One small step for Whaleshares, one giant leap for @bushkill - Witness Post

5 months ago

Who is bushkill-witness?

You may know me as @bushkill on Steemit and Discord, the "bee guy", or just recognize me as the guy with that crazy beard of bees. @bushkill-witness is my account specifically for my Whaleshares witness and all things Whaleshares related. My @bushkill account will be strictly beekeeping related. At least that is the plan.

I'm relatively new to Whaleshares compared to many here, but that does not mean I'm any less committed to it's success. My journey to this point has fully convinced me that the team and community behind this effort is top notch.

My Beliefs

Too many times I hear people complaining that things aren't fair and it is why they can't get ahead. I totally agree that life is NOT fair. But get over it, it is not fair for everyone (I understand not to the same degree). The choice is yours, you can spend your life playing the victim or you can look for new opportunities to succeed. Yes you will go through some unfair things in your life, but the opportunities for success far out weigh the unfairness if you work for it.

I don't want to turn this into a rant, but will say that Dr. Thomas J. Stanley states that 80 to 86% of millionaires are self made. Or you can listen to any of the Dave Ramsey "millionaires hours" where they call in and tell their stories and 99.9% are just regular hard working people.

I will just finish this with one of my favorite quotes from Thomas Edison, who was unsuccessful a 1000 times before successfully inventing the light bulb.

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. - Thomas Edison

So what does this have to do with being a witness?

Well my success was not accomplished single handedly, I have had many great people who gave me opportunities, advice, and acted as role models. I can never forget their unselfish giving and risk they took based on a belief in me and my willingness to work hard. This continues to drive me to want to help ambitious people with opportunities for advancement and success.

  1. I have been a Boy Scout leader for over a decade and have mentored multiple scouts to Eagle rank (and a Girl Scout for her Gold award).
  2. I have been district coordinator for Engineers Week for 8 years, where myself and 4 dedicated engineers visit every class in our district every year and promote engineer by doing challenge projects with them.
  3. Two years ago I became a professional mentor for Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH), which is a new type of school that brings together the best elements of high school, college and the professional world.
  4. Recently I started a weekly "lunch and learn" program in our organization for the Early Professional Hires (EPH), those with less than two years in our company, that where interested in learning about blockchain.

My desire is to expand this list to include helping people across the globe and I see Whaleshares as a great means to accomplish this. I think Steemit has done some of this, but it has suffered major abuse by parties seeking financial gain. One thing I always try to do, and recommend to my mentees as well, is surround myself with exceptional people. When you do that, you start acting like them and become a better person as well. Likewise if you surround yourself with troubled people, it won't be long until you are in trouble.

The Whaleshares community has impressed me from the first day here. Starting at the top is @officialfuzzy, I am continually amazed at his generosity and belief in people. He seems immune to being pulled into the mud and can always move the discussion forward in a positive way. He is the epitome of someone who has had unfair things done to him yet focuses on making positive things happen. My hat is off to him. The others in the Whaleshares community that I have gotten to know and am equally impressed by their generosity are @akrid, @krazykrista, @powerpics, @freedomexists, @alexpmorris, @anritco & @jepu. These are the people that I want to surround myself with (I'm sure there are others that I have not gotten to know yet) and will guide me to helping others.

At this point, with the Whaleshares platform still in it's infancy, having a complete plan is not feasible. However, I have created a WhaleToken to help share my stake within the community. I will back it with my initial dev team stake and continue to grow it with earnings from my witness node. The token is bHIVE and look for my first contest for a logo to be posted soon. I have already had discussions with others about continuous support/sponsorships of weekly curations shows and contests. So keep an eye out for coming announcements. I will also do my best to follow the generosity and goals of the great people that are making this new platform become a reality.

My involvement with Whaleshares Community

When you first join steemit, it can be a bit overwhelming and I checked out a lot of different Discord channels, but it didn't take too long to realize that the Whaleshares Community was the place for me. All the other channels faded from me and I spend all my time in Whaleshares. Once I started getting to know things a little better I started to chime in and help out the new folks. Shortly after that @krazykrista asked me to be part of her welcoming committee which I immediately accepted.

After a couple of days struggling through helping people create bitshares account I knew there had to be a better way. There where many how-to posts, but the problem with how-to posts is that they time out and can't be updated when changes come along. So then this leads to new "revised" or "updated" versions that also time out eventually and it becomes a viscous cycle. Many outdated how-to's that cause people frustration figuring out which one to follow or worse yet getting wrong information while following one. So I went off and created that provided step by step screen capture instructions of the various processes need to use Whaleshare tokens.

                       artwork by @anritco
In the meantime, @akrid and @jepu where working on a "hub" site for all Whaleshares related information. When it was time to go live, I offered the domain to them in an effort to truly keep things consolidated and simplified for new users. So we teamed up and the screen capture instructions become a FAQ on the "hub" and the "hub" project became and hosted on one of my servers. Shortly after the announce of the new Whaleshares platform, we hooked up with @anritco to combine all our efforts into his vision of a "Whalebook" that will be a one-stop place for all Whaleshares information. I won't spoil @anritco's thunder by getting into the details, but I assure you that it will be a site you visit often. Now that the MainNet has been launched we can start to focus on Whalebook.

