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20 days ago


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself

Josh Billings

Family isn't just made up of humans


So after sharing the story yesterday of the photoshoot I did for my friends when their dog was dying of cancer, I got a lot of comments from everyone telling me about their pets and how much they meant to them and that some of you in the community have lost your beloved pets due to similar circumstances.

The picture above is my baby boy Titus when he was just a puppy. This was taken a few years ago and it was his first time in the snow and he loved it. Titus rarely leaves my side and is the best dog I have ever owned. When I am working he is usually laying at my feet and sleeps at my side every night.


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

This is Titus all grown up. Huskies are such goofballs when they are playing. We have another dog named Harley and they have a great time together.


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

Harley is a yellow lab and he is a bit of a chunkster. He likes to try and sneak extra food when no one is looking. Harley is the big brother and the more responsible one. Titus used to break out of his kennel when he was younger and would run around and go crazy in the basement, while Harley would sit in his kennel and just watch him getting into all sorts of trouble. Luckily he has grown out of that stage and has chilled out more and doesnt feel the need to knock down the Christmas tree while we are at work and eat the ornaments that the kids made when they were little.


Created by me @derangedvisions

I also have two Siamese cats named Sammy and Sophie. They are pretty awesome. Usually cats are pretty anti-social beings, but my cats love to be around people, even guests, to the point where it can get annoying.


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

I have had cats growing up my whole life and my favorite cat ever was our black cat we got when I lived in Japan that we named "Habu". He was named after a poisonous snake that is native to Japan. In Okinawa they would have Habu and Mongoose fights all the time where you can pay and go watch the two battle it out, it was pretty cool. I was like 7 or 8 when we went and saw it.

Anyways... What made Habu such a cool cat was that he had 3 legs. He had got his leg caught in a large swinging door one day while we were at church and was stuck in there for a few hours until we got home. When we finally got him out and were able to bring him to the emergency vet clinic, the bones in his leg looked as if they had exploded, so we had to amputate his leg so he would not die. He recovered from it and lived to be about 17 years old and was such an awesome cat.

Now I want to hear from you all


Many of you have fur babies or some other type of pets in your home that are members of your family. I know @kaliju has a ninja turtle at his place. I would like for you to share your story about your pets with us.

  • Make a post about how your pets are members of your family and how cool they are.
  • Include pictures of your pets.
  • Share a link to your post in the comment section of this post.
  • Use the tag #pixelpets as one of your tags, so it is easy for the Pixel team to find your post.

I will go through your posts that you share and reward them if they follow the guidelines. @kantos, this is what you had inspired me to come up with after your comment yesterday:

Hello friend @derangedvisions Your publication has hit me very closely, I have a dog and as I have no children, sometimes I feel as if she were my daughter, lately she has been very close and loving with me, I would not be able to take her off my side if something like this happened. Dogs are a sincere love, I hope with all my heart that Lola's cancer is over and she heals, I know it's difficult, but there are miracles.

@kantos, I am looking forward to reading your post. I am also looking forward to everyone else's. Pets are special. Thank you all for taking the time to read this. You are awesome.

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Looking to get some cats soon and maybe some dogs and chickens.


I would love to have some chickens, but I think my husky would end up eating them before I was able to get any eggs out of them.

This was my old post about my late great dog, Bambi. She still lives forever in my heart.

Huskies are very smart looking dog. The picture below is Luna. Lost and stayed with me until her owner was found. She has mismatch eyes. 😄

Great shots!!! 🇨🇦 😎 ​ My Lilu is in heaven as well, the best dog ever!


Sorry to hear that. You can tell by looking in Lilu's eyes that she was a great dog.

I don't have any recent pictures of my kitty cats :(. The banner looks awesome!

Thank you for the mention, my friend... Thank you for taking my comment into account. Soon I will upload my publication with my beloved "Pamela Dog".


I am looking forward to reading about Pamela.

So sorry about your friends dog! I miss my first dog her name was Lady, lost her when I was young still miss her today 😢


I am sorry to hear about Lady. Dogs are able to leave a lasting impression in our lives. All they know is unconditional love.

Hey! I like your post. I love dogs and i'm a dog owner too. I wrote a new post about my dog. 🐶 You can check it here


Thanks for stopping by. I am glad that you liked the post.

First time I heard that a dog was dying of cancer. Actually, we don't have any pet because there is a story behind it. Once my mom picked up a dog from road and kept him in home. He had become just like a family member. And one day he died on the road few distance away from our home. When my mom didn't find him, she started searching and found him lying on road. He had passed away. We couldn't know the reasons behind his death. And the moment was very shocking to our family. And then my mom decided not to keep any pet because the moment they die is very painful. However, you have so many pets. How do you maintain them? I think you spend huge money to take care them.

Thanks for the photos and intro to your furry friends, I currently have 3 cats and 2 dogs. I just wrote a post yesterday about being reunited with my old canine friend, here is the link if you wish to check it out

The animals, pets, as they want to call them, are more than beings that are to play or take care of our house, they are much more than that, they are an important part of us, they are our other half, and we owe respect and give them the love they deserve.

Give your pet a lot of love ...

Oh what a lovely initiation, is it possible to have two entries? (If not, then please consider only the first one here):


Of course you can have two posts. The more the merrier. I appreciate you stopping by and taking part.

I just did a post about my dog about a week ago, so won't duplicate, but this was an awesome read. Yes, our pets are definitely a part of our families. Mine is my best friend and sidekick. She's lying beside me right now.

I only wish the world of humans made it easier to travel with dogs. It's hard to find places you can stay, and also they aren't allowed in most places you can eat. They aren't even allowed on most beaches. I'm currently trying to figure out the world of traveling with a pet.


You should share you post here still. I want to read it. As far as making it easier to travel with dogs, I understand what you mean, but I also see why that is. Irresponsible dog owners have ruined it for the responsible ones. I would love to be able to take them with me more places.


Yeah, irresponsible pet owners (who don't bother to house train their pets or pick up after them) are a problem for sure. I had actually thought about creating an indoor dog park on some land I own that I'm not doing anything with for a few years, but as I thought about the details I realized how unworkable it would be.

Here's my latest post about my dog though this one is about her being sick. Thankfully we did get to the bottom of it and she's about 90% well now. Today I'm trying to figure out what to do to get her out of the house besides just her walk, given that there is a lot of snow on the ground and more snow coming over this next week. She's a little stir crazy lately, but the dog park is no place to go with all the snow and mud and really low temps I can't stay out in for long.

It is a natural thing that whatsoever you will pay attention on anybody wheather belongs from animals or humans, will try to take attention you back.

The more you will love others, the more you will be loved in opposite.....

I am reminding one of the great story about dog and the things happened with me. I still memorise that thing. Your post remind me about the same story. I will try my best to write about that in my blog. Thanks for sharing this to us as it was usefull for me.....

Beautiful dog,posts that are truly extraordinary, and also useful for everyone, I like your post