Platforms Like Whaleshares Have the Potential to be the New Fourth Estate

last month

Journalism has traditionally been considered the ‘fourth estate’, in that it is often cynically viewed as the fourth branch of government after the exectutive, legislature and judiciary. It has been argued that journalism is an integral part of a healthy functioning democracy and that journalists are crusaders of truth and justice who expose wrongdoing. Classic liberal theory, as emphasised by Siebert et al, stipulates that the objective of the media is to uncover the truth and help with social, political and other societal issues by animating all the known evidence. In this context the media is supposed to be a safeguard for the masses, it should be a pioneer of free expression, resisting oppression and exposing corruption - particularly political corruption. However, this view is simplistic and does not give us the whole story by any means. After all we live in the age of fake news.

We all know how cynical the news media can be. We know how they can manipulate facts and engineer fiction. We know they have an agenda and that agenda is quite often not a healthy one. However, thankfully someone decided to gives us the internet, then social media came along and then we were given something even better - a unique and uniting, empowering and truth advancing platform called Whaleshares. This is no overestimation. I believe that Whaleshares has the capability to navigate around and circumvent all of the lies and disinformation we are offered in the mainstream news media. I would place more emphasis on Steemit at this point, but unfortunately after their latest hard fork it now means a post can be edited and amended permanently, posts don't lock you out anymore and that is a big dent to veracity. Sadly Steemit is now less reliable when it comes to evidence.

There are economic and political forces which influence the power of the media and morality is often a last consideration when it comes to journalistic practices. Platforms like Whaleshares and Steemit does not have these considerations to worry about. Whaleshares has the ability to be a platform that deals if not entirely then virtually entirely in truths and only truths. In fact add in the reward system that Whaleshares provides us with and we are given the ultimate incentive to ensure our content is original and honest. Now which news outlet can you point to that truly incentivises honest content? Not many that's for sure.

The news media is a very powerful and versatile carrier of information, that is capable of manipulation. It therefore should always be treated with both curiosity and caution. On Whaleshares we can all be journalists if we want. So let's make sure our journalistic integrity is mightier than any that has been before. Together we can really show the world how reporting and delivering information does not need to be contaminated by commercial and proprietor interests, and pre-disposed to unhealthy motives.

Let's make Whaleshares the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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I would like to think this could be possible; I guess time will tell if these platforms develop the same oligarchic censorship that existed in pre-modern feudal systems.


Hey @intrepidphotos, yes we will surely see what direction this new platform of ours will proceed in, what is great about the journey though is that we can all help to shape its destination and we can all influence the creature that Whaleshares will turn into. As far as I'm concerned, in terms of structure, there are features already built into the system that stop the concentration of power being held by too few, which is a very good thing.


Indeed. I will be watching as an interested participant !

I have a feeling that whaleshares is going to become a much better platform than facebook, or twitter, where every time it is misinformed and manipulated, that is my humble opinion. Very successful lines you write, the new litter of journalists who are training in universities have to visit this page and be here, because whaleshares can definitely turn you into a true lover of journalism and lover of good reading. Right now in Venezuela there are a lot of social communicators but the newspapers have disappeared because they do not receive from the state the dollars to be able to support themselves, I think they should realize what is happening with this platform that is very useful to be informed.


Hey @cesar-18, I speak to a lot of people from Venezuela on Whaleshares and Discord who all tell me bad things that are occurring in general in your country, ranging from the state of the economy, government corruption and the suppression of freedom of speech. I know you have an extreme socialist order in your country and I hope that you along with your fellow countrymen and women can change the system. I know it's not easy but keep believing better days are to come and hopefully you'll get there.

Indeed, in time, platforms such as Whales/Trybe etc. may well emerge as reliable places to look for 'news' items that strive first and foremost to inform, Bias, of course, will be ever-present. I would also recommend 'The Correspondent' for a more formalized approach to ethical/grounded/knowledgeable reporting. My guess, this site is the goal you see platforms like Whaleshares aspiring to.


Thanks for your reply @cryptosdecrypted, I will be sure to check that website out, it looks fascinating, I haven't come across that one before and any website or news outlet that makes a genuine effort to report facts only gets a thumbs up from me.

Very important topic and I'm thrilled to see you starting a discussion surrounding this. A+ trending value.!/@calumam-voice/20181205t231002146z-comment-response-to-freedomexists



Hey @calumam, I'm delighted to see you putting your suggestion into action and providing voice comments, I hope others do the same. In response to your comment I would absolutely agree that the permanent record that the blockchain offers is one of its greatest qualities, therefore this should help to focus peoples' minds when considering emotion over rationality. Great comment, much appreciated.


