Where are the Daily Content Creators at?+ Akrid's Video Challenge on Whaleshares| Vlog #2

2 months ago

Daily Whalers_edited.jpg

Morning Guys :)

It's certainly very exciting to be on this platform and trying to pick up momentum as I go along. Today is my second day and I want to start it off by reaching out to daily content creators on the platform. Basically if you are, please leave a comment so I can have a look at your blogs and get engaging. I am very excited to get the ball rolling in here and hopefully you guys are as well.

On this my second vlog, it was actually inspired by Akrid, whom I met on the Whaleshares discord server this morning, thank you for being warm and engaging Akrid.

Also, special thanks to @krazykrista for helping me get on to this platform on a faster note, I'm pretty sure you have done so for many others, I just wanted to extend my vote of thanks ;)

Tune in for More on My Vlog,

Greetings from NRB.

Love, El.

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Awesome videos elsiekjay.
It's great to see people like you creating every day, ready and willing to step up to face a challenge!
Looking to see more from you in the future.

I used whale vote tokens to reward you for your efforts. Keep an eye out for chances to earn/win krazykoin or midas from Jepu and krazykrista.
You can see you powerful they can be ;-)


Thank you very much for the Support @akrid! Super Excited to see things unfold on this platform. Great Tips, I am all eyes ;)

Hey El. I remember a longtime ago (or so it now seems) telling you that this platform would be perfect for you and that you would find your place in a way that seemed impossible at the time...

Damn girl! Here you are! Doing it!!!

You were always a regular content creator, I still remember your first ever video which was basically a walk near your home...You have come a long way and I am absolutely thrilled to see how you have made a quantum leap. I know you may have had some doubts when I sent you the private message about the new Whaleshares platform I'm so happy that you just took action and went for it as you always do. You are gonna be a superstar here.

You have recognised that there are some mega proactive people here who are crazy-helpful like the KrazyLady @krazykrista who despite being krazy is beautiful inside and out, and the awesome dude @akrid who is not only super helpful and ever-busy but a really nice dude too. Get ready because you are gonna realise fast that there are a whole army of helpful people here who are ready to support you.

Daily creators are the lifeblood of any platform trying to grow and establish itself after all who is gonna wanna visit a blog that hasn't been updated in ages?

I have had some time away from the blockchain for personal reasons but am looking forward to the adventure immensely. I noticed you were here and just wanted to say just keep doing what you're doing you will make a lot of friends and make a lot of people very proud.

You have the right idea, try photography, keep on with the videos and keep on with the awesome posts...Try everything!

Keep wearing that smile as you travel this new journey it will bring a ray of sunshine to the days of those you meet along the way.



Oh WoW!

We Meet Agan SW! I still think you are the king of quality comments to date! I love that now you can challlenge me more to do the same. Thank you so much for the warm welcome, I am indeed very excited to be on this platform and I can't wait to see myself grow as I have done on Steem. Nothing comes easy really, it's all about putting in the work and being consistent about it.

I am looking forward to seeing you more regularly around here so we can move on together, it would be awesome to look back and reflect on the journey in an year or so.

Thank you for Stopping By :))))))


I am looking forward to the same my friend.

I suspect you are right about consistency being the key ingredient! So let's give it our very best shot...It will indeed be incredibly exciting to look back on these early days in the future.

Wishing you the very best for the future El 😃

This is for sure a great initiative! I don't know how you could manage time but this totally inspires me :)