✍Altruistic Poetry Challenge #9. COMMUNITY (i) | 🎁Win Prizes || Result of the Last Poetry Challenge

8 days ago

Welcome again to altruistic poetry challenge. We want to see you pick up your pen and write you poets and maybe this will be a beginning for those who are yet to become a poet. We all start from somewhere.

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Winners of the last challenge

All the entries were great but we had to pick winners right?

🎁- 1st place of 100 MILKs goes to @silher 👏

Malevolent moment where love hides faces
Or shows knives of time
To lengthen the anxiety
And death is a desire for peace.

🎁- 2nd place of 50 MILKs goes to @emma001 👏

No, we can't and won't tolerate it any longer,
Not when it Saps one's strength, soils the conscience,
Leaves us bruised and hurt,
Hate is toxic and no good.

🎁- 3rd place of 25 MILKs goes to @emmysteven 👏

In love for this I love to hate
In love with peace I go to war
For damage control the man is late
For peace to reign we set a date.


Show us your ability in writing poetry/poems

Here is another challenge for you. 👇


Surrounded by another population!
And then no wonder where police protection,
Has ever had its very own foundation,
Yet an African American.

What hell is going on an organize!
Not worse than any other rental housing!
I hope that there are only strengthen ties!
Who know about the power from surrounding.

We could become a Jewish congregation,
Never need a holy rosary.
To wander through the life of celebration,
Like a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Troubled by the lack of education,
Without a recreation destination

written by @emekasegun for Altruistic


What to do/ Rules

  • Extend the poem with 4 verses (1stanza).
  • Drop it in the comment section to qualify (You can make a post on it if you want).
  • Tag 3 people to join
  • You must be a member or join our server on discord.
  • Drop your Bitshares address and your username on discord in the comment section.
  • This challenge will end in 7 days.


💰 💰 Rewards: 💰 💰

🎁- 1st. Place: 100 MILKs + 100 ALTT.
🎁- 2nd. Place: 50 MILKs + 50 ALTT.
🎁- 3rd. Place: 25 MILKs + 25 ALTT.

We will pick winners according to these criteria: quality, originality, and following of the rules and requirements

✍ May the best writer win 😉


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Thank you very much for choosing me for the first place, here I leave my new participation:

Would this avoid the hand of God,
or is segregation a policy born of hell?
How many fingers will there be to point to the chosen community?
Who said dreams are one color?

Discord: silher #8929
Bts silher2018
I invite @eleazarvo, @nelvis, @josnelis

Thanks for 2nd place

Solitude makes no god or man
True living is in interaction.
God made men, not one man,
For survival, else, destitution.

Discord: emma001
Bts emma0001

I invite @menoski @burlarj @dtwo

Never gonna change or strengthen ties!
A bunch of people wanna educate,
The people from the back and organize,
We on a real commercial real estate.

Discord user name:vinxy#3454
Bts id vinxy1

Invite @deewon56