Double your Whalestake Contest - ENDED

11 days ago

Another week is here... the contest for this week is simple. Follow the rules below to double your Whalestake


  1. Buy a minimum of 50 - 700 WLS max from Rudex or BTS Dex
  2. Send the WLS to your Whaleshares account and power up
  3. Comment with a link to your transaction on the DEX
  4. Mention 3 friends to join in your comment

Once you comment with the link of the transaction on the Dex, I will check your account history to see if you have powered it up and I will reward your comment with how much you bought and powered up.

Example if you got 700WLS and powered it up, I will reward your comment with upto 700 Whalestake, this means you get double how much you spent.

Investing in WLS and earning at the same time, how sweet is this :) For this round 1 entry per person

Contest ends on the November 12th, 2018 at 9:00am GMT.

Transactions that happened before this post will be rejected.

Every vote counts...

Consider voting for me as a witness from the witness page

This contest has ended... here is another one being run by @vit ... Kindly check that out and double your stake

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Many thanks - this is truly a great incentive - not only to invest but to share.


Part 3

Thank you for your patience and this fine incentive.



@bluejay your comment has been doubled up to the maximum of 700 WLS. Thanks

I am not passing up free money, neither should anyone else if they can.

Screenshot_2018-11-11 RuDEX - Block - 32148895 - 9.png

@trumpman @ruth-girl and @overkillcoin go convert that Steem.


Thanks @erodedthoughts ... I found a total of 705 WLS powered up so I am doubling up that for you on this comment.


Thank you and thank you for your help the other night as well. You really helped put my mind at ease and see things clearly.

Thanks for this opportunity, @blackman,

Just powered up 781 freshly purchased whalestake!

Here are the links:

and my wallet:

Gotta send recommendations to my team: @vachemorte, @juliakponsford and @juxta!


Great job @drumoperator , the limit is 700 Whalestake reward for this contest... I have rewarded this comment upto 700 WLS from 2 different accounts.


Thank you my dude! Incredibly generous!!

Hey @blackman,

thanks for this contest!

I just powered up 936.868 WLS :) I know your max is 700, but it just so happened that I had a plan to do it anyway.

Here are the links:

and my wallet




Well done @petrajordan ... I have given you the maximum reward of 700 whalestake for this comment. Remember to invite 3 or more friends to take part in this contest.


Oh of course - 3 friends! Thanks, @black-man! Tagging them right now @atomcollector, @darrenclaxton, @nickyharvey

and can I top it up with a few more just to spread the word even more? :) @djlethalskillz, @theturtleproject, @d-vine


:D - what a private message on whatsapp ain't enough for ya, my friend? ;) Double it down!

I've also been thinking of ways to encourage people to buy WLS. This is a great idea!

I'm recommending this to @papa-pepper @creatr and @jonathan

I've also just powered up 600 WLS to participate in this contest. Here are the screenshots:

Screenshot at 2018-11-07 12-43-01.png

and powering up:

Screenshot at 2018-11-07 12-44-25.png

Thanks for doing this! It will create a significant investment in our community. Well done.


Thanks @matthewdavid can you please comment with your transaction link on rudex...


Hi. I've been buying WLS a lot in little chunks, so I'm not sure if I am sending the right thing. If you look at my "filled orders" at you can see that I've had quite a few purchases of WLS. Is there a more specific transaction link that I should send? I bought that 600 WLS spread out over many transactions.


Thank you .. I have rewarded your comments with the bonus...


I really appreciate that! This is a great initiative on your part. Excellent that you are encouraging investment in Whaleshares in this way 😄

Guys, check this out. I have no idea who @Black-man is yet, but this guy is having an awesome opportunity for all of us.

I've bought and powered up 455 WLS (block says 450)

And link to my wallet:

@erodedthoughts, @r00s, @jason-russell, @lackofcolor, @waybeyondpadthai, @derangedvisions, @eveuncovered. Who else am I missing?


Hahaha this is awesome. Thanks for letting me know Ruben! Let me think and maybe @alphawhale @elsiekjay @yomikibagami @chiama1 @chefsteve @offoodandart could give it a thought also :D


lol, I have no clue how to even do anything on that Rudex site. This part of the website is SO confusing and daunting to me.


Nice one @beherenow... this comment has been rewarded with 455 whalestake


You are the nice one. Hopefully, more people will buy WLS and the price pumps to get even more attraction and attention towards the platform. Thanks a lot!

Hello @black-man
Thank you very much for this great contest
I'm new and I had no idea how to do it
I still did not have an account in bitshares,
someone very kind guided me in the process
and here it is:

I bought and did power up 442 WLS

Thanks !!!!!