It's a lot of fun. Much easier to express this way rather than text, at least in my opinion. I'm hoping to get more people involved but we'll see how it goes.

I just knocked up a post about it here for anyone who might be interested.

Here Here freedom.
I have been fed contaminated news all me life.
last year I woke up... and dam.
It all must be revealed!


Well @jeffguitar better to realise late than never, I'm glad you've now seen the mainstream news media for what they are - agents of an agenda.

Whaleshares has alot of potential...excited to see where this goes...

I really have trouble to truly interest myself for the current media honestly. It feel so 'bought' all the news and with totally different agendas than the reason when I am checking it.

I really hope more of these sites as whaleshares and steemit are potential ones to get our 'real' info of...we just need to ditch the BS and then we will be good!

Greetings @freedomexists.

So very is imperative that the Fourth Estate report the news objectively however it is sadly lacking in that regard.

Your idea is a good one......what if it were organised rather like MET.....what do you think?

It would be lovely to have an objective outlet of news....the whole truth.....without an agenda....please.

All the best.


You are right sir. Whaleshares have a potential to be the New fourth estate. But we all have to work hard and write orginal contents.
Besides whales on this platform should help those who are working hard in writing orginal contents. There should be equality among all and there should be no discrimination on the basis of power (big and small ).
Hope whaleshares will became one of the best among all through out the World.

All media outlets are only as good as the people on the platform. This was the dream of the internet 20 years ago, And truth be told, blogs and online publishing has allowed everyone to have a say. Unfortunately, if you have ever read comments on many mainstream news articles. We know how quickly the conversation can decay. This was also the dream of Steemit. (And well it has not quite realized that dream. ). It takes more than a platform. It takes honest people with integrity calling out those who are wrong and holding them into account. Having done this first hand, let me say it can be hard. (You get downvote, voting wars.) So platforms are important, but they are only one part of the solution.

Odds are very high that platforms like whaleshares will be considered as reliable sources within the next years, not only because blockchain technology thrives more and more but also because people will increasingly embrace truly independent opinion that allows them to expand their perspectives beyond the same old stories. Mass media are becoming more busy to silence deviating viewpoints, while Facebook or Youtube censor content they see as "threads" to the Status quo. So no matter how we think about FUD in general, many actions taken by fearmongerers to increase FUD are actually leading to the opposite: silencing and outcasting people speaking Truths (and Truth speakers are becoming ever more online!) while not noticing that by doing so they contribute to the growth of platforms promoting decentralisation and non-censorship. At the same time those people still clinging too mass media outlets are also growing icreasingly wary because of precarious scandals or information getting leaked regarding data theft. From a higher perspective we can say that creating FUD is based on their own fear and panic, and when actions are based on fear and panic we tend to act more uncautiously and stop calculating potential pitfalls of our strategy. And that is what we are witnessing now.

At steemit if you edit a post isn’t the original version of that post still available for view on the blockchain? That’s the impression I was under...

As far as media goes, there is nothing better than being out and on the ground, at least where it is practical to do so. I don’t get too wrapped up in the things that are out of my sphere or influence but for those things I try to learn from people who’ve are closer to the news than I am, on different sides if I can. Then I can piece it together myself.


Yeah bud, the original version is still available on the blockchain. It is just the face value which is different. Which to be honest, isn't a totally bad thing, it has its pros and cons.

well truth that, the journalists are playing some major roles in government, they could manipulate any news into what they want it to be - i believe is the future, i am a fanatic and advocate of the platform - so help me Christ 😉

In my country Venezuela free journalism is prohibited, the corrupt government handles information

I don't think there is any way to go back from fake news. People these days jist trust anything that they find online.

And there's no way we can know what is truth and what is fake news.

I love this article @freedomexists - love the idea of the truth and the whole truth - and I'm loving blogging on this platform - try to put up a post a day

Follow the money. The major news corps are owned by groups that have VERY biased motives. The world seems to be sort of existing in this perversion of capitalism where it is an at all costs mentality and the media is playing right along.

really awesome post, I really like your post

Well, well. I see that the issue of media manipulation is not just in Venezuela, but in other countries. Well to work hard with Whaleshares and Steemit to give you timely information about what is happening in each country!
Greetings from Venezuela

Here is a place to work and have freedom. I have heard news that was contaminated throughout my life. last year I just found out ... and dam. We all have to do it and express it for us together

Everyone here is a pioneer and we have the power to educate well, and if this platform or something like this gets to be the mainstream media, then we will know that journalism has matured and has reached on good hands.