[Bug] Night Mode

4 months ago

When switching to night mode and a user opens a post, the font color of the post also changes to white which I'm assuming is because unlike steemit this site has a white overlay over the post when in night mode. This is what I assume is a simple css issue.

Upon investigation the css files, I narrowed it down to .theme-dark though it would cause all fonts in nightmode to go back to black which I think is a bad idea but it is a start.

I hope that my thoughts on the problem will help in solving the issue.

Also in night mode all the colors remain to be in "steemit" colors which I understand is because the night mode is probably the least of the priority but mustn't be overlooked .

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Indeed - I use night mode when I stream Freedom's "Promote Your Post" show, so having it all matching kinda important to me too ;-)