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I like autumn when the leaves are fallimg down. Then i often go walking in the woods.


It's beautiful here right now, even with the rain

This really looks natural. when autumn will provide extraordinary beauty.

love to see the different colors the leaves show during autumn.

Many find the transition from Summer to Autumn (fall as some call it) to be a sad and depressing time as the long summer days give way to something far less warm and bright...

However the myriad of colours the crimsons, gold's and ambers make it a visually stunning time. Some would say that the leaves falling and rotting is the product of decay. I choose to see it as nature clearing the way for the spring that must naturally follow winter, preparing anew for fresh growth and vibrant natural evolution.

Lest we forget that autumn for most is the time of harvest too, the season that ensures the very survival of the species.

Thankyou for sharing a snapshot of the impending season change. May you too reap the harvest of the seeds you are sowing today 😃