We-Talent Round #3 Contest Submission: "Please Rain Somewhere Else."

4 months ago

The Submission

A higher resolution can be seen here. (~40% resolution)

Full Resolution Details

(4167x2058 or 27.7 x 13.7 in) | Painting: Krita | Text: Photoshop CS6

Right Side

Left Side


Almost Hidden (Japanese) Title

('Omoide Meiseki' translates to 思い出 for 'memories' and 明晰 for 'clear/distinct')

The full production of this piece can be found in my previous
Whaleshares and Steemit posts.
Each go into different details.

This piece has been submitted to @ivan.atman's We-Talent Contest | ROUND 3

Come and participate!

🐳 (I want lots of people to compete against!) 🐳

(bts: ehrim-anya)

Active WLS Posts:

Intro: "Oh no, not this again." | Art: "Please Rain Somewhere Else."

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Writing: Personal Reflection: The Echo Lake Nature Preserve

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The amount of work that has gone into this is incredible. I can guess there are a hell of a lot of layers. If you don't win this competition the judges need their eyes taken out, polished and re-inserted with a note not to f$%k up again.


Also, at least get your profile pic up. You're a brave boy. I know you can do it.


Alright, sweetie, calm down. 😅

Awesome artwork, really like how well the water came out in the photo very realistic!

Good luck in the contest!!


Thanks. There's a lot of good work so far. Glad to see you cheering the others on already (I was waiting for more entries). 😄


Haha! Yea I am on a phone so kinda can't wait for things like that! Gotta keep things moving!! 😜

And yes lots of cool stuff already!!

Awesome work Anya! Very detailed and I like how obscure drop layer work in from or face oppose everywhere else, coolest geometry, need less to say how greatly face is drawn. (I am not qualified to mention features, or even know techniques probably must or such, but indeed enjoying it very much :)


😄 Thanks. You should check out @corvo's submission, too. I haven't been able to directly comment on it yet because ball-point pen drawings drive me speechless, especially with how detailed they have to be to look photo-realistic.