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Mombasa is a coastal city and the second largest city in Kenya and the oldest in the country. It the region cultural and economic hub with the country largest port and one of the busiest in Africa but its biggest feature is tourism been located at the shore of the Indian ocean. The city is divided into two, the island and the mainland with a white sandy shore. Been a coastal city the weather is always hot and humid.


Aerial view of Mombasa

Mombasa has a rich history it been a trading route for spices and ivory and was visited by Arabs, Chinese merchants, Portuguese and later the British. Much of the landscape is adorned by structures from this cultures. The Swahili lingual been spoken at the coast is a mixture of the Bantu communities and the Arabs who settle there during the trade years

street view of Mombasa old town

Been a key trade route it was accustomed to attacks by various groups who had interest in the trade route, there were bitter wars among the communities living there before the Arabs came, the Arabs influenced a lot of things from religion to culture even the lingual of the coast region. Later the Portuguese came and attacked the city and took it building several monuments and forts to defend it. Vasco da Gama was the first explorer who visited the city and waged war against the Arabs and took it. It took a combo of Arabs, Somalis and Turks to liberate the city several years later

Fort Jesus Remains

Vasco Da Gama pillar

The white sandy shore are a tourism attraction and Kenya been at the equator means that they have sunshine all year round thus attracting tourist from all over the world. There are several catchment areas from its beautiful shore to Haller park which is rehabilitated quarry that has been turned into a rich wildlife sanctuary, watamu marine park and Mombasa marine park, Mangrove of Tudor Creek a forests of the Kombeni and Tsalu rivers which form the Tudor Creek. There are several world class hotels and cottages if you are planning to stay

Haller Park


The culture here is Swahili and they have several tribes who have a rich culture, majorly the Mijikenda are the dominant, the city been cosmopolitan means you can get a rich variety of cuisine from African to arabs to Asian to European and sometimes a mixture of several culture foods. The music here is slow due to the heat and its called Taarab, where one moves their body slowly. Other types of music found here are the Chakacha, bengo among the Mijikenda and Mwanzele

some of swahili dishes found in Mombasa

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Thank you for posting @iamtraveler.

You do get around.....lovely photographs....enjoyed learning a bit about Mombasa.....such a pretty country and the food looks delicious.