Pixel Unleashed #1 - Pixel's Community Curation

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Welcome, Fellow Artists...!

Art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something

Rainbow Rowell


Welcome to Pixel Unleashed

Pixel Unleashed is a curation effort for the Whaleshares Community that is brought to life by @derangedvisions and @kaliju and backed by @pixel. @derangedvisions and @kaliju will be scouring the Whaleshares platform looking for posts that use the #pixel, #photography and #art tags and showcasing them in the Pixel Unleashed Curation.

On top of the normal curation by the @pixel team, Pixel Unleashed is about finding some of the hidden gems and bringing them forward into the spotlight and giving them a little extra. There are so many talented people in the community and we want to reward them for what they are bringing to the Whaleshares platform. Not everyone can be a world class photographer or artist, but everyone has talent and has something to offer.


Moody day in San Franciscoby @adriansky


Zuckerborg, Planetoids and Synapse in Pastel / New Tokenized Creations for sale! by @juliakponsford


The lady of the dragon by @yanes94

Make sure that you all go by the featured posts and show them some love.

How do you get featured?

Create a post using the #pixel, #art, or #photography tags. The more effort you put into your post to make it stand out above the rest, the more chance you have of drawing the attention of the curators. If you join the Pixel Perfect Official Discord there is a room called "Pixel Unleashed" where you can share your posts.

You can support the #art and #photography community!

PixelPerfect Project couldn't be possible without the help of its core members, @Anritco, @Derangedvisions and @kaliju. Pixel whale-token is also supported and being constantly reinforced with donations given by @artwhale-witness. You can show your support to this project by voting our team members and donators as a witness at the witness page.

Vote @artwhale-witness and @deranged-witness as witness!


By doing so you will be supporting the art community, its education and the development of a strong design in the platform.

What is Pixel Perfect?


If you are just now hearing about the Pixel Perfect project and are unsure of what it is, I would suggest heading over to Introducing Pixel Perfect! for more detailed information.

Pixel Perfect is an educational system for the creative community that rewards you for your participation in the lessons. You will be rewarded based on the effort that you put into your "homework" and learn new techniques that will help you on and off of the Whaleshares platform.

Be sure to join the Pixel Perfect Discord to become part of our community so that you can turn in your assignments and stay up to date with all of the latest Pixel Perfect news. Join the Pixel Perfect Discord Server


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Much love, thanks for the feature to the whole Pixel team!

Awesome! joined DS too and figures there are nice lessons to learn and submit you homework. I like that idea guys!

Wow, super amazed and very happy about this!!! ... Thank you very much @derangedvisions, @kaliju and @pixel I am excited that you have chosen my publication in the first edition of this project.

I wish you the best and greetings from Venezuela!!!

looking awesome project. I just join whaleshares today and have joined your discord.kindly take a look on my introduction post

Wow, this is great. Much love and more growth

Wow! These are fantastic! I love the Lady of the dragon!

Beautiful artwork even if i'm much more in sound design i'm always inspired by these artworks.