Witness Update: Witness Node Updated to v0.2.6

22 days ago

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The life of witnesses are no holiday (Just kidding but make sure you have internet access when go for holiday if you want to become witness)

Main and backup witness nodes updated to v0.2.6. The previous release v0.2.5 was 4 months ago.

Screenshoot when produce blocks. So far everything look good!

New update from v0.2.6:

  1. Fix memory allocation issue
  2. Fix rpc issue
  3. Use separated log.ini file for logger configuration
  4. Print logo on start

Please Vote for Witness: Bangzi

  1. Go https://whaleshares.io/~witnesses
  2. Click the arrow below
  3. Key in your Active Private Key
  4. Refresh the page to Double Confirm
  5. Done

I am sponsor for SMARTHWALE token. If you need sponsor for your contest or projects, please contact me.

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I have chosen you at the witness, I hope it can be useful with the voice that I give, and do not forget to give assistance to those of us who are beginners, so that we can be great people like you, thank you very much

You have my vote from the starting day of Account. I am very glad that I met you and we share a good friendship across the chain.

Upvote you as a witness. and u are the first person I voted for the witness.

I have vote you as my witness am also in need of ur assistance am a new member @bash.

we will do what you want, hopefully this will be something new @bangzi

Hi @Bangzi, I'm wirting on belhalf of revueh on Whaleshares. We're starting a Creative writing magazine and we're looking for a sponsor... we were hoping that you could help us in some way. thank you.