[BUG] Trending Page

4 months ago

I saw two more bugs today in the beta Whaleshares platform.

1. Trending and Created text shows up when clicking a specific tag at homepage.

So while browsing around the different tags used in the website I noticed that when I choose a specific tag in trending an extra "trending" text appears right beside the logo. This also occurs in new wherein a "created" text appears as shown in the gif.


This can be reproduced by:

  1. Going to the homepage
  2. Choosing any tag in trending or in new.

2. Continuous clicking of Whaleshares logo redirects to both home and personal feed.

I'm not sure if this is intended or not but I personally think it should just redirect to the trending page IF user is not logged in and redirect ONLY to personal feed when logged in.


This can be reproduced by:

  1. Continuous clicking of Whaleshares logo anywhere in the site.

Hope this helps!

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