Sharpen those axes

12 days ago


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

Axe throwing time


The zombie apocalypse will soon be upon us, but I am going to be ready. My wife and I joined an axe throwing league a few weeks ago and we have been honing our skills. Our axes were getting dull, so one of the guys in the league took them to the grinder to get the blades nice and sharp for us.


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

There are some new stem cell studies going on where scientists want to inject stem cells into dead people's brains with the hopes of growing new brain cells. What happens then? If new brain cells are created and electrical brain activity starts up, could they then essentially bring the person back to life? And if so, would they remember anything or just be a shell of their old self?

This IS where zombies come from people.

But I will be ready with my nice sharpened axes, ready to plant one right in the forehead of any zombie that starts limping towards me. Axe throwing is also a fun weekly outing for my wife and I, which when you have kids, is a rare occurrence.


Drawing by me @derangedvisions


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i love all this sharpening and other blacksmith activity, yesterday i saw on youtube how blackbeardman repaired old cleaver and it was awesome, here is link


This is really impressive, custom made wooden handle included!

Axe throwing league??? Is that a real thing? LOL
You really are in the woods, aren't you? 😆
I love the sparks coming off the grinder. That's really cool that you captured that.

I see so many zombies everyday on fb haha.

A sharp axe is as important as a clean ass. I make sure I have at least 2 sharp axes on the farm at all times. Considering I have a plethora of axes and mauls it is not hard, but still a mandatory part of life and when I need to use one I need it sharp. At least one of my various will be sharp enough to deal with the situation at hand. It has become a regular cycle of sharpening about once a quarter.

Nice. I took a pile of photos of grinding an axe before, love those shooting sparks!

there was a time, back in the back when, that i built a little forge and made some blades... some sucked big time, some came out pretty awesome, one became part of a router plane I built that I still use... I also tried making an axe... i failed at that one.

brrrr what an idea! You are right although I think that the brain may come a live the body won't. but I am going to put some hammers and axes in the corridor. :-)

Love these especially the first one. :)

Hey how are you? It seems that your ax is sharp.
I've also wondered the same about zombies, I like this kind of movies and I think we can be close to them so we must be ready hahahaha that scares me