Whalecoin Curation Scheme - Week #3 Report

8 days ago


It's been another busy week for the Whalecoin Curator of the moment who is of course @erodedthoughts. He has been seeking out more great content from new arrivals to the platform and given many of them a boost on their posts by way of a 100 Whalecoin upshare. He has only one more week to go before he hands the baton over to a new Whalecoin Curator. I want to thank him for his efforts thus far, he has done an epic job.

All posts which receive support from the Whalecoin Curation Scheme gets a 100 Whalecoin upshare, with mana at 100% that's currently around a 180 WLS upshare. The principal objective of the Whalecoin Curation Scheme is to support new members of the Whaleshares community, this includes all communities from European, American, Asian, African to Hispanic and beyond. All posts upshared must be:

  • Upshared at least one day after publication
  • 75 WLS or less in value at the time of the upshare
  • From an account that is not older than 3 months
  • On an account with less than 10,000 Whalestake vested

All of the posts @erodedthoughts has given a 100 Whalecoin upshare to last week are listed here:

1.) https://whaleshares.io/crypto/@willwalker/cryptoassets-book-review-can-bitcoin-increase-returns-and-lower-risk









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Thank you Whalecoin Curator/@erodedthoughts

Great Job! someday I will be there 😜 😜

Great job! That is the way forward and the way to sustain new arrivals

Great scheme for the new Whalers to get the taste and dive right in! 😎