AfiaBot can now be installed on all discord servers by community managers

4 months ago

All community managers can now install AfiaBot on their servers. AfiaBot is a notification bot for Whaleshares.

Finally, discord communities for Whaleshares and Smoke can now install Afiabot on their servers.

Going forward there will be no need to join the main AfiaBot server again, if you are aready on a server that has the bot installed.

Community managers : How to install AfiaBot on your server

  1. Setup a channel called register-afiabot this is where your community members will register to get their secret link sent to them.
  2. Install AfiaBot via this link
  3. You are all set

Community members : How to register

  1. Make sure AfiaBot is installed on the server or ask your community manager to install it.
  2. Go to the channel for registration register-afiabot
  3. Type the command $register afiabot
  4. AfiaBot will send you a secret link via DM
  5. Click on the link to configure your settings
  • Remember to pin your secret link for easy access in the future. *

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great notice

Wow Friend, this is excellent news, I thank you on behalf of my community and all the communities of whaleshares in discord.
This is a success.

Great job Boss
Really great improvements

Afia es realmente muy útil y necesaria. Gracias por crearla.

Super amazing!
Weldone @black-man more power to your elbow

Wow! Great job boss @black-man
More wisdom and strength for the next development.

@black-man I remembered I made a complaint that my Afiabot wasn't working. I'm glad to announce that it's now working perfectly well. Thanks for your hard work.



Woah!!! that's awesome, will install it on my Silent Zen support channel server :)

I have question. I am using Afia bot for notification for my artist channel @samprock from day one. Works perfect notifying on mentions and follows of an account logged in to DS app.

Is it possible to have Afia notifying about not only my main @samprock, but about my support @silentzen account? (I mean in the space of the same discord app login? .... or I can log in from a browser if on desktop)

Also is it possible to notify if someone used the tag #silentzen on their post tags?

TNX @black-man for the handy and important feature!!!


Yes... is very possible. The bot now has multiple account feature.

Great improvement bro. Now this project stands out from other notification projects. I still anticipate updates on shares/upvote notification.


thanks foe for share this... but what afia can do for me

This is such a cool development! Kudos!

que bueno que afia ya esta entre nosotros, ya nos hacia mucha falta