I invite to participate:

You the man @black-man!


The deposit from Rudex is taking ages. I just wanted to make sure I got in before the deadline!!

Thanks again man. 😎


Alright.. kindly comment again when you power it up for your reward. Thanks


That is powered up now! Thanks a million for this man. Such a nice thing to do! 😉

Thank you @blackman,

Please see the screenshots below for a total of 371.00 WLS

Cannot thank you enough for the prompt, have been meaning to do this.



Much appreciated.

Great idea for a contest, it convinced me to buy some WLS on Rudex and send them over!

I just powered up my first 250 WLS (I am so excited I can hardly contain myself 😬 )

Here are the links:

and my wallet

Looking forward to seeing this amount being doubled!

I am so new here that I don't have that many friends here yet but let me list the people who have upshared my first article: @petra-jordan @herman and @nnarvaez

Thank you for getting me excited about this community!


Great work @kounter-fit , I have rewarded your comment with the double.

Hi @blackman, i did a little purchase 128.825wls through my account at and powered up same.
I invite @pangoli @jeline and @hardick-steem to participate.


Thanks I have rewarded this comment with double.

I was going to participate and buy some wls with my steemit power down, but my steemit power down is 2 hours after the dead line :(


Hey @jglake, you can still apply. I have extended the deadline of this contest.

Thanks to @blackman. The man with an heart of Gold. Gave me the best impression the first day i met him. Thanks for this contest. This is a good way of encouraging Newbies like me to sit up on Whaleshares.

The transaction link:
See screenshots also 👇
Screenshot (417).png

Power up 97.679. Thanks once again.

I invited

Well here's the transaction link:

I had to work at it to figure out how to get it over here, but managed it and just powered up 100 WLS.

@stellabelle @meno and @samstonehill in case you're thinking of investing and would like to double what you put in, now's the time.

Greetings @black-man.

Thank you for this fine contest.

Working on it......waiting on the transfer to WLS account....from rudex....

Below is copy of purchase of 700 WLS...will send copy of WLS history when it transfers.....

Fill order 1.11.576527769
bleujay3 bought 668 unknown.WHALESHARE at 1.6675 unknown.WHALESHARE/BTS
11 hours ago
Fill order 1.11.576527767
bleujay3 bought 10 unknown.WHALESHARE at 2.33623 unknown.WHALESHARE/BTS
11 hours ago
Fill order 1.11.576527765
bleujay3 bought 30 unknown.WHALESHARE at 2.33629 unknown.WHALESHARE/BTS
11 hours ago
Place order 1.11.576527764
bleujay3 placed an order to buy 700 unknown.WHALESHARE at 0.60016 BTS/unknown.WHALESHARE
11 hours ago

Whoops bought the wrong one......Bought the right ones and sent a screen shot in part 2. Apologies for the trouble .

NB....inviting @pangoli, @woodzi, @immortal-tongue, @gabeboy, and @johnskotts.

Below is screenshot of purchace.



Hiya @pangoli......

How are you?

Lovely to,see you here.

All the best to you.

Happy Son-day.


Lastima que no tengo capital para invertir en la plataforma, quisiera tener dinero para invertirlo casi todo aquí en la plataforma

Perfect! I shared this on Whaleshares Twitter as well! Great initiative✊

good contest, brilliant idea to activate the market and get some movement on the token, very clever, i applaude this initiative 👍 👍

if i had free funds... good opportunity!

I've got my buy order out for 100 WLS. I'm the hightest bidder, but we'll see how long it takes to go through. I don't think I have anything to show you until it does.

Did you really mean November 5th, 2018 at 5:00pm GMT? Didn't that pass like 2-3 hours ago?


That has been corrected dear.. kindly read the post again. Thanks

Wow WLS is aggressively expanding. I am still missing how connected we are to EOS.

I would love to participate in this contest, but unfortunately I do not have enough WLS to do it.

I'm just starting on this platform

@black-man, what of we who can't afford to purchase WLS, anything for us?


check my other contest and take part in them...

Am kinda new to crypto-currencies and i dont know how to transact nor have the money to power-up but i know your little help and support can go a long way in my blog....... i'd hope to power up soon when i make some money


Sure once you power this up... let me know and I will verify and reward you..

Whaleshares Awooff don show oohh. Oya n make una rush doubleup #wls-doubleup

@black-man is always doing great stuffs. I surely know I'll meet something awesome whenever I come around.

I will try this out for sure. Also I'm thanking you for always being supportive.

"Contest ends on the November 5th, 2018 at 5:00pm GMT"
It seems contest ended before begin 😂