As part of the dev/launch team I have been involved in many activities behind the scenes as well as the Official Whaleshares Discord answering questions and helping people get prepared for launch. I have been coordinating witness updates through TestNet stages and have taken over maintaining a "Witness Guide" that will be released soon.

The hardware and commitment

I am a hardware development engineer for large mainframe computers. I spent 15 years as a RAS (Reliability, Availability, & Serviceability) engineer on the worlds most reliable computer platform. I know the importance of continuous availability and commit to giving my full support to the Whaleshares blockchain.

Although the platform will start off small, I believe it will take off like a rocket in growth once people experience the great opportunities it will bring. So I have chosen to run my witness node on a much larger hardware configuration than is currently required to allow for uninterrupted growth. I also commit to grow the configuration to always stay ahead of the blockchain growth and will be adding a back-up witness in the future.

I have named my server bowhead-whale1, after the Bowhead whales that are known to be among the longest-living mammals, living for over 200 years. It is currently a 4-core processor with 16GB RAM and 80 GB SSD.

First block generated

Accounts distinction

I have been heavily involved in promoting beekeeping on the internet since the early days. I own and run two well know beekeeping forums and host many beekeeping organization websites. My initial intent when coming to Steemit was to create a beekeeping knowledge base to recruit new members to Steemit from my large list of internet contacts. I started the "Beekeeping for Everyone" series as well as other beekeeping posts. The problem I ran into with getting new beekeepers to Steemit was that my blog was cluttered with non-beekeeping posts which made it confusing and not appealing. So my plan for Whaleshares is to keep the @bushkill account strictly limited to beekeeping and this @bushkill-witness for Whaleshares and other content.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read my witness thread and if you think I am worthy I would appreciate your vote. I can be reached in the Official Whaleshares Discord - bushkill#6791

How to vote

Please click on over to the Witness Voting and turn me Blue!

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You have my vote for witness.

Well, I am starting at the start and I am even more impressed with you as my witness choice.

I don't know where you find the time but I am glad that you do.


Ya, time is something I'm not good with. Have way too many irons in the fire right now. Something has to give, that is why I am starting to try and delegate some things. All kinds of ideas but not the time to implement.

Well, I'm here at this post because I learned from you that the "Whaleshares link" on my witness page sometimes leads to a specific witness post... And so I've been checking them out! Very cool.

Something I haven't yet figured out is what happens if I vote for an older post... And so I just tried that here, and it appears to be nothing.

I'm still reading, learning, and finding my way around this platform, and have much more to learn. But I like what I'm seeing thus far.

And it's nice to trip over another computer engineer. Ever hear of SCS? (Scientific Computer Systems) Back in the day, we built ECL air-cooled mini-CRAY clones that would directly execute the CRAY instruction set... Fun!

Nice to "meet" you here, and thanks for all the great tips and information.



P.S. Amendment: I see that, even though no reward accrues to your article, it is reflected in my list of "Shares." Very cool. ;)


Yup, once a post goes past 14 days it can no longer be rewarded, but can still be shared. Comments have the same 14 day lifespan, but are not tied to the dates of the original posts. Not familiar with SCS, may be a little before my time.


There's not a lot of information about SCS preserved on the web... or wasn't last time I looked. There seems to be considerably more now! Here's a fairly decent article.

On the other hand, I can't seem to spot an image of it.... wait...

Ah, here's a Computerworld magazine page containing an ad and an image.

At the time SCS closed its doors, I was working with a team on the architecture of their next generation machine... It had been a ton of fun, and seeing it end was quite disappointing.

And so, I am very curious: What large mainframe computers do you develop? :D

This is how a Witness proposal should be always! Talking straight to the point and always detail the mission that everyone has, I read this and feel really confortable for it, I vote for you because I have the same vision as you and only helping is the way that everyone can grow because being selfish will make the world burn and the millionaires can't make the trees grow up again with all their money don't they?

You have my vote, good vibes and bleesings always, my friend.

I sure voted for you mr bee

Great to see you here man... hahahahahah... can you imagine that comment.

