Pixel Unleashed #8 - Pixel's Community Curation

20 days ago

Welcome, Fellow Artists...!

Creativity gives hope that there can be a worthwhile idea

Edward de Bono


Welcome to Pixel Unleashed

Pixel Unleashed is a curation effort for the Whaleshares Community that is brought to life by @derangedvisions and @kaliju and backed by @pixel. @derangedvisions and @kaliju will be scouring the Whaleshares platform looking for posts that use the #pixel, #photography and #art tags and showcasing them in the Pixel Unleashed Curation.

On top of the normal curation by the @pixel team, Pixel Unleashed is about finding some of the hidden gems and bringing them forward into the spotlight and giving them a little extra. There are so many talented people in the community and we want to reward them for what they are bringing to the Whaleshares platform. Not everyone can be a world class photographer or artist, but everyone has talent and has something to offer.

"Caldera" | dIFS Pong #003 by @mandelsage


WIELICZKA Salt Mine [VLOG] by @neopch


EasyDex Photography Challenge Post #26 by @beautifulbullies

Make sure that you all go by the featured posts and show them some love.

How do you get featured?

Create a post using the #pixel, #art, or #photography tags. The more effort you put into your post to make it stand out above the rest, the more chance you have of drawing the attention of the curators. If you join the Pixel Perfect Official Discord there is a room called "Pixel Unleashed" where you can share your posts.

You can support the #art and #photography community!

PixelPerfect Project couldn't be possible without the help of its core members, @Anritco, @Derangedvisions and @kaliju. Pixel whale-token is also supported and being constantly reinforced with donations given by @artwhale-witness. You can show your support to this project by voting our team members and donators as a witness at the witness page.

Vote @artwhale-witness and @deranged-witness as witness!


By doing so you will be supporting the art community, its education and the development of a strong design in the platform.

What is Pixel Perfect?


If you are just now hearing about the Pixel Perfect project and are unsure of what it is, I would suggest heading over to Introducing Pixel Perfect! for more detailed information.

Pixel Perfect is an educational system for the creative community that rewards you for your participation in the lessons. You will be rewarded based on the effort that you put into your "homework" and learn new techniques that will help you on and off of the Whaleshares platform.

Be sure to join the Pixel Perfect Discord to become part of our community so that you can turn in your assignments and stay up to date with all of the latest Pixel Perfect news. Join the Pixel Perfect Discord Server


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Please consider reading how @kaliju is a THIEF!! While you allow @derangedvisions to freely use your Pixel account on WLS on behalf of @dstors; you're inadvertently supporting a criminal group. The least you can do is review the evidence with balanced outlook and decide for yourself.


Thank you guys, for featuring me here! <3


Keep it up, you are making Whaleshares awesome.

Wow! Thank you so much pixel team for featuring my post! 😃
Cheryl xx


Keep it up, you are making Whaleshares awesome.

Thank you very much for mention me :)

Bless Ya!


Keep it up, you are making Whaleshares awesome.

Great selections from you again. That was a wild but interesting stuff from @mandelsage. This is the first time I will be coming accross something of such. Plus the videos and pictures from @neopch and @beautifulbullies respectively are just wow... I love your selections. Keept it up! btw I wish you a happy 2019.


Thank you @dtwo ^-^ .. Indeed, art using fractals is still a new artform, and I'm one of very few doing it on the blockchain. Glad you liked it =)


That is great. Am glad I could find Somethineg new on here. Keep up the good work @mandelsage. If I have the opportunity to learn it someday, I will surely do.

What a great job, I will do my best to have the opportunity to be here at some time! Very good job, to continue building a community with values and love for what they do, greetings from Venezuela. @pixel


Wow beautiful posts. The authors deserve recognition. Thank you authors for a job well done, @pixel you deserve lots of accolades

hello, fellow artist ... apakabar ... I haven't visited you for a few days, now I'm back in the comments in your post. thank you

Thanks @pixel, I just entered the platform and I find your proposal very interesting. Grateful