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2 months ago

Adopting all the Plants

meet plant 24 & 25

The smaller of the two is a pothos, I have no idea what the other plant is (if you know, please tell me 😀 ). I received a call from an aquaintance that she was planning to donate 2 houseplants because they didn't bring her happiness anymore, unless I wanted them. Of course I wanted them ♥️ ! I went and picked them up about a week ago.

The pothos needed some love

The pothos came to me in old black dirt, and had been recently trimmed short, despite being relocated, rootbound and is actually super healthy. 👍 Pictured above you can see that I put it in new dirt and took some cuttings to propogate. 🌱 🌱 Houseplants make great gifts, maybe I will take some more cuttings and give some away for Christmas. 🎁

My other pothos is variegated and belonged to my boyfriend's late uncle

Pothos are super forgiving plants, they don't require direct sunlight 🌥 , they do not require a green thumb, they can go quite a long time without water 🚰 , and they grow quite quickly 🕥 .

Houseplants make me super happy 😃

Thanks for stopping by!

All the Love ♥️


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The larger is probably a schefflera. I really like the plants as they will get large and can maintain a very full figure!


Oh oh I think you might be right 😀

hehehe that is rad! I have a bunch of plants too, well they are mostly all fruit trees in containers on my patio, haha. I have mangoes, fig, jujube, guava, barbados cherry, pomegrante, grapes, and a few others. I used to have tons more but some died this summer. :( haha.

It seems to me gardening is your passion.
Houseplants are good for the environment too, even on the aspect of humans, it gives us oxygen.

Keep nurturing it and in no time it would be wow!!!

nature is beauty, its makes everything look calm and natural.

Son hermosas Krista, le dan vida y luz al hogar.

House plants makes the home beautiful.. I'm sure the pothos will be healthier in no time...

That's a beautiful message.

Looks so beautiful and great.

The interest in Indonesia in some provinces grows free, and some people throw away this flower to replace it with roses.
The flower is easy to grow in a slightly damp place.

I love how you write about something you see in your home every day. Many people would go passed the plants and not notice them. But you actually figure out a way to tel a little story about it. It's so refreshing.

And authentic...

Growing and caring for plants ❤️
I prefer vegetables and spices because they grow faster and usually require more monitoring/care. They grow faster and have distinct diferences in stages of growth, learning how they behave 😆

lovely post Krista, good job! 😄

ermm? ..... errrrm ..... huh!??? 🙄 😐 😏 🤔

It is so heartbreaking to see how some people treat nature atimes. But you portray a good example of "how to treat nature".

You got my vote of witness

Your house is going to be full with fresh oxygen directly from plant. And their fresh fragrances

These look great! Sadly I have opposite of green thumb :W even thought I'd love to have a tea "garden". I'll look for Pothos next time in big shops, the most recent plant I bought is Dracaena Goldcoast, it's still alive (2ish months) and I think healthy, but not completely happy, (slightly curling leaves). Looking at online photos right now, most have curls, so maybe that's normal :D

We go to the thrift store and get mugs to put cuttings in for $.25. They make nice gifts for sure. I like to do catnip for people with cats or basil. Aloe is a good one too, as the shoots just keep popping up.

The funny thing about those two plants in your photo is that an old fella at the senior housing I used to help at had two plants and those were them. Both terribly rootbound and both died and dried out green. They were in those pots for months and I asked him if he wanted me to plant some new plants for him and he just said "NO! They just die anyways. I don't have a green thumb." I was going to tell him that a bit of care each year would go a long way but the look on his 86 year old face told me to leave it be.

2k in upvotes for pot plants ..... hmmm ... interesting


miss, they r plants, they r in a pot, they r pot plants.