T.O.R.N. 🔴

8 days ago


Missing you has always haunted me

We were so close but you were not good for me

Years we wasted entangled as one

Nothing was off limits, we always had fun

We easily blew through a million maybe more

before we split, at that point we became tore

Nobody ever understood how you just disappeared

No one ever asked me, I always found that weird

To this day you've never been seen again

You'll always remain in my memories, my friend.

One day, I might offer to invite you back

To be honest, how my life's changed, I doubt that


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It’s so interesting how life takes its own course. We become the product of the experiences and relationships we have along the way. We learn, we cope and we live.


Yes indeed, I wish somethings were easier to learn but also think what's the fun in that, lol.


I know what you mean. Life! So unpredictable ... but there's good and bad in that.

Memories are the only things that will be reflected in our minds, we can not forget good or bad moments only with time we will learn to heal wounds and that the moments lived are just memories


Yes, wounds take a while. It is best to avoid wounds when possible.


That's right, you have to try to keep things calm and not rush them

Well it is a clear strong message ...the torned land .
It is easier with time to let go of the weights and keep the memories as comfy or building blocks ...life is dual .✨


We are all dual, it depends on what sides we let control us.

we all have memories, but some memories need to remain memories not to make them bad :D