day po sir @jepu , have you sent tokens already? sa bts ko po isip ko po baka wallet ko may prob kasi wala pa po yun ibang tokens na laman eh hehe. thanks po


wala ko pa po na send.. sorry medyo na busy ako :D


ok lang sir , chinek ko lang po baka kasi yung bitshares ko may prob hehe. maraming slamat po saka sa support sa blogs ,means a lot ❤️

Here is a proof of my promotion
I hope to do this monthly



My BTS address is: neopch84

Thank you :)

Bts ID: tingu23


My bts : crtbbs



BTS: of-food-and-art

My Entries



Bitshares id: jayboi16




Bts ID: fredkese01

My entry,
whaleshare promotion.png

My bitshares account is "vrbts"

My love for whaleshare


My bitshare I D: adeolade-95

Great initiative as always @jepu. You have done it again. =)


bitshares: jhayehidio1

By the way, I messaged you on discord sir :)

Whaleshares everywhere

Bts: avesh001

Eto sakin:


WLS Address: mermaid-vampire

These little promo blast are great!

Screenshot_2018-10-30 Eroded Thoughts ( eroded_thoughts) Twitter.png

bts: eroded-thoughts

My Bitshares account is: mosun-omotunde.

All witnesses mentioned above have been voted. Below is a screenshot of my facebook promotion;

WLS promo.png

Hello @jepu . I congratulate you for your success as a witness on here. I just came in here days ago and i found you today. I joined the offline whaleshares promo organised by @black-man and from his blog i discovered yours.
I'm determined to promote this platform through any available means. Whaleshares solves a lot of inherent problems that steemit and the like have. Loving it here

Here is my entry for the challenge.

Here is my vote for you as a witness and promoting witness voting. You a good force to the community.

BTS add: 👉 bob-man

Might be a bit late but here you go!

My post on Twitter

bts: atom-collector

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 11.15.38.png

Earn $INDIE & AIRPLAY Listening To Music!

Join our Community on Discord!

(Image created by @anritco)

Please let me know if you do another one of these so I can promote it to our community. Thanks!

Awe loos like I missed it! Oh well I think I am still going to do this with all my groups!

At some point today! Right now #thebeast has me held down to attempting to comment as much as possible!! Thanks for this anyways at least I have a couple whaleshares pictures now!!

Hi @jepu..
Here's my promotion, not sure if this counts.

My btsid is: shoganaii00

I did promote in all Filipino that I know... (^_^)

Magandang araw kabayan! Eto po ang mga post promotion ko.
Ang bts address ko ay coolarth25

Sana maupshare mo po ang aking dalawang post. Salamat po kabayan!

I did promote by chatting them and explain it step by step...

Thank you @jepu for the reward - nice surprise to see in my wallet this morning

I have chosen @jepu as a witness,
hopefully it can benefit us all, because that is the hope of all of us, hopefully it's always good. Good luck for Jepu, hopefully in the future it will be the best for all of us

Thank you for the whaletoken. I have also been promoting whaleshares since i came in here. It will be a happy time to see you on my blog.


this is the comic I did that I posted in fb, insta and deviant art:

my bts is: turtledance24

but I would prefer more if you would just support our contest instead:


OMG, last month pa pala to! LOL, but I better just leave this here