Best lunch ever

26 days ago


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

I am in a Meat Coma


Today I had lunch with my brother, not @yomikibagami, but the other one that lives near me. @yomikibagami is lucky enough to be in Japan and eating this stuff all the time, but now that my other brother told me about this new restaurant, I will be eating here a few times a month.

One of the best things that I remember about Japan was the food and when I lived in Korea, these types of restaurants were everywhere. The type where you could eat an unlimited amount of meat and cook it yourself at the table. In Korea, we would call these places the "beef and leaf" because we would cook our meat, dip it in some sauce, put some rice in the lettuce leaf, then roll it all up like a taco and eat it.

These restaurants are amazing for groups of friends because you all would grab a few plates of meats, throw it on the grills and then hang out while it all cooked, eat and then repeat. If you have a good group of friends, you can spend a few hours in these places if you pace yourself right.


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

These little guys are called Gyoza in Japan. In Korea, they would be called Mandu. Here in the US we have the dumbest name for them and call them potstickers. They are filled with meaty goodness and they are delicious. Normally when you go to a Japanese place to eat here in the US it is about 3-6 bucks for about 6 of these, but it is all you can eat here. You want to be careful though and not fill up on them because the real reason you are here is the meat selection:

Chicken Bulgogi
Spicy Korean Chicken
Pork Roast
Spicy Korean Pork Roast
Sesame Pork Belly
Spicy Korean Pork Belly
Jingus Kan (Hokkaido Style Lamb)
Korean Short Rib
Gyutan Cow Tongue
New York Strip Steak

I am pretty sure I tried just about all of it. My favorite was the brisket and the New York Strip Steak. They were seasoned and then the dipping sauce was amazing.

I am going to be taking the whole family there this weekend for dinner. My son is super excited about going there. Whenever we ask him what he wants for dinner he always wants some type of Asian cuisine. This place is amazing. What is your favorite food? Share a picture in the comments and let me know. I am looking forward to seeing what you all like to eat.

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Without a doubt my favorite food is baked chicken, I am able to eat a whole chicken by myself, although I have to share it with my wife and children. LOL.

(image taken from google)

If you doubt Asian food has its touch and its preparation is very different to that we usually cook in South America, for this reason it makes it very special I have never eaten any of the food you just named but with just the name it sounds delicious, something that It strikes me that this type of restaurant can cook your own food something that does not happen here in Venezuela.


I love chicken as well. Grilled chicken thighs that have marinated in soy sauce, water and brown sugar is delicious.


You have all the reasons I imagime for a moment the taste, my mouth turned into water.

I've been thinking of gyoza for like 3 days straight, really need to pay a visit to a Japanese restaurant ;).


I love gyoza. When we make homemade gyoza it takes up a whole day wrapping all of them and them they are gone in like 30 mins. I cant wait for Saturday so i can go eat there again.


I haven't made them myself before, maybe I should try haha

Also, I had no idea they were called potstickers in the US, I thought it was meat dumplings?

as i see gyoza are just dumplings :) i ate them in singapore and russia.

I prefer to eat something with seafood, its quite more expensive but good taste.


I am not the biggest fan of seafood, but i like shrimp every now and then. My daughter like sushi rolls, so i am going to have to try those with her one day.


sushi rolls are not for all, so prepare to visit a toilet few times, i prefer some cooked one after few tries of sushi..


lol. Exactly why i havent eaten it often. I like my food cooked.

I think I could sit at that table and eat all the meat I wanted, it's as good as making a grill

In my country they prepare something called hot dog we put many ingredients such as a meat or chicken sausage, cabbage and carrot salad with cilantro, some fries in small version and if you want you can add ham, cheese and additional bacon carry the basic sauces and a garlic sauce is prepared, also cheese sauce, bacon, corn and many that you can find in a fast food stand, this is my favorite

I have a brother in China and I like it because they also have those customs of cooking their food at the table, that's something that we do not do in my country, it looks great food

I like Italian food it's my favorite, a good pasta with red, white sauces or maybe a pesto

I also like a good pizza with a lot of peperoni cheese or salchicho


I love pizza. I just got done eating pizza for lunch just now.

It looks delicious and I was awakened by hunger, it must be because I like food very much, my wife says that I am like a new file.

Sharing a moment with friends where we can talk about our adventure and how much we remember those old times is one of the best ideas that you can think of, especially you have time without knowing them, I have not met for a year with my friends and this reminded me of those moments.

WOW I have deviated from the subject, my favorite food is rice with chicken a delight if you know how to cook the chicken that is full of sauce and with the right ingredients, all a delight.



I hope you enjoy your food, blessings for your family, my good friend.

Saying best lunch ever is a big statement. But then I read meat coma. Now that's the way to do it. Been a while since I cued into one.

It looks delicious, hopefully one day I can visit one of these sites, the closest I have ever been to is a maxi parrillero where I ate 250 grams of backside and chorizo.

I am so down with a meat buffet! Is that Kimchi I see in the background of that plate? I am down with Asian cuisine too. Have fun with your family!

I'm in love with such beautiful kinds of photography most expecially when it has to do with food.

You're really good, a photographer.

Don't have a photo to share right now but I would say my favorite is Asian food. Spicy Asian food. I feel I'm repeating myself because I literally just completed 5 questions by @jzmsamuel and my response to question #3 is the same response to your question.

Your brother isn't in Japan....he's in the Hawaii of Japan....I'm jealous of him, but eating pretty well for myself!

I haven't heard about these dishes before but it looks amazing. We have only some fondue bars where you can sit and make your own food with friends. But this one is definitely more tempting.

BTW I am very happy that I see you posting again!

I call this picture perfect.
You just Know the right way to seduce my appetite. Even though am not familiar with these dishes.... A taste will do no harm.

OK, thanks a lot!

Now I'm really hungry!

I don't care what they call them, those little meat pies really are delicious.

We have a nice little homey Japanese restaurant in our town. It's not "cook at your table," but the food is great. I get a teriyaki chicken bento box, and my wife gets the salmon box. Comes with tempura veggies, rice, salad, some California rolls, fresh ginger slices, and a slice of orange. Yum!

I'll try to remember to grab a picture for you next time we go.

Spout on! 😄😇😄


Those places are so good! I went to one last night that was different. Making a post later tonight on that one. But that one looks super good, how much was it?