Macro Monday - My spider buddy

22 days ago


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

Itsy Bitsy Spider


A few weeks ago I was working on editing some pictures from a photo shoot when I noticed a tiny spider crawling around on the side of my laptop. This thing was probably the size of a pencil tip. I had my camera next to me since I just got done uploading the images from it, so I grabbed it and put my macro lens on and started taking some pictures.


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I really like macro photography and I have a lot of fun taking pictures of bugs, so I couldn't pass up this opportunity to get some shots of this little guy. He just crawled around the corner of my computer for a while I snapped away.


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

In this picture, I thought he was getting ready to jump off, but he didn't so I helped him and I blew him off my computer onto the floor. As a photographer, sometimes you don't know what to take pictures of and you run out of ideas for shots. You just need to keep your eyes open and always have your camera handy. The coolest thing about macro photography is that it makes the ordinary stuff interesting looking. If you have any cool pictures of spiders, share them in the comments. Thanks for stopping by, it is greatly appreciated.


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Macro is my absolute most favourite type of photography! I have a 90mm macro lens but I want to get even closer so I am looking to get a raynox 250 diopter too! :D Here is a pic of a spider I did a few months ago...
FS Spider2 Jpeg.jpg


Amazing shot! Keep it up.


What a cute little fella!! Is he still around? If yes, please give him a kiss from me <3


lol there was no way I was getting any closer to that mini beast! haha :)


That is coooooooollll BB


This is such an awesome shot! Great job. I really like detail in it. I should have got my extension tubes on for that little spider so I could have gotten closer. The lighting sucked though and the depth of field would have been super shallow.


Thank you! I have a cheap ring flash which works really well as it doesn't take up much space when you are trying to get into tight spaces. The only downside is it can leave a circular ring reflecting in some things, but on the whole it works well :)


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah why why ooooh whyyy!!
Lol I am scared of spiders but I also take pictures of them...
Not scary ones like these days!
Only those who wave the white flag!
Wonderful shot but Brrrr


Haha I am petrified of spiders believe it or not! Macro photography is certainly testing my phobia to it's limit

wow awesome pictures... Macro's are so cool :) I tried some myself, but no spiders :)



WOW - I like this one the most:

Great shots - thanks for sharing!

Awesome! I can't wait to find some banana spiders to take pictures of.


Macro shots of banana spiders would be so cool. Hopefully you can find some.


I'm sure in a few months I'll find plenty of them. Already found baby geckos out back

I ickle and I tickle and I plow your house in!
Itsy bitsy spider.... Still looks scary but amazing!
Great shots!


You are most welcome!
I opened this post again just to reply and guess what...
Shivers all over again! Brrrrrrrr But still I mean...Brrrr

The warmth of these photos is amazing! I'd almost hang them on my wall, if it weren't for the... ah spider! 😱

That is pretty cool, we never get to see animals like this. I hope the spider made it home safe.

Last pic is very distinct and clear. I can see every leg of tiny spider clearly. You snapped awesome pic using macro lens.

What an amazing little creature! I'm glad you noticed him and got those shots.

Are you familiar with @ruth-girl? She also takes some very cool insect photos...

Spout on! 😄😇😄


I like Macro photography makes you appreciate those small things more in detail, even though the spider gives me some fear, I enjoy seeing these pictures hahaha
Very good pictures

Wow I saw the picture and I thought; That spider should be great, but it's not very small, the quality of your camera is magnificent, hahaha sorry to surprise me but I had never seen a picture of a spider so small that it looked so clear and clear.

Fantastic photos, a hug my dear friend, I hope that you and your family are very well.

Nice. I love spiders. Post more of them. ^_^

Very few people agree, but I think that these kind of small spiders are very adorable hehe