29 days ago

I've been meaning to write this post for a while now but have pushed it back several times due to a few reasons. I'm sure by now some have you noticed that I have been MIA for a while now and I wanted to update you guys on what has/have been taking up my time for the past few months.

For those who don't know I don't do Whaleshares full time and have a day job as a software developer. I'd love to do Whaleshares full time but given how the market is right now I simply don't see that being possible, but I still do hope. Having a day job basically means I work from 9am to 6pm everyday 5 days a week. but, I don't have just 1 job I also do some freelancing work both crypto-related and non crypto-related. Why do I have 2 jobs? Well basically cause 1 job doesn't pay enough to support the expenses I have (it's too personal at the moment for me to share this). So for the past few months I've been grinding my ass off trying to juggle 2 jobs which get more and more hectic as the year ends (lots of holidays and I go home to my hometown) and whaleshares (midas distribution, account approval, etc) at the same time and well I had to give up a few things.

Posting, I was never the frequent post-type-of-guy because I'm usually a shy guy so this was the obvious choice to give up first.

Next was discord, most of you might have noticed that I haven't been on discord lately and haven't joined the events. Well, that's true and false at the same time. I'm usually on discord but just been invisible to reduce the amount of dm's i'm getting, and for the events I never got to join them in the first place since events usually start way too early for me. This was a bit harder to give up for a while since I was usually active on discord a lot but sacrifices had to be made.

Will it be like this from now on?

Yes, but until this year ends only!! My freelance project and irl project will end with the year and hopefully, I'll be more active on both discord and on here because I honestly miss you guys!!

Thanks for reading and see you next time :)

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We do miss you too and thanks to the never ending support to projects and community currently running on whaleshares 😁, we surely appreciate all you have been doing be it directly or indirectly and also the support you been showing to @whalegaming community we appreciate your support a lot

All the best people are a little bit shy!

always be received with love here and in discord. Next year will be better for everyone, the crypto will be as we wish!

Jeppersss.....I was missing you the last couple of weeks, but ej life calls and especially in Bear days...gotta keep those balls rolling!

Regardless, you know I love ya! X your favorite dutchy :)

Woo!!!! Thanks for your contributions!

Hi @jepu greetings, I am a new user at whaleshares, please help and support.

I wish you well in what you do sir. Go for it sir @jepu.

It will be nice to have you back😊

I don't think we've met @jepu but you appear to have your head screwed on right. It sounds like you're making some important decisions to reduce the amount of noise that you have to process on the daily, nothing wrong with that at all.

Looking forward to hearing from you more after the years end.

Welcome back
I pray your plans come through

glad to have you back here. Welcome

Welcome back buddy! Missed your presence so much, everything will be back to the normal 😃

wow,you are a really hard worker.Maintaining three jobs at a time is really tough and panic.i Hope u will get a good reward for your this hard [email protected] recently i join whaleshares, So i am happy to watch that people are writing a quality post in this platform. kindly take a look into my .Introduction post .it will really an encouraging step for me. Thank you

Sounds perfectly fit for a life am working on: I have all my freedom right now after dropping a full time accounting task to give a hand in full time blogging and learning(software developer).

Welcome back.

Dude I miss ya! Hope to chat soon and get updates on everything so far. Have an awesome end of the year, and a perfect start of the next one. Always keep your mind clear, and your confidence above any doubt, 'cause you're a beast! Take care, always wish you the best. Thanks for being a great person.

Hope you balance everything Jepu, is weird not seeing you in Discord chat and events, you can do this!

Thanks for the update. It is very much appreciated that you took the time to fill everyone in on your whereabouts for past few months. This means you value the community and the followers you have.

WARM REGARDS, and all the support from here as always @jepu.

We know you are still a cornerstone to this community. It was last week you popped in discord and offered 1,000 tokens for the Christmas Raffle.

Your projects are running smoothly as well, sorry you felt the need to make this post to fend off the wolves. The wolves will always circle around looking for wounded meat, you have nothing to worry about unless you have bacon in your pocket.

And thank you for the Raffle Donation as well as the donated Whaletokens.

Nice to have you back @jepu and thank you so much for the support

today I am very excited and very happy because I have found one of the platforms that can drive my economy that is so big. I used to work half the time in the sea looking for fish and collecting and selling it to the market. my day is full of sweat to fill my life everyday. I also have the idea of creating one of the innovations and creatives to make coins as a payment for shopping for goods in my own area. I come from Aceh precisely in Southeast Asia. I need to know about coins. and now I have found a place where I can learn various technologies and innovations about coins. thank you for whaleshares and whaleshares friends in the world.

I also have two jobs, one independent and the other if I depend on a boss. I know how hard it is sometimes and the sacrifices it involves. I thank you for what you do and the support you are giving to the community and especially to the not-so-active and new ones. Reading your post helped me a lot to think about continuing and not giving up in spite of how difficult it may seem. In 2019 new things and a promising future await us. Greetings!