Weekly Whaleshares Official / Whalecoin Photo Challenge

9 days ago


Post # 131

Congratulations to the winners :-)

1# Place Hetty-rowan
Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 6.14.05 PM.png

2# Place Keithboone
Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 6.14.19 PM.png

3# Place Beautifulbullies
Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 6.14.30 PM.png

Please DM me your bts username on Discord

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Hi Guys,

Original @Boyerobert here.

Introducing Contest #17 sponsored by #Whalecoin. This post will be a weekly photography challenge which is themed-based. As a photographer, I find sometimes it’s the direction, goal, an idea that the photographer has difficulty with. Once this obstacle is removed, the creative process flows. It was fun to see all the different shots of #BoardGames. The turn out was not abundant however the quality of shots were excellent. Quality over quantity,​ thanks everyone for participating.

Without any further delay, here is this week’s challenge. The theme is “Musical Instrument". I’d like to see participants submit photos of musical instruments. In my example above this is my wife's Yamaha piano, model U3. I opened the top to expose the inner workings of the piano and grabbed my fisheye lens and off-camera​ flash to try something new. The end result , shot came out pretty cool I think. This lens is very fun to play with, recommend​ it to anyone. The goal is to have fun, get out of your comfort zone and photograph and learn something new.


  • 1st Place - 125 Whalecoin
  • 2nd Place - 75 Whalecoin
  • 3rd Place - 50 Whalecoin


Photo line Bar.png

  • Individual post not required, optional*
  • Drop your photo in the main post below
  • Make sure to include your BTS username
  • Recommend / WLS this contest post at 100%
  • Recommend your fellow contestants, % at your discretion (Pay it forward)

If using a link to your post instead of simply dropping your photo below, the following must be used;

  • Specific tags “whalecoin photography contest life art”.
  • Specific post title “Weekly Whaleshares Official / Whalecoin Photo Challenge”.
  • Place link in my main post and include BTS username.
  • Recommend / WLS this contest post at 100%
  • Recommend your fellow contestants, % at your discretion (Pay it forward)

For those of you who have the pleasure of winning there is an added bonus. I have added a link below where you can use your whalecoin prizes to increase exposure and value of any post of your choosing. Click on the step by step procedure link to learn how. https://steemit.com/whaleshares/@jepu/a-guide-to-use-whaleshares-newbie-edition.

Photo line Bar.png

Post picture was taken with my #Nikon D850 10.5mm Fisheye

Lastly, have fun, share with friends, get creative,
and good luck!!


Best regards,



Good Luck!

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Thank you so much for the placing! :) Congratulations to the winners! Great shots.

Wow what an AWESOME SHOT!

... and again THANK YOU!

It was difficult this time. I knew immediately that I wanted to photograph a chess game, but the question was ... How am I going to do that? Then I saw the photos of @beautifulbullies, and thought ... "wow, this is going to be a tough one". I only saw the photos of @keithboone when I posted my blog as entry at the contest. And I was seriously glad that I had not seen it before.

I really had to step up my game and I've been trying hard for three days before I got this result. But on the third attempt I immediately had a very good feeling ... They say all good things in three, and that turns out to be true again this time. Very happy that my hard work on this photo was chosen by you as the winner. The pleasure to make something new, to use my creativity, the challenge to come up with a TOP PHOTO is of course the biggest part of such a contest. But if that then rewarded with a 1st place ... Then that feels great!

Of course also my congratiulations for @keithboone and @beautifulbullies, you both did an awesome job too!

Oh, and again ... an awesome theme for the next challenge. I hope to see amazing entries! And yes ... I hope to make the most amazing one myself 😎

Thanks so much, @boyerobert! Congratulations to the winners!

Love the 2# place photo, my favorite! First photo is also very nice. Congratulations to the winners!

Congratulations to all the winners. Lots of chess this week.

Congratulations to the winners - great photos.