Double your Whalestake Contest

last month


Following on @black-man's Double your stake I have decided to keep it going, of course it will not be as massive and nice but still something.

I just powered up 1600 WLS and you should always be powering up.

  1. Buy a minimum of 10 - 50 WLS max from Rudex or BTS Dex
  2. Send the WLS to your Whaleshares account and power up
  3. Comment with a link to your transaction on the DEX
  4. Mention 3 friends to join in your comment

I will check your account history to see if you have powered it up and I will reward your comment with how much you bought and powered up.

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Love this initiative too! good stuff happening on the platform!

I just put a buy order in for more WLS. Thanks for doing this!

I bought and powered up 50 wls for the contest and extra 15...

I couldn't get the link to the dex but you can check my wallet history...

Thanks for the extra push to buy more wls, I look forward to getting more with time

I've powered up 2,167.351WLS over the past 10 days (when I joined). I don't know if any of that counts. Unfortunately I'm out of cash but am converting steem as I earn it to build up my WHALESTAKE.

I can't seem to figure out how to get a public link to my rudex transactions. Oh well.

I don't have a lot of friends on Whaleshares yet, be here are a few to mention:
@mango-juice, @matkodurko, @slobberchops

Quick question, by the way. I'm trying to experiment with setting up a witness, but seems to not exist. Has it been moved?