You have my vote has a trusted member of the community. Let's keep the Whaleshares light shining brighter. I look forward to the Witness Guide as I want to be a witness on the hain. Thanks in advance, I followed you for more updated. God bless you and everyone on whaleshares.

bee guy hahaa. I will support you =D

Thank you Bushkill for all that you do and have done to help us get to this moment. I don't care what Krazy says, you're alright in my book. 😁 I'm happy you are part of the team.


Thanks man, awesome to be part of such a great team!

Woop Woop finally we are live haha just voted for u as one of our cool witnesses who likes to play with bees :P looking forward to a great journey on the new whaleshares with yall! Salute!

Just voted for you, very cool to have you as a witness

The server witness is still low on its memory and CPU load which is really great. I'll be happy to vote for you.. =)

Bushkill 4 witness haha, sorry can't upvote not enough whalestake hahaha

Excellent introduction post!

It's good to get to know you a bit better. Sometime, it'd be great to chat with you about how you accomplish all of those things. I have a tough time keeping up with my business and with my writing projects. I do have young children right now, so I'll use that as my reason why I don't appear to be as prolific in my accomplishments.

I'll be researching and finding out more about bHIVE. Thanks for welcoming me here!

It's very cool man, I will give you my support.

We are finally life and here. Big plans for whaleshare I see. More grace and strength... We are moving forward. Looking forward to a marvelous journey on this platform. It will be one hell of trip.



yes indeed, let's use the platform to make great things happen.

I am glad we are all in. You are my witness, lolx or let me say one of my witnesses. A whale journey to greatness.

The only sure fire way of becoming wealthy is being born into a rich family. Less than 1% of rich people were born poor.
Gerald Grosvenor, 6th Duke of Westminster 1951-2016


You can frame data anyway you want when you use vague undefined terms like rich/poor. If you take the world populations and set the economic low end as poor and the high end as rich I can assure you that you can make that 1% statement fit. After all, someone who is considered poor in a prosperous geography would still be considered "rich" compared to the poorest of the poor. So even if they become rich in their geography it doesn't count in your 1% because they where rich to start.

Roughly 80 percent of millionaires in America are the first generation of their family to be rich. They didn’t inherit their wealth; they earned it.
- Cato Institute

The sure fire way not to succeed is to convince yourself you can't!


Well the country I'm in sits at the very bottom of the OECD social mobility social ranking scale. It's not about convincing yourself it's more about not getting shot when you go over the wall. One primary school (we travelled I went to a lot of schools) I went to had a reunion when I was 28. Out of 35 boys in the year 32 were dead, the cleverest boy in the year was selling car batteries in the local bar to feed his habit and the girl I sat next to in class was a grandmother 3 times over - remember she was only 28. Things are really dark at the very bottom.


btw Not a big fan of the Cato Institute as they have a record of producing articles without any stats to back it up. No one the Forbes list was born in the bottom 10% of society. There are no CEOs in the Dow Jones that were born in the bottom 10%. This is easily verifiable. Here is a report on the myth of social mobility in the US and one on the decline of mobility since the 1980s

This is all due to the formation of oligarchies. Crypto is a new paradigm and it does provide people with opportunities to get out of poverty. There will be kickback by people at the top as they are replaced by a new system however a new oligarchy will form - one that we get the chance to be part of. This only happens every 5 or 6 generations. We are lucky that we are in the right place at the right time. It's that combination of luck and hard work that matters.

Incidentally you can see how quickly an oligarchy formed on Steem. It's already rather exclusionary and people at the bottom have just moved to WS instead.

Hard work on Steemit grants less rewards than hard work on WS.


I'm not a fan of statistics in general, most build their claims around their biased beliefs. Take a listen to some of the Dave Ramsey Millionaires Hours and hear right from the horses mouth.


Well yes, he was born into an extremely wealthy family so it is no shock that he ended up wealthy.


HUH? I'm not talking about Dave Ramsey, though he is a good example of someone so far in debt that he lost everything and through hard work built a multi-million dollar enterprise. Furthermore if you know his history, he is a self made man who started his first business at 12 years old because his parents wouldn't give him money for an ice cream. He is not where he is through hand outs from his heirs.

I was referring to listen to the callers that call in and explain how they became millionaires. Most came from humble backgrounds.


He was born extremely wealthy. When he was 12 his parents set him up in a business with business cards, a ride lawnmower and chauffeured him round to clients who were, obviously, very wealthy if they had lawns to cut. When he was 18 they bought him a real estate business that was already established.

With regard to callers of talk radio shows. The vast majority work for marketing services. I had friends who paid for college by being professional talk show callers. It's an entertainment show. It is not real. No different to reality TV shows.

Crypto, however IS real. You can treat all of it as a game changer. We are here mostly because of an accident of fate though. You have to remember that if you do get wealthy - that applies to me too.


OK, I know some of these folks personally, but you know better..... You have your agenda and I won't waste my time anymore. Enjoy!